Stories by T Trolley

Two Hot-Tempered Temptresses Tussle
Actress "Slays" My Streetfighting Gal
A Picnic Featuring Crabs
Female Fight Focuses On Phone, Feet
My Wife Vs. "The Polish Princess"
Something not on the menu
Teresa the Toughwoman
The Punch
Teresa vs. Beverly -- I Quit Streetfight
Follow the Bouncing Head!
How to Fire Up a Dead Relationship
U.S. Air Force Servicewoman Lacks Guts
Real Road Rage and Rescue
The Look
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl Reduced to Batflop
Good Friday
A Slap to the Ego
When the Unexpected Happens in a Girlfight
Rocking the Cradle
Paradise Island
Condo Wrestling
Just Claire ... Just Claire ...
Ahead of Her Time
Dream Come True
Blue Lagoon II
Teresa vs Buffy
Intimate Bed Match Submission
Dream or Reality?
Former Female Friends Fight
Settling The Score
Bigger Not Always Better
Questions ... And Answers
Street Theater
Peaches 'N Cream Rises to Top
Strengths and Weaknesses
How Could That Have Happened?
Feature Story from Local Paper
Sheer Devestation
Beautiful Babes Battle in Bullrope Brawl
The Price of Patriotism
Brutal Babes Battle in Brawl
Survival of the Fittest
Worm Eludes Early Bird
Size Does Matter -- Just Ask Sue!
Dominant or Dominated?
The Winds of War
Vanquished by Vanessa
The Tree of Woe
She Gave?! 50th Story
Beyond The Door
My Wife -- My Heroine!
Victorian Cage Match
The Banking Error
The Hold
Boa Crushes Tigress
Female Hand-To-Hand Combat in Iraq
Sweets for the Sweet
Female Spies in Iraq Fight to Death
Beautiful Boxing Belles Battle
Catfight at Cat's Eye
The Thrilling One
The Goddess
Do It With Leather
"Mmphh! Mmphhh!"
The End of the Winning Streak
The Birthday Present
Female Streetfighters Do Battle
Woman vs. Teen
Li'l Cheetah, The Thrilling One -- Owned
Catfight Tonight!
Casualty of War
The Queen Becomes A Princess
The Better Woman
The Ring Girl
Reflections of a Bullrope Death Match Winner
Vengence is Sweet
Pride on the Line!
Cold Water Poured on Supposed Reputation
The Texas Cruncher -- Smothered!
The Second Achilles Heel
A Life of Its Own (Part One of a Trilogy)
A Risk Worth Taking (Part Two of a Trilogy)
Please! Just One Last Shot! (The Final Part of a Trilogy)
No Doubt
From Humiliation to Exultation
The Dreaded Riker's Isle Death Match
The Old Adage
One Leg Up -- and the Replay Proves It!
The Silver Bullet
Church Wrestling
Concrete Jungle Girl Fight
The Wreslerette


Church Wrestling Rematch



2nd Competition Submission Story
3rd Competition Submission Story
4th Competition Submission Story

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