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24 DEC 2005 Updates

Wow, one more sleep until XMAS! w00000t! For all you fans out there we have some end of season specials.

Stories: Writers WS2003, Ransom and Dawn grace us with their latest creations in time for the holidays.

Photos: We bring you some more photos from Model Catfights and Wrestling Lounge. Ladyfist.com have sent some preview pics of their latest videos and links to some of their video clips PLUS vid pics from their upcoming videos soon to be released.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a safe one! We'll catch you on the other side of the holidays after we're all rested up and ready to start rolling again! =)


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14 DEC 2005 Updates

Big update once again for all you cabin fever fans out there, and yes, even for you lucky ones in the warmer climes, we got something for everyone!

Stories: We've got quite the haul of stories for you this week.. Starting off with our regular author contributions by Bandit, Boracat, Dark Cloud, Deacon, Fred, Mr Cage, Stone and Vincent T. And we also have some new writers to introduce with their new stories such as Boo Boy, Cat Dee, Dawn and Marie B. You can find all of these stories and more in our Femfight Stories Section.

Photos: Oooh, gotta love the pics! We have new photos from F-F-Fight, Femme Fight, Fighting Style and TPC for you to savour. Check them out in our huge Femfight Photo Gallery!

Not bad for a cold winter's update eh? Next update, I have a video review for you guys. I'm in the process of watching it now (early XMas gift to me from me hehehe).. And I'll let you know how it turns out.. Moua'ahahaha..

03 DEC 2005 Updates

Winter getting you down yet? Tired of shoveling snow? No worries, we have something here for you to warm up to! You betcha!

Lets start with the stories! We have all new exciting stories from such writer as Bandit, Sunshine, Vincent T and T Trolley. And for that extra cool twist we have a 'collaborative' story written by two of our writers, JJJ and WS2003 that should really interest you. All these stories and more can be found in the Femfight Stories Section. We have a few more stories we're hanging on to for the next update, so if you don't see your story here now, hang tight, it's coming!

And let's not forget the photos! We bring you select photos from Massive Muscle Wrestling who are now having a "Buy 2, get 1 free" sale on their Videos on Demand. We also have a new photoset from Ultimate Surrender and Model Catfights that should really warm things up. And for those 2 on 1 Beat Down fans.. check out Ladyfist.com's photo gallery where they are featuring photos from their 2 on 1 videos. And to top things off, they are also offering a special "2 on 1" Full Video Download sale as well for the month of December. Sometimes it takes two to do the job right =). You can find out more about these specials and a whole lot more photos in our Femfight Photo Gallery!

Oh and of course, you're also in for an awesome treat. Remember the folks at Fighting Style? They have an awesome video clip available for free! From their Goddess in Greece action packed event. Now there's a wild bunch of skilled fighters putting on the line for you! Check the clip here! Brought to you from the people at www.fightingstyle.com

Well I hope this update helps you stay warm for a while. When is spring again?

17 NOV 2005 Updates

It's time for another update and what better way to start it off than with some new awesome stories by some of our talented writers and new authors! We have stories by Dark Cloud, T Trolley and WS2003 for you and introduce two new writers to the fray, Bandit and Sunshine. You can find their stories in the Femfight Stories Section.

Photos? Photos you say? You betcha! This week we have lots of photos from such sites as Fighting Style who brought us MORE photos from their last great event in Greece. You'll definetly want to check out their site for more on this. Real women, real matches..awesome! And more photos from Sista Fight Flix, BSDL Videos TV and Womans World Videos. Check out these photos and many more in the Femfight Photo Gallery!

Well there you go, I hope you're all bundled up and warm for the upcoming winter.. I'll see what I can do to make it easier on you as well =) Fight safe!

10 NOV 2005 Updates

Oops! Looks like I had made a mistake on the last update in that I had pointed the latest Merlin's Kingdom Gallery to an older previous update. My bad.. But YOUR good because you're now going to get a chance to see some of the excellent WCF stories in it full glory! So without further adieux, Check out Merlin's WCF Picture Story!

09 NOV 2005 Updates

Yes folks, here we are with yet another update. Stories and photos await your hungry eyes and minds..

Stories: We have a bunch of stories for you by a group of excellent writters, something for everyone. Dark Cloud, Gark, JJJ, Jobber King, Parrot, Ransom, Ronin, T Trolley, Vincent T and WS2003 await you! You can find their stories and a whole lot more in our extensive Femfight Stories Section. (Before submitting a story, please read the note here)

Photos: The folks at Fighting Style have been coming up with some exciting new content recently, you really want to give them a look for sure. Merlin's Kingdom has also provided us with some of his awesome art work. When you check out this talented artist's site, you'll appreciate the stories and imagery brought to you in various styles. You can find these and many more in our huge Photo Gallery Collection!

So enjoy! And stay safe!

24 OCT 2005 Updates

Wow, another update so soon?! You betcha!

What we have for you this week are some more photos and of course, some new stories!

Photos come to us this week from the people at Wrestling Lounge and F-F-Fights. Check these companies out, two different styles but equaly impressive. There's something for everyone for sure in our Femfight Photo Section!

Stories come to use from such regulars as WS2003, Mr Cage, Sidekick and Kamafight. And we also have two new writers who would like to share their stories with us, Blndfan (who has a penchant for blondes vs brunnettes, guess which side he's cheering for?!) and Parrot. Both these new writers come to us with not just one story, OH NO, they've come loaded for your reading enjoyment! Check these stories and many more in our Femfight Story Section.

Well folks, hope you enjoy this update! I wonder what we'll have to show you Next time?!

15 OCT 2005 Updates

Rumours of my demise or disappearance have been unfounded.. I'm still here, though wow, almost a month since the last update! Ouch.. What can I say, with the recent tragedies going on around the world, my real life job keeps me busy in regards to the relief efforts and other aspects of every day life. But now I'm good to go and can resume some normalcy of life.. So what better thing to do than to do an awesome update, and yeah what an update THIS one will be! Hang on tight, this is gonna be a fun ride..

Photos! You're in for a super treat this update, we're bringing you 8 separate featured galleries to delve into. First and foremost you're going to love this first Gallery by the folks at Fighting Style. They recently completed a GODDESSES OF WRESTLING TOURNAMENT this OCTOBER 2005 where the action was fast paced, hard hitting and 100% real competition amongst a bevy of beautiful but dangerous women. And it was all held outdoors in the grass and in the sand on the beach. Don't miss this gallery! What I do appreciate about this company is that they hard working people bringing to you some of the best action out there Their videography and photography is second to none. I simply love their work and the effort put into because it shows! And as an added bonus feature, they also gladly provided us with the links to 4 of their sampler video MPEG clips. Want to know what Fighting Style is really like? Check out the video clips. The links are found at the bottom of the photo gallery.

Following up are photos from a company called Maidens of Mayhem featuring some of the industry's well known female fighters.

Then, we have a gallery for each of Creative Films TV and Special Interests TV web sites. These folks offer their members video downloads and photos. Be sure to check their other sites as well. There's something there everyone.

Speaking of fun action and great photography, we have another gallery set from the people at Ultimate Surrender. Gorgeous women and a unique fightstyle that always leaves the loser screwed in more ways than one.

Many of you are fans of Merlin's Kingdom's WFC series. Great story line, awesome digital artwork and gorgeous characters. If you've heard of Merlin's Kingdom, this would be an opportune time to check it out.

Ladyfist.com brings us parts of two recent photo sets where their BBW Jade brutalize her tiny victim Phiffer, and where the sistahs Delyte and Moesha tangle it up well with the hair used as an advantage to the aggressor.. Check out their site for sample photos and video clips as well as download full videos and DVDs. There's definitely something for everyone there!

And if you want to see gorgeous women fighting, check out what FemmeFight sent in for photo sets. This is another one of those sites that take the time to photograph their content well.

All of these, and more can be found or one of our Featured Photo Galleries.

Stories, right? You betcha.. I'm sorta caught up with the back log of stories and now able to present the literary works by our newest writers Caryn, Fred, Lee Mortacchi, NavyOS1 and The Jobber King. And of course, we have stories by our regular femfight writers, Bocarat, T Trolley and Vincent T. These stories, and a whole lot more can be found within out Femfight Stories Section.

Well there you have it.. another block buster update to make up for my absence from the scene for the past month. If things keep nice and quiet around here for a while, I should have another update soon enough...

19 SEPT 2005 Updates

For all you folks out there who just LOVE femfighting stories, we're in a big treat for this update! It's a honking huge update of stories.. the stories that were backlogged on my system for a while.. So, let's see who's at bat this week, shall we? First we're going to start with the HUGE collection of stories by Bocarat. Then it's off to read the stories of Brittany, Dark Cloud, Galtmal and Gark. Toss some stories from JJJ, Monty, Reenfan, Teez, T Trolley, Vincent T and finally Wrestling Fan 2003 (WS2003). You can find these and many more stories here in our Femfight Stories Section.

Photos? You betcha.. Once again we bring you some cool FemFight Photos from companies such as Ultimate Surrender and The Wrestling Lounge. We're also introducing a new site called MatRock TV. These guys are renown for their great sex fights, both F vs F and M vs F. I've checked out some of their clips and yeah, it's great. Be sure to check out their other lines of similar TV sites offering full video downloads and clips. Also presented are photos from Ladyfist.com, some of these pics are from their upcoming full length videos and members' area clips. You'll be able to find all these and a whole lot more in our Featured Photo Galleries.

08 SEPT 2005 Updates

Want ot help make a difference? Want to get something in return for your donation? Check out the special offer made by Thundergirls at Thunder Aid. In support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of these special videos will go to the American Red Cross.

September 2, 2005 ThunderGirls pledges financial assistance to the victims of Hurricane Katrina

All new videos featuring all the ThunderGirls and our talented guests:

ALL proceeds go to the American Red Cross

Be sure to check it out at Thunder Aid.

06 SEPT 2005 Updates

A moment of silence and prayers for the dead, missing and survivors after the hurricane disaster that hit the southern USA this past week. If you can, please donate to the Red Cross to help in the relief efforts. When disaster hits somewhere in the world, the USA is there to assist. This time, it's they who need the help. Let's pitch in and help out. Anything helps.

This update is going to be kept short as some of us are indeed busy with work related to the relief efforts.

Photos: In our Photo Galleries you'll be able to find new photos from such sites as Fighting Styles, Women's World Videos, Femfightbound and Academy Wrestling.

Next week I hope to get back to the normal update schedule.

16 AUG 2005 Updates

Time for another update, say wot? We've slack and idle with the update mainly because it's SUMMER and I need a break. The unfortunate thing of taking breaks is that everything backs up.. the fortunate thing for the fans of this site is that there is so much more to see when we all get back. So, where do we begin?

Stories: To all the writers who sent in your stories but haven't seen them on the site yet, my apologies as we're working to clear the back log. So many new people and so many new stories! Impressive. So lets get into some delicious stories of gals in fights starting with the authors Borocat, Dark Cloud, Gark, JJJ, Mr Cage, Ransom, Sidekick, T Trolley, Vincent T and WS2003. Check their lists twice as many of these authors have multiple stories lined up on this update.

You can find these and SO many more stories in our Femfight Stories Section.

Photos: Where would we be without an update in our Photo Galleries?
This week we have photos from such companies as Fighting Style, FemmeFights, F-F-Fights and Ladyfist.com who came out with another Custom Video relating to painful and bloody crotch kicking.. Sample vid caps are available, as well pics from their photosets and introducing their newest fighter Aiden battling it out with Cherri. Nice!

VIDEO CLIPS: Take a visit to the www.ladyfist.com site and check out their video sales section. Inside, there are free sample video clips available. Be sure to read the info for the username and password to gain free access.

Alright then, I'm going back to bed soon.. another road trip coming up soon so I do need my beauty sleep, wha?

24 JULY 2005 Updates

We finally hit the excellent (albeit too hot too fast) weather here which explains a skip in the update schedule.. So blame the weather, I gotta go play in the sun too, ya know! =)

Stories: Wow, do we have a back log of stories for you guys this update. I can't fit them all into the one update so guess what, another update soon will bring you more stories. For this week's update, we bring you the stories from Dark Cloud, Gark, Mr Cage, Sidekick, T Trolley and WS2003.
You can find these and SO many more stories in our Femfight Stories Section.

Photos: We have new photos in our Photo Galleries from such excellent companies as Fighting Style and TPC Wrestling. We have more photos lined up for the next update so hang on tight!

VIDEO CLIPS: The folks at Ultimate Surrender have made various video clips available to us for this and future updates. You'll be able to see the clips through the link in the Photo Gallery page.

Enjoy the update, we'll be back with more soon enough! =)

01 JULY 2005 Updates


We're kicking off this Canada Celebration Weekend with another great update! We also wish our American friend to the south a wonderful 4th of July! Party Hearty, drive home safe, everyone!

Stories: I managed to get Ransom's stories in order and sorted out. Part 4 of his series is now available for your reading pleasure. Also with this update, we welcome the stories from our veteran writers, WS2003, Ronin, Teez, and Wincent T. We also welcome our newest writers to the block, Desiree Kane and JJJ with their stories. Give them all a good read, and if the authors have left a contact email address, please do drop them a line of what you though of their stories. They live and die by the feedback you send them. You can find these and SO many more stories in our Femfight Stories Section.

Photos: This week, our Photo Galleries will please you with photos from the Sista Fight Flix and Chic Fight Flix sites. Also, as a holiday weekend fun pack, Ladyfist brings us some more photos and some sneak peaks of their upcoming photo sets as Canada's East coast women battle for a position on the site's roster.

So folks, have a blast this weekend where ever you are, and we'll see you all the next time around.

There you have it folks. Hope you enjoy this update!
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19 JUNE 2005 Updates

Let's kick right into the updates without the usual preamble.. It's been a cold miserable spring around here, the teaser weather didn't pan out like we hoped so here goes with the updates.

Stories: First, my apologies to Ransom for pooching his collection of stories and we're waiting for him to resubmit his stories so I can get them to you right away. Be sure to check them out for the next update.

We have new stories from our veteran writers RY, Galtmal, Mr Cage, T Trolley and WS2003. A new writer joins us in force with several of his stories, Monty. You can find all of these stories and many more in our Femfight Stories Section.
(Please note that if you wish to submit stories, please do so in one of the following formats; MS Word, text file or ANSI. And please add a line at the top of the story denoting the Title and Author Name. All of this makes it easier for me to get your story online. Thanks!)

Photos: Ahh the photos! Wow, what a set of photos for this update for the fans! The folks from Merlin's Kingdom, Wrestling Lounge, Lady Sports, Femme Fight and F-F-Fights brought us some of their best photos for this update. You can check these and many more in our Photo Galleries.

There you have it folks. Hope you enjoy this update!

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02 JUNE 2005 Updates

The sun is out! We thought the sun had abondoned us up here but no worries.. It's all most summer and to start thing off with a bang,why not bring on some new stuff!

FIXED NOTES: (03 June 05) My bad.. I was SO eager to enjoy that thing called 'sunshine' that I pooched this update.. my bad. The STORIES section wasn't updated on this page so there is a change. My apologies! Thanks to "Big T" for bringing this to my attention right away. Cheers M8

Photos: We have some great photosets from various companies for this update.. Let's start with this awesome set from the folks at FEMME FIGHT. I do love great photography of women grappling it out and these guys seem to have a nice angle of the package. Worth checking out. We're also bring you some more photos from the people at LadySports featuring the Lucha Libre women. Now this is good action! And last but not least, we are able to bring you some sneak peek video caps of Ladyfist's upcoming video releases.

Stories: Ok, I pooched this list when I updated the site yesterday but here's the GOOD list.. First up to bat is Gark! With the advent of new technologies come the need for people to upgrade their systems and software so a few people weren't able to view his PDF version stories. He's now come up with a backwards compatible version for his PDF stories that should work for everyone.. and with this update come his latest installement as well. Also featured for this update are stories from our regular writers Dark Cloud, Trophy Boy, Vincent T and two stories from WS2003. You can find these and many many more stories in our Femfight Stories Sections.

Ahh and yes, we have another VIDEO REVIEW brought to you this time by Mr Joniar. This guy knows his femfighting vids and he's a Hollywood fan and he's in love with one of her latest videos. No kidding dood, I can see why, too! With his review comes the photos. Once you check out what he's got to say about the video, be sure to check out the photos.. you're gonna love these. Featuring Hollywood and Fran Lee (another of my all time fav fighters, hmmmmmm....) You can check out this review and MANY more in our Video Review Section.

Message Board. Now this was quite comical in the recent few weeks.. Like most sites, we webmasters like to give our visitors the opportunity to express themselves, share their thoughts and idea and make contacts, acting responsibly and with maturity. You don't have to agree with what others say, and you can argue your point with other, this is what a discussion is all about. However, and this slays me lol, when you have an arguement that no one else agrees with you, don't go creating 12 other login accounts to come back as other 'fictious persons' to reinforce your point when no one else will.. I mean seriously, how demented can you be to have to go to that extreme? Anyway, no worries, the individual is prolly out there harrassing someone else at another message board. Hopefully he'll learn to play nice with others soon.

But please do feel free to use the message board, it's there for you.. the rules are simple.. Too simple even..

Newsletter Here's another tool made available for you to keep in touch with what is happening. You sign up for it and when we do updates or have special announcements, you'll recieve an email newsletter. If you find them annoying and not worthwhile, you can opt out yourself, too simple.. But it does allow you to find out where our next updates are and stuff like that. Keep in mind that if your email box is full and we get a bounce back, we'll cancel it out. You can signup for the Newsletter here

There you have it folks.. the latest and greatest update for now.. it's warm out and DRY after 30 days of rains and floods around here.. if you'll excuse me, I have some drying out to do =)


15 MAY 2005 Updates

Well it looks like we had a bump in the road with that last update that happened between the 23rd of April and this update.. All the new content is there so I'll try my best to recreate the update list from memory (ooh scary!).. No worries, we always make it up to the fans. With so many free access sites failing out there, you can count on us to be here.. since 1996 in our humblest of beginings..

Stories: Stories stories and stories! We bring you the latest stories from BigPhil, Bocarat (5 stories!), Dark Cloud, Mordevious, Mr Cage, T Trolley and WS2003! We welcome our newest writer Ring Rat. Fans of the Gark stories who had problems viewing his PDF files should be able to view those stories now. However, you are encouraged to update your system files to keep up with the times. The PDF readers are free so there really isn't any excuse, folks. You can find all these and more in our Femfight Stories Sections. (if I missed anyone, please do let me know)

Photos! And because we missed the last update period, we now have to double up to bring you even more photos that you all enjoy! Where do we start? From Fantasy Female Fights we bring you another set from their awesome site. I do love good photography mixed with fighting babes! Next up we have the Red Heads from Ladyfist.com We're not sure why but though there are few red heads in our region, they seem to have this need to fight and they come to us to try their hand against the other gals on the site. Makes for great fiery fights! We also have some great photos from videos coming out the Academy Wrestling, APLPortugalTV and Ozone8 TV sites. These sites offer great video downloads and photos. After that, we have some excellent Pro Women action from the people at www.ladysports.com . Last but NOT least are photos from a new site called PMVideoTV who also provide great video download action. Ok, I think I got everyone.. Needless to say this is a huge update and there is something for everyone.. You can find these and many other featured galleries in our Photo Galleries.

23 APR 2005 Updates

It's been a while since the last update so let's not waste time with idle chitchat but lets go to where the fun it!

Stories: Stories stories and stories! We bring you the latest stories from Beaker, Bocarat, Cyberwolf, Ransom, Reenfan, Sidekick and WS2003. You can find all these and more in our Femfight Stories Sections.

Photos! We have photos from the people at the Wrestling Lounge once again. And back by popular demand (yes, some people don't like the action from these guys but a lot do!) The women at Ultimate Surrender are back again for another featured gallery. You can find these and many other featured galleries in our Photo Galleries.

Our next update won't be that far away this time, and we're bringing you more photos and stories all the time for your enjoyment.

05 APR 2005 Updates

Ready for another Update? Great because here comes a good one!

Stories: New stories and yes, new writers! Must be the cabin fever kicking in.. Brittany, Dark Cloud, Galtmal and Gark provide us with some cool stories to read up on. We're happy to introduce new writers to the site, Bocarat and Luisa Femfight Stories Sections.

Photos: We're bringing you some select photos from Catfight Arena. Great looking women, great photography and good action. Nice combination! You can find this new Gallery (and a whole lot more!) in our Femfight Photo Gallery section.

A quick and fast update this week, but no fear, you know we have more to come!

26 MAR 2005 Updates

It's Easter and time for an update!

Stories: We have new stories and new writers for you this week! Returning writers Mr Cage, Shelfside, Stone and WS2003 grace us with more of their excellent stories, while new writers Avedore, Ebony Defeated, Ransom and Stiletto make their debuts this week in our Femfight Stories Sections.

Photos: This week we have new photos fro a couple of new sites. First we have some excellent action from the women at SLAMmin Ladies featuring Lexie Fyfe. Also, this week we bring you more photos from a new site called Fantasy Female Fights in our Femfight Photo Section. Be sure to check out these and many more within the Photo Section.

So there you have it. Enjoy, have a great weekend and see you on the flip side! Cheers

16 MAR 2005 Updates

A quick update, you're going to love this one:

This week our PHOTOS come from an exciting new site called The Wrestling Lounge. We also include more photos from the much talked about Ultimate Surrender and from Ladyfist. You can find these and many more photos in our Featured Gallery.

We have an excellent video to review this week from the NHBWomen's site, called Hook 'n' Shoot, feature true and real No Hold Barred fighting between the toughest women around in fully sanctioned and competitive fights similar to what you'd see in the UFC but this is the women's fight night. You'll definetly want to check this one out if you're into real competitive fights. This is their first video and I liked it so much I ordered the second video!! You can check this review out and others in our Video Review Section.

We're holding our stories for the next update but be sure to check out the competition stories which were recently judged and prizes awarded. Congrats once again to our Winners: Brittany, Golden Heart and Dark Cloud. You can find their winning stories and other competition stories here and our regular Femfight Stories in our regular Stories Sections.

06 MAR 2005 Updates

A quick update, you're going to love this one:

Photos are from Fighting Style. These people never cease to amaze me with their competitive style and good action. Photography is quite awesome. Be sure to check out their latest photo gallery here in our Featured Gallery.

Video Reviews: We have a rebuttal review from our last review from one of the Ultimate Surrender matches. Be sure to check out our other reviews as well

Stories: We have new stories from our regular writers WS2003, Sidekick, TEEZ and Shelfside and a return from Beaker! We are also happy to welcome Conquistador to the fold. You can enjoy these stories and a whole lot more in our Femfight Story Section.

Speaking of Stories! Our Long awaited judging of the stories for the 2004 Story Writing Competition is now complete!! YES! Our three panel judges have picked out the top three stories and the prize packages have been allotted. Be sure to read the stories and check out the prizes.

We wish to thank all those who patiently waited for the results. And to those who took the time to enter our competition. It's a lot of work but it's a labour of love. One we all enjoy.

And now, without further Adieu, Check out the Seaking's Femfight Story Writing Competiton info!

01 MAR 2005 Updates

It's March already?! Gees, where has the time gone !?

STORIES: We have some new stories and new writers to entertain you this week.. WS2003, Shelfside and GARK (yes, I have the files uploaded properly this time =) bring us their latest work while a new writer, Mr Cage brings us his story for perusal. These, and more stories can be found in the Femfight Stories Page.

COMPETITION STORIES: The judging is done, the winners have been selected but we have to wait for one of the sponsors to get back to us with their prize package offerings so we can sort out the Prize Packages for our winners. You can get all the info and more at the Competition page.

PHOTOS: You know we got photos, you know it!! This week we're bringing you some new photos from:
USA Publications TV and Les Femmes Fatales TV These guys have brought forth a lot of photos and video clips from various other sites in an easy to navigate and affordable "tokens" method. Well worth the look.
LadyFist I found out that a lot of people didn't realize that Ladyfist.com was also my own site where I shoot the content for the photosets, video clips and full length videos that the site makes available as DVD/VHS and full download as well as the content for the members area. Always keeping the members in mind when shooting we always invite their input in our shoots, as to what they want to see next, who to fight whom etc etc. Needless to say, it's a lot of fun for all of us here, and for our members. If you never checked the site out, give it a try. It's always evolving and frequently updated with the wildest stuff. Our motto "Realistic but not real" is a bit of a misnomer I guess because we still get a lot of emails from people telling us that they dont believe us that it's fake.. If that's the case, then it means we're doing our job well =)
Ultimate Surrender This is the one site that has brought out a lot of BUZZ in our small fetish community. The action is impressive and adds that 'sexual' aspect to a good fem vs fem match. Members get to rate and comment on the matches they view. It's quite the different setup, that's for sure. The one thing that impressed me is their impeccable photography and videography. Attention to details. Oh yeah and the babes are HOT!! Let's not forget that too.. =) Definetly worth the look!

You'll be able to find all these photos and a whole lot more in the Seaking's Femfight Photo Gallery.

In our next update, (SOON!) we'll have the Story Competition stories, a new Video Review of some awesome REAL fighting DVD that I recently picked up (watched it 3 times already!) and more!

Be sure to check often!


15 FEB 2005 Updates

We're back again with some cool update material for our fans.. Pics and stories make the headlines once again!

Photos: Friends of ours at Bound Comics have graciously sent us some cool pics from their site to share with you. They cater to all kinds of combat formats, but their forte is in the bondage and superheroine line of things. Well worth the visit!

Many people have been asking about the photos in our collection that come the Ultimate Surrender site.. Have a look at another sampler gallery here and then go check them out for more special content that only they know how to bring to you. You'll be able to find these and many more in our own Featured Photo Gallery.

Stories: We have a few stories for you this time around also from regular writers such as WS2003, Gark, Shelfside and Sidekick. We also take the time to welcome our newest writers, Reenfan, Jack and Naz. Check these new stories and many more in the Seaking's Femfight Story Section.

Speaking of Stories.. The SeakingsFemfight Story Writing Competition is still on the go. The stories have been submitted by many writers and some stories, sad to say had to be rejected for various reasons, notably for failing to read the contest rules. Those writers have been notified. We have a good selection of stories for our judges to read over and send in their recomendations of winners.

What's a competition without prizes eh? Bragging rights are cool, of course but tangible prizes are very cool!! We were able to get as prize several month long memberships to various sites (yes, even to the Ultimate Surrender site!), Full Video Downloads and even VHS or DVD from Ladyfist.com . We're still adding to the prize packages and sorting out the details and will let you know as we know. So hang tight, this shoud be fun!!

Thanks for all those who submitted their stories and to those patiently waiting for the judging to be completed...

27 JAN 2005 Updates

After the 3rd blizzard in less than a week, I'm tired of the snow and need some good entertainment.. how about you?!

Photos: Femfightbound comes back with their new line up of fighting babes.. just in time to ward off the chill of winter! You can check these new pics out in the Featured Photo Gallery.

Stories! We have a shovel load of excellent stories for you from our regular writers and some of our newer writers as well. Brittany, G and C, RDBlock and RY entertain us with their newest writings. New to the fray are Shelfside and Ron H. Let us know what you think of their work. These, and many more stories can be found in the Seaking's Femfight Story Section.

Competition: Don't forget, the deadline for story submissions is soon approaching and so far we have quite a few stories to present. Best of luck to those who submitted thus far. If you have submitted a story but did not receive confirmation of receipt, please contact me right away. Rules, regs and info can be found here..

Reviews! Needless to say that the recent Featured Photoset from the Ultimate Surrender site was very popular. So popular in fact that one happy fan submitted his personal review of one of the matches seen the site that most impressed him. You can check out Manxered's review of his favourite fightvideo from this up and coming production company. We'll have another photoset from this company in future updates. To read the review and many others, check out the Seaking's Femfight Video Review Section.

And there you have it.. hopefully this update will keep you warm until the next one.. update that is.. no more bliazzards, please!!

15 JAN 2005 Updates

Another quick update! Whoo hooo...

Photos: We have some great new pics for you.
* The people at Ultimate Surrender provided us with some awesome photos of their new site featuring naked women wrestling on the mats that utlimately ends in some even hotter action. Be sure to check THIS ONE out!

* From Merlin's Kingdom comes one of their most popular series, NightStorm! You can check a whole update episode with this update.

* And from their latest video, Ladyfist is proud to announce the release of yet another fight video featuring Phiffer vs Angel is a custom chloroform knock out video. Poor Phiffer.. Alligator mouth and hummingbird ass gets her in trouble again!

You can find all of these in the Femfight Photo Section.

Stories: We have one story to bring you for this update, WS2003 brings one back to back with an excellent story. You can check it out in our Femfight Story Section.

11 JAN 2005 Updates

Welcome to the New Year.. Sorry for the delay of this update.. so many things going on at the same time and so many event happening in the world. Be sure to check out the Tsunami Relief page I set up to make your Relief donations if you haven't already had the chance to do already. Every little bit counts. It really does. Take a moment and lend a prayer. Hug your loved ones.

Updates! Short and quick update this week to tie us over until the dust settles...

Photos! Starting off the Gallery Listing is a submission from Submit Or Suffer! A unique way of doing a M vs F fight site. Gotta like the thighs on the fem.. she looks like she brings the poor guy to the hurt locker and back! Next, we have a series from Bout Time Studios. I simply love the way they present their holds with flexible, bendable babes. Good job. And last but not least, come the last installement from the Berlin Expo 04 from Fighting Style. Solid hard fighting real competition Fem Fight from Europe. Gotta love it! You'll be able to catch all of these photos and a whole lot more in our FemFight Photo Gallery!

Stories: Always new stories. We have some long lost writers coming back to us once again with their great literary works. Ronin and Blizzard return with new stories. As does Galtmal, Gark and WS2003. You'll be able to find all of these stories and so many more in our Femfight Story Section.

If you submitted a story that doesn't appear on this update, please drop me an email..

Don't forget the Story Writing competition.. Check out the contest rules here!
If you submitted a story for the competition but did not recieve a receipt confirmation, drop me an email.


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