Stories by JJJ

Christy vs. Alyson First Night Wrestling
Christy vs. Laura Busty Babes Boxing
Christy vs. Naomi Beach Babe Battle
Christy vs. Jenny Battle for the Creampuff Crown
Christy vs. Asia The Costume Strip Match
Last woman standing Brunette Bust Up
Locker Room Ambush
Jenny vs. Nancy Knockouts Boxing
Christy vs. Jenny A Meeting in the Commissioners Office
Tag Team Tussle
Bitter rivals Battle - Jenny Vs. Christy
Julie vs. Christy Hell in a Cell
Barroom Boxing
Handicap Street Fight
A lesbian Encounter
Friends Say Farwell II
A New League’s beginning
Steel Cage Tag Match
Party gone Wrong
Beach Fight for the Crown
Bust-up in the Bar
Blonde's vs. Asian's Round 2
Christy’s Forced Fight
Christy's Forced Match II
Blondes in Mexico
Wet T Contest for Tickets
Lumberjack Tag Match
Carolyn vs. Jenny


Tag Match – Blonde’s vs. Brunette’s


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