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20 Dec 2002

We're happy to be able to bring you some excellent photos from fellow Canadian Melissa Coates! This strong woman can readily handle herself in the gym as well in the squared circle. You'll want to check out her photos here here.

We're also fortunate to bring you three new stories by fan favourites Galtmal, JJR9 and MixedWrestler in the Femfight Story Section!. Be sure to check it out.

And speaking of stories, here it is, what all of you have been waiting for, the COMPETITION STORIES! We apologise for the delay but we had to work hard to get everything into place. A few cross platform compatability problems came up at the last moment and we got them all straightened out. We bring you 16 contest stories from some known writers and, some new writers. We've also secured some awesome great prizes for the winners.  Best of luck to ALL writers!

We wish to thank all the sponsoring sites and companies for their generosity for the prizes they contributed. They are:
Webkitten.com / FightBabe.Net / TanyaKicks.com / IronBelles Fantasy Theatre / LexieFyfe.com and Merlin's Kingdom.com   Please lend a hand and visit their sites as your way of saying thanks for their support for this competition.

I made mention somewhere that the dates were 'extended'. The end of voting day date was extended but the submissions date was held firm. Two submissions were declined as they were sent a day late. As someone rightfully put it, the hard work of those who submitted on time has to be respected. 

08 Dec 2002

We have a full update for you today! We'll start off with a hot video review of Tanya Kicks' latest video release, TK0202 Oil, Skirts & Claws where Steele Rose battles it out with Kristie Etzold in a classic Greek Style Catfight. You've got to see this one!

Once again from Bout Times Studios we have some of their select photos from their site. Many of you have oogled and ogled their gorgeous babes, now you have a chance to check them out in our special Bout Time Studios Gallery here.

Then we have a new story by none other than Gark in the Femfight Story Section!. Be sure to check it out.

Speaking of stories, don't delay entering your Story for the 4th Femfight Story Writing Competition. We're going to be announcing the prize packages soon, and I can tell you it's several tapes, t-shirts and month long memberships at several popular paysites! So don't miss out, check out the rules and get your story submitted!!

24 Nov 2002

Already we've recieved many femfight story competition entries and we've also secured many prizes from many of the top companies in the femfighting industry, some of the well established and some new ones as well. I'll have the list of prizes up soon for you. So get cracking on those stories! Don't miss out! Please be sure to follow the Femfight Story Competition Rules. Remember, you can't win if you don't play!

Speaking of Femfighting Stories, here are some new stories by Yarrum, JJR9 and a new writer called Mixed Wrestler. You can find their excellent stories in the Femfight Story Section!

More photos!! The people at Universal Catfight were gracious enough to send us some of their excellent photos from their paysite. You'll certainly recognise some faces in the photos. Check it out in the Femfight Photo Gallery

17 Nov 2002

You've heard about it, you've patiently waited for the news, it's official! The 4th Femfight Story Writing Competition is now open and ready for your submissions and later, your votes! You'll be able to find all the info in the Femfight Story Competition Rules page. We've already recieved several sponsorship prizes from some of the top companies out there and also from some new ones. Check it out and start writing!

Speaking of stories, you'll want to check out these stories by Gark, The LadyKiller and Damon with his 31st story to this site, in the regular Femfight Story Section!

We have a new Video Review for you of JM Rolen's JMR021 Champion featuring Christine Dupree and Francesca Le. You know JM puts a lot of effort into his videos and it pays off as they are some of the top videos out there. Be sure to check out and find out why!

NOTE: Some of you trying to contact me will have experienced bounced emails as bigfoot.com simply can't handle their end properly anymore so I had to drop them like the lump they turned out to be after all these years. You'll be able to contact me with the new email at seaking@eastlink.ca from now on.

07 Nov 2002

Well that sucks, my work pulled me away for several weeks with short notice. I didn't get a chance to get the site properly prepared for the period I was away. So, right away, we're going to bring out some new stories to whet your appetites! I'm getting a lot of emails from people who are really enjoying all these femfight stories and they basically say the same thing: MORE!! So sit back and enjoy these offereings from Gark, 4 new stories from Blizzard, and from a new writer The LadyKiller. You'll find these and many more stories in the Femfight Story Section! I hope you enjoy them.

In the meantime, I am working on a Video Review for the next update coming up soon!

14 Oct 2002

The ever popular Kandi brings us a new story based on a fan's request. Check it out in the Femfight Story Section!. I'm going out and annoucing that there will be a 4th Femfight Writing Competition before year's end. That's right, advance warning. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this annoucement, having already writting your competition stories. Sorry for the delay but come November, I will be announcing the rules and regs to this competition. We've already picked up some cool prizes from participating sponsors: Tapes, membership to their sites and possibly T-Shirts. For any idea of what the rules might be, check in on the past competition information found in the Stories section. Please, do not submit any competition stories until it's announced, or they might accidently be added in the popular reading section. From the many inquiries so far, I anticipate this competition to be the best one yet! Stay tuned for more info!

I've recieved many requests for hair pulling photos, so I've dug some out of the FFB Vault and brought them here for your enjoyment. Check out the Femfight Photo Gallery for these hot pics.

05 Oct 2002

JJR9, Gark, Galtmal and Kandi come back once again with their own original stories to entertain you. Check them out in the Femfight Story Section!

We also have an exciting Video Review of HP046 Hollywood vs The Professor: Schoolgirl Lesson where Hollywood encounters Pete for a second time in the squared circle to settle and old score. Fast paced hard hitting action! Awesome! Check the review, pics and vid clip to find out why this is a fan favourite (and mine too!).

We added a hot M vs F action photos from Fight Babe's Secret Agent Scramble 2: Squirminator vs Rolsch Verbotten FB014. She might be small but she's got powerful thighs of steel. Poor Rolsch, his head looks like a grape! Check these awesome action pics in the Femfight Photo Gallery.

20 Sept 2002

Galtmal and Damon both return once again with each another exciting story in the Femfight Story Section!

If you love Pro Wrestling and if you love FEET then you have got to see this tape! This is a brutal and savage pro wrestling match between Leilani Kye vs Strawberry Feilds and it's excellent! Why so? You'll have to read the review and see why K11 Barefoot Brutality by Special Events is awesome and truely a classic!

15 Sept 2002

I love red heads and I love back breakers and here's a new Femfighting site called Bout Time Studios who have graciously provided us with some awesome photos of this perfect combination. Be sure to check out their site, their babes are well, bodacious!

Another thing I love is solid Catfighting action and TanyaKicks is back with another super video called TK019 Catting It Out featuring 2 matches, one being a very unique Tag Team Catfight in the ring. I honestly didn't think it would work but wait until you see the mayhem. Impressive.

08 Sept 2002

I've added some more liscenced action photos in the Total Catfights Preview Section. There's more pic and video clips still to be added so check often. Some of this is quite wild.

We've got new stories from T Trolley, Gark, Bill, Kandi and Yarrum . You'll be wanting to check out these awesome stories in the Femfight Story Section!

And yes, to answer that all burning question, another Femfight Story Writing Competition will be coming up soon. Once we get a bunch of things put in place, we'll be announcing the event. We're hoping to have a lot of writers come out for this one!

24 Aug 2002

A lot of people commented on the 'uniqueness' to say the least of the new photos from Total Catfights that I was able to acquire to show on this site. I've updated that gallery and added another video clip from one of the fight series. Be sure to check these new updates in the Total Catfights Preview Section.

We have a new story by Big Phil The MC in the Femfight Story Section!

18 Aug 2002

DW returns once again with a new story called Battle of the Blondes. You can find it in the Femfight Story Section!

As we did the last time, we've found a new Femfighting Site that specialises in some of the more, Hmm how do I put this eloquently? Some of the more wildest femfighting, stuff I've seen in a while. I've been lucky enough to obtain some of their photos and video clips to put on the site and available to you for free. Can't ask for more eh? Come check out this wild site at Total Catfights Preview Section. I'll be adding more pics and vids later on. No worries, I'll announce the updates here also.

14 Aug 2002

Femfight story fans have another treat this week with Gark's newest story "The Furtive Fighter" in both HTML and PDF. A new writer takes the plunge and presents us with his femfighting story. Check out what Big Phil the M.C. has to offer.

New addition to the Picture Gallery are mud wrestling pics from a new site called BattleGirls.com. Of course, after the mud come the clean down showers.

09 Aug 2002

We have another Video Review for you from Tanya Kicks featuring Kristie Etzold vs Nadege. Check out TK018 You Vant To Fight in the Video Review Section.
T Trolley returns with a new story called The Look. Check it out in the Femfighting Story Section.

03 Aug 2002

Kandi comes back to us with Part 2 of her Chile Fight Series in the story in the Femfight Story Section.

Not long ago I did a Video Review on Battling Beauties' T27 Sunny Brawlers. I enjoyed that tape so much I had to go do another review featuring the lovely and exciting Lee and Diana in T23 Battling Blondes in the Video Review Section.

31 July 2002

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce that Merlin's Kingdom is finaly online and open for the public and members alike. We've updated the site to bring it to it's current update schedule. If you haven't been there yet, check out Merlin's excellent 3D Cyber Art of female fighting and a whole lot more.

30 July 2002

This is awesome! I added HP-047 Hollywood vs Hurricane Havana Video Clip in the Video Review Section. So many people commented on the action of this match, so now you get to see some of it!

Damon brings us a new story called Housekeeping. You can find his story in the Femfight Story Section.


29 July 2002

Ok here we go! A new writer comes to us with an original story, check out Yarrum's story in the Femfight Story Section.

We also have some exciting photos from Robin's Fight Babe website. Check out the photos of (FB013) Secret Agent Scramble: Fight Babe (Squirminator) vs Agent 69 (Hollywood) vs Rolsch Verbotten in the ever popular and expanding Femfight Photo Gallery

28 July 2002

Well doesn't that suck.. The web server hosting my sites got flooded under a lot of water (not hacker attack flooding) and knocked out the server and mirror. How's that for luck?! But no fear, I'm one of those webmasters that has backups of his backups on backups. (note to other webmasters who I know never back up their websites! nudge nudge, it does happen!). I was JUST about to do the updates and wham.

Enough about that, now let's get to the task at hand shall we? During the down time I had a chance to do some house keeping and reset some of the picture galleries. If you should notice broken links or things out of place, please do drop me a line and I'll get them fixed up right away!

Updates! Check out the Femfight Story Section. We have new stories by popular JJR9, Bill, Gark and a new author makes her debut, Queen Sherri. Be sure to check these and other greatstories out.

We also bring you a new Video Review with photos! I had often heard of Hurricane Havana and how the fans like her ring action. I was offered the opportunity to script a match for Hollywood not long ago and I wrote it with Hurricane in mind, as the victim! Who else but Hollywood to deliver a cruel and torturous punishment to the Blonde Cuban! Come check out why Hollywood is known as the ultimate fan favourite in the ring (and outside!!) when you see Hollywood vs Hurricane Havana in the Video Review Section.

10 July 2002

We have a new story from fan favourite Kandi with "A Chile Reception" and new stories by Debbi-Chan. Check out these stories in the Femfight Story Section.

07 July 2002

We have another sweet video review for you this time around from the house of Hollywood! Wonder Womyn meets up with the Evil Swordsman in the ring for an explosive battle of super powers. Good hard hitting action and impressive martial arts display. Come check it out in the Video Review Section.

04 July 2002

Happy 4th of July 2002 to our neighbors to the south.

01 July 2002

Happy Canada Day!!

28 June 2002

Stories! People can't seem to get enough of the fabulous stories on this site, it's amazing. I suspect a lot of the fans are printing these stories out and making their summer reading material available for when they got out to the beach or cottage. Having said THAT, you'll want to check out the newest story submissions put in by DW, Galtmal, Bill, Nostromos and Buzz, a new writer's submission. You can find all these new stories and 282 other stories by 59 writers in the Femfight Story Section.

20 June 2002

Two of our most requested and popular writers brings us each an excellent story within the femfighting rhealm. Check out Damon and Kandi's latest contributions in the Femfight Story Section.

14 June 2002

We bring you an awesome video review of Battling Beauties' T27 Sunny Brawlers featuring the gorgeous Lee and Diana in a best of 3 falls pro match in the squared circle. You'll not want to miss this one in the Video Review Section.

11 June 2002

This week we once again have excellent stories by T Trolley, Galtmal, Matausuk and a new writer makes his debut here. Welcome Peregrine. Check them out in the Femfight Story Section.
A new virus-worm warning to all: Check out this link Password Hacker Worm warning info!

03 June 2002

Added Part 2 to the much requested Breast Mauling Gallery, the viscious and painfull hold!

01 June 2002

Let's start summer off with a couple of excellent stories by Gark and Matausuk. Check them out in the Femfight Story Section.

26 May 2002

What do you do when you get two great videos in the mail, so good you should review both of them on the site? Precisely that, review TWO videos at once! Come check it out at Amazonian Women SV08 and SV10

19 May 2002

We have for you an exciting Video Review of Special Event's Grudge Match Series called K-9 Royal Ruffian between Brandi Alexander and Pippa L'Vinn. We also have new stories by Beaker and DW in the Femfight Story Section. Be sure to check it out.
We're looking into starting a new Femfight Story Writing Competition, our Fourth! I need some suggestions for themes. We already have a few commitment to prizes again so hopefully we'll have another great round of fun once again. More news on this later.

29 Apr 2002

We're are very happy to bring you a great video review of LesFemmesFatales' The Queen of Scissors, an erotic duel off with bone crushing body scissors featuring gorgeous Robin and Lisa. Traci brings us a new story called The Interview.

21 Apr 2002

Another Video review. Find out why Tanya Kicks' new video TK016 Office Politics is such a hit. Zeta vs Steele in a Business Suite Catfighting match up. Sweet! Gark brings us 4 new PDF formatted Femfight Stories. Check them out in our Stories Section!

16 Apr 2002

Here we go again! What do we bring you? How about a great Leg Splits Photo Gallery update brought to us from the gals at the Femfight Bound Website. We have another Video Review from PGWA and Special Events. And what would an update be without femfight stories?! Check these all new femfight stories by two new writers, Nostromo and Beatlenut

01 Apr 2002

The dust hasn't settled from the previous Femfight Story Writing Competition and now people are asking about when the next one will be held. We even have a Sponsor who's graciously donated top three trophies! Images THAT sitting on your mantle =) More about this later.

Right off we're happy to say we have a great Video Review with Photos! Someone pointed out that Pin-Down Girls Video #114 was all about the stuff I really in a pro-ring match so I had to get my hands on it. And yeppers, it's REALLY good! 5 women, 70 minutes long and a lot of 2on1 illegal action! You'll have to read about it in the Video Reviews page.

Oh and did you mention we have NEW stories? Check out the new stories by writers Gomez, Bartholomew3, Ace, DW and Terminator in the Femfight Stories section.

26 Mar 2002

Well I am back again after a quick departure to the other side of the world and back within a 2 week period. In that period of time, the Winners of the 3rd Femfight Story Writing Competition have been declared! Find out WHO WON. The race was close, people had fun, new writers came out and people got to read some very good stories in the process!

This weekend, we'll have added some new stories and a video review for your enjoyment, so be sure to check in often! Right now I am off to get some sleep!! =)

03 Mar 2002

Another Video Review awaits you this month. We have for your enjoyment the latest Tanya Kicks KT015 video with a viscious fight between Haley Bruiser and Steele Rose. You'll want to find out why this video rates an outstanding 10 Star rating. Come check it out!

We also have new stories by Fist1951, Gomez and Gark. Check them out in the Stories Section!

AND! Don't forget to check out the Femfight Story Writing Competiton now open for your reading and voting pleasure! We have 26 entries, take your time to read them all and then vote for your favourite story. Check out the prizes for the top 3 winners. Voting ends after 22 March 02.

24 Feb 2002

Congratulations to the 2002 Olympic Men's and Women's Hockey Gold Medalists, Team Canda! Either way, Silver or Gold, both matches turned out to be some of the greatest hockey played in a long time. If you were there, watching both events, you will remember it as such. From the Candian people, a hearty thank you goes to the Men's and Women's Hockey Team and to ALL the atheletes, job well done! Wayne, from all us, many thanks!

23 Feb 2002

OOH OOH what have we here?! Updates, stories, reviews and picture gallery updates! Whoo Hoo! Let's get started shall we?! We are able to bring you some Modified Sleeper Holds from the Femfightbound.com people to add to our picture gallery.

We also have a new Video Review of Robin's Fightbabe: Schoolgirl Scandal.
And as a late entry, we have a guest Video Review done by Joniar. He's had the distinct pleasure of viewing Hollywood's latest, Wonder Womyn vs The Alien. Be sure to check it out!

Stories, yes, we have more Femfight Stories once again by Bartholomew3, Smoke, Gark and RealWrest.

17 Feb 2002

The 3rd Femfight Story Writing Competition is in full swing with over 15 submissions to date and many more on their way (so we are told). Many are reticent to submit but you can't win if you don't play. Check out the rules and regs and especialy the PRIZE packages for the top 3 winners! More info at the competition pages.

29 Jan 2002

We have your your pleasure tonight, a video review of Tanya Kicks' latest called Internation Incident featuring two seperate matches, 1st one between Tweety and Nadege and the second match which the review is focused on, between Demi and a new girl, Zeta! You really should what this new girl is capable of. Catfighting fury and gorgeous too! Check out the review of the "International Incident" by Tanya Kicks.

18 Jan 2002

With the competition starting and a lot of people scrambling to write that outstanding prize winning story, we have these recent submissions to whet your whistles on, in a way =). We have new stories by Traci, Bil, and Bartholomew3. We also present a new writer who goes by the name "Smoke". Check them out in the Femfight Stories Section

16 Jan 2002

Announcing the 3rd Seaking's Femfight Story Writing Competition!
And this time, with tangible prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners! That's right, real prizes this time. Visit the competition pages for more details on the contest rules. Prizes include Video Tapes from select video companies, a month's membership at one of our favourite Femfighter's site, T-shirts and autographed Pics! WOW, You know people are going to scramble to write their prize winning story! If you've been sitting on the fence wondering about writing a story, I can't think of a more opportune time! You'll find these stories and competiton info in the Femfight Stories Section.

07 Jan 2002

Have we got a treat for you! Ever dream of actualy producing and marketing your own femfight video? Come see how Markf30 made out with his own "Mixed Oil Wrestling Volume 1" featuring Stormee and Francesca Le. We also bring you two new stories, one from DW and from a new writer, Bartholomew3. Check these and other great stories in the Femfight Stories Section. We've also added a new Message Board for you to share your thoughts and ideas about the world of Femfighting. Be sure to check it out.

01 Jan 2002 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Here we are in the new year and we have for you new stories from Gomez, Bill and Galtmal which you can find in the Femfight Stories Section. And, for your enjoyment, we bring you another exciting video review of JM Rolen's "Nine Tenths of the Law" featuring Tori Sinclair and Christine Dupree!

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