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22 DEC 2011

At this Jolly time of year, many have spent a hectic time getting everything ready for the Holidays.. so how about some fun entertainment to help you unwind before the festivities begin with friends and family?

This week we bring you another great collection of photos from your favourite sites out there, a little bit of everything for everyone.. We also have another excellent batch of stories for your reading pleasure! Check out your favourite authors' newest tales of battles and fights. We'll be seeing another update quite soon with some more stories! So if you submitted a story and didn't see it here on this update, it will be up soon!

Best Holiday wishes to one and all, and hope to see you again in the New Year!

Until next time..

27 NOV 2011

Welcome back, this week's update brings fight fans all kinds of new goodies to check out from the new authors making their debut here, to new fight sites ready to show what the wrestling and cat fighting women are up to... We'll be back next weekend with new stories and hopefully some new photos as well. Be sure to check out your favourite sites to see what else they have to offer. You might be surprised.

Until next time..

01 NOV 2011

Its that spooky time of year again where the goblins and scary things that go bump in the night come out. And to help with the frills and chills, we have some new stories and photo sets for you from your favourite authors and producers. This week we have a couple of new authors making their debut in the stories section, be sure to drop them a line with your feedback if they have left their addresses. For photos, the gals are displaying their might and dominance over their hapless victims as they battle on for your entertainment. Please do visit the sites for more exciting action!

Until next time.. The use of the ropes IS permitted.. for less than 5 seconds.. ;)

23 OCT 2011

We're back again with another awesome updates featuring some of your favourite writers and some of your favourite fight producer sites. There's a little bit of everything for everyone. Be sure to drop a line to the authors (if they've left their email info on their lists pages), and visit your favourite fight sites and let them know how well of a job they are doing in bringing you your favourite genre of female fight entertainment.

Until next time, fight fair when the ref is looking..

04 OCT 2011

Wow, is it already October!? How time flies when you're having fun! Or at least trying ;)

Back again with another update, and now that winter is starting to show it's ugly head here in the Great White North, I hope to be able to put up more frequent updates with your favourite stories, photos and vid clips..

I hope you enjoy this update and do help support your favourite sites with your visits..

Till next time.. Cheers!

25 SEPT 2011

Hi again, Fight Fans! Back again with another new exciting update for all of you who just can't get enough of this fun female combative sports stuff.. All kinds of facets to be explored, something there for everyone.. With winter soon upon us, I hope to be able to update this site more often. Need something to do to keep warm around here ;)

This week we have a nice collection of stories and photos and even video clips for you to sample and enjoy.. Check them out and do send the authors a note if they have left their email info, and check out the websites who were gracious to send in their sampler pics for you to peruse and enjoy.. Support your favourite fight sites, it's what keeps it all alive and fun.

Until next time, Cheers!

01 SEPT 2011

Back again from another road trip to visit friends and fight fans, it's time for another update! And what an update we have for you..

In the photo section we have some interesting and awesome selections from many fight sites out there for you to sample. We start off with the ladies from Ultimate Surrender, great wrestling action with a horribly humiliating finish for the losers. Then we have Next Door Catfights' latest video release sampler pics that has a lot of hair pulling. I had a chance to view this video and quite enjoyed how the girls first started out gentle and then really picked up the intensity and ferocity early on. They weren't foolin' around when it came to the hair pulling.. Next, Lift and Carry show us their new stuff as do the gals at Top Catz Fighting. The Maidens of Mayhem are back again as well. You will enjoy the cocky expressions on the girls from Kick Ass Club as they dominate their opponents. European Fight Club is back again. Pro Style Fantasies is back with another video sampler photos. Competitive Enterprises kick and punch their way into another update while the European Mixed Wrestling Club tangle it up in a vicious manner. Catfight Corner returns with another installment while Ladyfist releases their latest video and show us their video sampler pics.

For the stories fans we have a couple of new writers this week such as Jillian Russell and Cheetah while veteran writers Artaeus, Dark J, Aristocatch and Catfight Obsessed return with new and entertaining stories.

There you have it folks.. I do hope you enjoy this update..


10 AUG 2011

hi again gals and guys, it's time for another update.. It sure gets busy around here in the summer time so the work load piles up but knowing how fans love their updates, a good solid rain week here means I get a chance to run indoors and get some work done ;) So stop wishing me the rain ok? lol

This week we have a mega photo update featuring all kinds of fighting theme sites, with pics and clips and more. The stories section is also updated with the return of some favourite authors and the debut of a couple of new authors.

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far with all kinds of fun and wild matches..

Catch you on the next update. Cheers

01 AUG 2011

Hi fight fans, just the first part of this update for now.. A lot of people have been clamouring for stories stories and more stories.. Well ask and ye shall receive.. hopefully! This week we have a great selection of stories from our regular contributos, some stories from authors of the past and some new authors make their debut this week as well... So kick back nand have a great read... I'll be back soon with another update but this time with the photos and such from various femfighting producers from around the world.

Until next time.


10 JULY 2011

Hi again fight fans.. I hope everyone had a superb holiday weekend.. !

This week we have a huge selection of photos and clips from your favourite producers out there, some fantasy fights, pro style and real competitive style as well as the naughty XXX type sexfights..

And on top of all that we have another great update collection of fem fight stories by your favourite authors and some new ones as well..

So pull up a chair, crack open a cold one and enjoy this weekend update.. Its summer time and the sun is finally here.. so for now, less talk, more update! Cheers!


21 JUNE 2011

Is it summer yet? Almost.. if it wasn't for all the rain and wind around here, we just might be able to get a peek at it..

We're back again with another update after being away for a while.. when it gets busy over here, it gets super busy.. but we've got such a huge update for you that we're going to be back soon enough with more photos and stories before the month is out.. I've got the content here now, still working on processing it.

Speaking of processing, a lot of stories have unfortunately been rejected due to improper formatting. I've asked writers / authors over and over again to please help the update process by sticking to a simplified submission process, but I guess not everyone got the memo.. Oh wait, it's in the mail and the Postal services are on strike.. great! Anyway, please check out the info on the Stories page, there's a FAQ on what is required.. Please help ME help YOU! (One story per email, first line Title, second line Author name!! Submit in TXT or DOC format, nothing fancy or special.. )

Stories, wow, what a super selection for this week's update.. New authors, returning authors and all great stories.. there will be something there that will appeal to you.. Be sure to drop the authors a note of encouragement and feedback if they were brave enough to leave their email addresses on their list pages. If their email addresses are NOT listed, I don't have it either so sorry, I can't pass on your messages.. privacy issues and such, you know how it is.. ;) This week we have stories from such authors as Beaker, Artaeus, C, Catfight Obsessed, Montana Male, Deacon, Okizeme, Diane, Fired Fighter, CanadianLou, wolfboy and TexasFightfan We have a lot more stories coming up with the next update. Enjoy!

Photos? Oh yes folks, we got some new and awesome photos. We have such a back log of content from producers to go up that we'll be back very soon with another update to finish putting them up.. Check out Ulitmate Surrender as they literally dig deep after the win. EGADS! There's something in the photo section for everyone, Sexfight Corner is back, as are the Competitive Enterprise fighters. Prostyle Fantasieshas another new video out. European Fight Club gives us a taste of some tough action. If you need a quick 'pick me upper' be sure to take a gander at the Lift and Carry gallery. The Maidens of Mayhem are back and we finish up this week's update with TOSS3D and his 3D fight comics.

30 MAY 2011

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend..

This week we have a lot of new photos and stories for you to enjoy. I'd been away on a road trip to visit friend and fight fans down the east coast and now back and updating the site. I think you'll be impressed with the line up of photos and the stories available by regular contributors, returning authors and newly added scribes to the list of story tellers.. Remember, if they left their email address on their pages, you are encouraged to contact the writer with your comments and feedback.

Alrighty then, enough chit chat, time to get to the fun stuff.. Until next time, Cheers!

12 MAY 2011

Way too much rain... not enough sun.. wow.. what a month this has been eh?

This is a quick update to the site before I leave on an annual two week road trip to visit wrestling friends and opponents along this side of the continent.. and to escape this freaking long run of rain.. no joke, it's been raining up here almost non stop for a month.. and no signs of letting up. The white haired hippie next door has been building an ark in his back yard..

This week's photos are brought to you by Catfight Corner, Wrestling Monica, the FWWL and WWWwrestling. Great pics, be sure to check out their sites!

Stories? A quick lineup of stories from Authors, Artaeus, wolfboy, R Welsey and Beaker. As always, these talented people have been putting out a lot of excellent stories with more to come...

I'll have a bigger update when I return from my road trip.. more photos and stories. See you when I get back.

02 MAY 2011

Are you ready for another exciting update? We have stories, photos and video clips of your favourite subject matter, FEMFIGHTIN! yay!!

This week's photos start with the Knockout Girlz in the ring. For Ultimate mat action with a sadistic humiliating finish, the Ultimate Surrender girls are back in force with photos and clips. Reaching for new heights? Check out the Lift and Carry group. For the 2 on 1 action fans, Ladyfist give you a sneak peak of two smaller girls taking on a larger and tougher gal. ya win some ya lose some. Comp match specialists at Stella's Wrestling Women are back again to show you some fun action. The Godfather of Poser 3D Art works, Merlin's Kingdom, one of the internet's longest lasting and consistently updated websites is back with some tantalizing samples of his excellent work. The KickAss Girlz show what they do best while finally but not least, Pro Style Fantasies kick it in the ring with more fun action.

For the readers out there, we have another fine collection of stories by your favourite writers. Artaeus, Beaker, Wyldewood, R Wesley, C, Aristochat, SuperCat and wolfboy are featured this week with their awesome stories. Be sure to let them know what you think of their writing abilities if the author has left his / her email address published.

I hope you all enjoy the update. Remember to fight hard and to fight fair, the Ref is always looking.. ;)


20 APRIL 2011

Time flies when you're having fun.. and now it's time to come back to fantasy land with another great update for this week Its been over a month since the last update! I'll have to keep an eye on that.. My apologies to the fans out there.. Busy times around here..

Well enough talk, lets get to the update shall we? This week we have a lot of fun exciting stories from talented authors, and awesome photos from some very creative web sites out there bring you what you like best.. Women combating women, women beating down men.. there's something for everyone, even some video clips here and there in this update.

You know where to find the fun content on the site.. ;) If the authors have left their email addresses on their pages, please do drop them a comment.. those who haven't left a forwarding address wish to remain anonymous..

Alright.. Spring has Sprung and I'm springing out of here to enjoy the sun before the last winter snow storm hits us tonight..


26 MARCH 2011

What a massive update we have for you this week.. The video producers and web site owners, and the prolific writers all seemed to have come out from winter hiding and are ready to show you what they have to offer, as to celebrate the arrival of spring.. But if you're still seeing a lot of snow in your front yard, Hello Neighbor..! It's almost here.. almost

PHOTOS: Lets kick off the festivities with the long list of fun and exciting content from the producers, shall we? Top of the list are the intense fighting girls from Ultimate Surrender where the loser ultimately loses more than just the match. Ladyfist comes back with vid pics from their two latest hard hitting real belly punching videos.. ouch! Stella's Wrestling Women leave it on the mats as they grapple each other for the win. Sexfight Corner gals are battling out for more than supremacy. The Maidens of Mayhem want to show how to humiliate another wrestler. Fierce grappling action comes to you from Female Wrestling Zone, while the ladies of Competitive Enterprise give as good as they get with punches, elbows and kicks. Mixed Wrestling Zone comes to you with strong legged hard squeezing babes as they beat down their hapless male victims. Pro Ring and Fantasy fights are here with ProStyle Fantasies. Nothing says "in your face" like gorgeous feet owned by mean girls as Mean Girl's Feet make their debut here. Catfight Corner women get a little familiar with each other as the action heats up. Sexy fighting Zone gets down and sexy as they battle it out on the mats. And last but NOT least, the battle hardened women of Mountain Mayhem Catfights show you what real women can do when angered ;)

STORIES: Pull up a chair and a nice warm drink and sit back to enjoy a long list of stories brought to you by the talented authors such as Artaeus who brings you 7 new stories this week. Also with us are CS Custom, C, Diane, and Beaker who makes his return with 11 NEW stories! Also with us are Super Cat and RY with their excellent stories. Some of the authors have supplied their email addresses with their stories and they would very much like to hear from you with your comments. This is how they can find out if their writing skills are heading in the right direction and get new ideas.. Don't be shy, they DO want to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy you enjoy this week's massive update. Be sure to visit your favourite web sites and let them know how much you enjoy their content.. let the authors know how much you appreciate their hard work as well!

Until next time! Cheers

11 MARCH 2011

Another quick update to keep the ball rolling folks! We have great stories and photos for your viewing pleasure as always.. This week's Photos come from those irrepressible ladies from Catfight Corner, the hard punching gals from Competitive Enterprise, the brawling Maidens of Mayhem and finally Stella's Wrestling Women put the beatdown on their victims. be sure to check out their sites to what else they have to offer!

For your reading pleasure we have some fun stories for you from such authors as C, Artaeus and the first part of vlad316's epic story that we missed adding before, if you enjoyed his part II story, you'll not want to miss the Part I !

A quick update, I hope you enjoy it!


01 MARCH 2011

Are you ready for another fun update? This week promises to show you spills and thrills and reading delights as we hopefully finish off the rest of winter. Oddly enough, as I'm updating the site this evening we're under yet another miserable blizzard.. enough already! Sheesh, we get it.. Mother Nature is a cold hearted bitch!! Please!

Lets jump to the photos.. This week we have a lot of new content to show you from some of the scene's hottest sites, bringing you some of the best action available. We start off with everyone's favourite wild women of Ultimate Surrender, you gotta check out that Camel Clutch photo, ouch! The Master of 3D Art is back with more wild and exciting imagery from . Check out the European Fight Club gallery, they are featuring photos from their satellite sites as well.. Should be something there for everyone! For that Girl Next Door feel, check out what Next Door Catfight has to offer as the girls get down and vicious. Great action from Female Fight Club followed up by veteran Leather & Lace before Ladyfist shows off their latest video releases featuring the newest member of the cast, Selene. And then finally, but certainly not least, Stella's Wrestling Women close out the gallery update with their troupe of vicious ladies.

Now for the stories.. You're going to love this week's large offering of excellent fem fighting stories, from such authors as Artaeus, C, Masked Bunny II, Runfast, Diane, and Wolfboy. If you see their email addresses listed on their pages or stories, please do drop them a line and let know what you thought of their stories, the feedback helps them hone their literary skills to write better more colourful stories for future readings..

And there you have it, the first update of March.. I hope you enjoy it and find something to your liking.

Remember, fight fair only when the Ref is looking. Cheers!


17 FEB 2011

Are you done shoveling snow yet? Tired of the cold, snowshoes and sled dogs? Kick off the mukluks for a while and enjoy some new photos, vid clips and stories featured in this week's update.. if this doesn't cure cabin fever, then you're beyond saving!

This week's photo galleries will bring the room temperature up as the Ultimate Surrender ladies do what they do best.. humiliate and abuse their poor victims at the end of the match.. Catfight Corner is back once again with more of their vicious felines. Ladyfist returns with recently de-masked Ema as she beatdowns her new victims, Selene and Kitty. Fantasy Veil is back once again with some outdoors fight scenes, while Female Fight Club women take it to the squared circle. MWI Arena women crush the victims with powerful scissors while the Sexfight Corner fights grind down to a brutal fight, and finally WWW Wrestling is taking the action to the canvas.

And now for the stories.. We present for your reading pleasures some fantastic fun stories, sure to keep you warm this week from such authors as vlad316, Artaeus, Aristocatch, C, SuperCat and GrapeVine.

I hope you enjoy this week's updates and that your winter soon comes to a close.. I can hardly wait for the sunshine and heat to return.. brrrr.. it's been a cold one!!


07 FEB 2011

Wow, we're into February already? Must be, look at all the storms that hit us since the last update!! Hopefully that will be last of them for a while? Lets see what we can do to chase away those winter blues.

This is a quick update this week, we have Photos and clips from those evil women at Ultimate Surrender once again. Female Fight Club are back to show us what they can do to one another, and it aint good!! For the 3D art fight fans out there we have TOSS3D and The FWWL bringing you their flavours of this popular genre of art work in this fun fight fetish we all enjoy!

For stories, well sit back and pull up a warm blankie and have a good read of these authors as they bring you fabulous stories from Arteus, Wampbat77, Mordevious and C. There is something there for everyone!

As mentioned before, this is a short update and I have some special announcement when we come back with the next update in Feb!

25 JAN 2011

Got snow? Not again, we're bracing for yet one more horrible winter storm tonight so I figure I'd best get this update on the server for you, huh? For those bracing for the next storm, what better way than to enjoy great photos, cool clips and hot stories!!

Stories: We have some awesome stories for you this week starting with a hugely popular writer, Gark as he brings us another of his fantastic stories. Artaeus is back again with two superb stories to whet your appetite. Nighthawk, in concert with WS2003, brings you an excellent collaborative work for your reading pleasures. Texasfightfan is back with a new stunner of a story, as is Aristocatch. Back once again is vlad316, Dark Cloud and CS Custom with their highly anticipated stories.. And finally, making his debut with 4 new stories is SuperCat. be sure to drop him a line letting him know what you think of his stories. All the authors who have posted their email addresses would love to hear back from you.

Photos: ready for the photos? Here we go! Kicking off the list is everyone's favourite vicious hellcats who love nothing more than to humiliate the losers with strap ones and brutal 2 on 1 (or more) gangups. I was quite surprised at how many women actually find this enticing with secret fantasies of participating in something like that.. Its certainly not for the timid.. Ultimate Surrender! Bare naked wrestling women at Catfight Corner spruce things up as the fists go flying in all directions at Competitive Enterprise. The Female Fight Club women take it to the squared circle for some bumps and grinds. And over onto the big mats, the Divas at Fighting Style go all out in their impressive real competitive matches, what an awesome time! Powerful thighs rip through some poor victims at MWI Arena while the girls at Catfight Fantasies have their way with their victims. The ever lovely Maidens of Mayhem lock up and rip into each other. Every one knows the saying "the best things come in small packages", right? Well the women at Ladyfist.com found out that hell knows no fury like a vicious little bitch called Sky who stands at 4'8" and 89 lbs (most of it in her chest!) as she battles it out against a taller 5'0" 98 lbs Kitty. She's as ferocious as she is tiny. Don't turn your back on this one! And finally, HTM Wrestling puts their gloves and fists into the tender bellies of all who defy their women.. WHAM!

Not bad for a line up of stories, photos and video clips huh? We'll be back again next time with more fun to help make the dull days of winter speed by.. summer will be here soon... right? brrrrr

08 JAN 2011

Hey cool, welcome to 2011.. looks rather decent, doesn't it? I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy their holidays and relax with family and friends.. but now it's back to the usually routine.. which in some ways it's a good thing.. Like regular updates to this website!

Stories: Lets kick the new year off properly with some good ol' fashioned fight stories, shall we? People have been asking about this author of the past year.. So popular are his stories, fans have been clamouring for me.. well the wait is over, GARK is finally back with a new story and its a good one. All you Gark fans out there are in for a treat! Welcome back, Gark. Back again also are CandianLou, Hall1 and Wolfboy. Introducing new authors this week are Aristocatch, Dripping Tap and Artaeus. Lets see what these fine authors have to offer!

Photos: Ahh what would the new year be without a good solid rogering after losing a hard fought match on the Ultimate Surrender mats, eh? The nasty girls are at it again and they're meaner than ever this year.. no mercy for the losers as they are horribly humiliated in front of a shocked audience.. (where do I get attendance tickets to this show?!?). The ferocious felines at Catfight Corner tear into each other, while new comers Ultimate Mixed Wrestling put their men to shame as their sexy ladies show who's the boss. Competitive Enterprise starts the new year with a left hook to her jaw and belly.. The Maidens of Mayhem do what they do best, total Mayhem! Sexfight Corner is back with their bevy of babes battling it out. Back once again, Merlin's Kingdom shows us some his latest work, 11 years running, updates EACH and every week.. Wow, how's THAT longevity! Rated as one the top 3D Arts fight sites on the net. And then finally but not least, the petite girls of Ladyfist.com show how it's done in a comp match. Both measuring in at 5'0" and 110 lbs, they show what small packages can do.. ouch!

And there you have it folks, the first update for 2011.. I hope you enjoy it and we'll see you soon with the next update! Cheers



Ultimate Surrender

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