A long standing request I’ve had for a Trish vs. Stephanie bra and panties match based on the match the two girls had on PPV back in 2001. To try and make it feel as real as possible I’m calling the WWE its old WWF name to make it feel like it was really happened back then in last squirts of the attitude era hope you all enjoy it.

Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie Mc Mahon
Bra and Panties Match

It’s No Way Out, the WWF’s February PPV coming live from Las Vegas and there are some big matches on the card tonight. Triple H and Stone Cold look to end their epic feud in a 2 out of 3 falls match while the WWF champion Kurt Angle must fight back the challenge of the people’s champion, The Rock. However one of the matches of the night might be the much anticipated Diva’s battle between two bitter rivals. Stephanie Mc Mahon and Trish Stratus have been battling for months since Trish became Mr Mc Mahon’s mistress. The billion dollar princess hates what she sees as an evil money grabbing slut who doesn’t care for her father. Trish sees a spoilt little princess still daddy’s little girl getting involved in her business. Both girls have been fighting around arenas and trying to embarrass each other for a long time and finally it was decided these two rivals should settle their differences on PPV.

Trish Stratus’s music starts up first and the WWF’s blonde bombshell walks down to the ring. There is a good deal of cheers from the crowd who like the former manager of T&A despite the fact she is having an illicit affair with Vince Mc Mahon while his wife is comatose in a home. Dressed in a small black vest top cut to show a good deal of cleavage Trish also has on some plain black boots and a tiny pair of black shorts showing off her muscly legs. She has a serious look on her face as she steps into the ring removing her long black ring coat waiting for the chance to tear at the billion dollar princess. Bent over Trish is waiting for her rival surely knowing the down blouse shot she is giving the camera but doesn’t seem to care she is teasing viewers at home. Stephanie’s music starts to play and Mrs Triple H starts to walk down the ramp with a big scowl plastered across her face. The brunette is wearing a black t shirt that covers all of her upper body and also wears some long black workout pants and black wrestling boots.

They have both been trading cheap shots and engaging in some viscous catfights over the last few weeks so no one can wait for these two rivals to tear into each other. Steph looks at Trish’s slutty in ring outfit and it just makes her boil with anger. She doesn’t care about what her father does in his private life or how many times he cheats on her mom but doing it with some low life gold digger just makes her angry. Just before the bell rings to start the match some soft classical music starts to play over the arena speakers. The music is the theme of the WWF commissioner William Regal who walks out onto the ramp. He is dressed in one of his many tailor made suits but the look on his face is an unhappy almost disgusted look.

“Ladies, ladies,” Regal starts holding a microphone up to his face, “I regret to inform you that the WWF board of directors had a meeting today and decided on a change to this match up tonight.”

Both Trish and Steph stare up the ramp at the commissioner wondering what the hell he is talking about.

“They overruled both myself and Mr Mc Mahon in naming a new stipulation to this matchup and while I do not approve I must go along with their wishes,” Regal says sounding apologetic.

He is looking nervous staring at the two angry girls in the ring, “So it is my duty to inform you ladies that this match has now been made into a bra and panties match,” Regal says looking disgusted to even say the words.

The fans cheer going wild thinking about these two smoking hot Divas competing in a bra and panties match. Both girls are opened mouthed in shock but as Trish’s face slowly turns into a grin Stephanie’s face is horrified. She walks forward staring up the ramp screaming no at William Regal who is backing away apologizing profusely.

“I’m the boss’s daughter,” Stephanie screams leaning on the ropes looking out at Regal, “I’m a princess there is no way ever, ever I will be in some slutty bra and panties match.”

“My hands are tied Stephanie,” Regal says upset and scared while being yelled at, “The board made it very clear they want you to settle your differences right here in a bra and panties match.”

Stephanie is fuming grabbing onto the top ring rope shaking it in a rage. She is having a full blown temper tantrum screaming with anger at being forced into a degrading bra and panties match. Acting like a real spoiled brat Stephanie whines stamping her feet on the mat and seeing her distracted Trish takes advantage sneaking up on the brunette grabbing her from behind. Stephanie squeaks in shocks as Trish pulls her backwards catching Steph in a pinning predicament. The billion dollar princess is folded up on herself in a classic schoolboy pin while the confused referee calls for the bell. He has started the match and is now trying to tell Trish that pinfall doesn’t matter in this kind of match. Trish isn’t listening though still holding Steph down keeping her legs pinned over her head.

Stephanie is screaming in discomfort pinned down underneath her blonde nemesis. The ref is really confused and goes down to count a pinfall but once he does Trish grabs the waistband of Steph’s pants and pulls hard. Steph screams loudly again this time feeling her workout pants being forcefully lowered. The reality of being in a strip match is now starting to dawn on Daddy’s little girl and she kicks her legs in vain trying to stop Trish from pulling off her pants. Trish grins hearing the cheers from the crowd watching her try to strip the bossy stuck up Stephanie Mc Mahon. Millions of people around the word are now staring intently into the ring watching Stephanie Mc Mahon having her pants pulled down. The brunette’s screams get louder the further down Trish is able to pull her tight fitting pants.

Her pants are down past her butt now and fans can see a dark shade of black that must be Steph’s panties. They cheer getting their first ever view of Stephanie’s panties but the view doesn’t last long. Just as Trish tries to pull Steph’s pants further down the brunette leans back pushing with her powerful legs. The fans cheers turn to boos watching Trish get pushed off the top of Stephanie and the boss’s daughter quickly rolls under the bottom rope out of the ring. Stephanie is scowling again her pretty face contorted in anger pulling her pants back up to cover her panties. Her angry face is blushing to a bright red glow knowing her panties were just exposed in front of a worldwide audience. Standing in the ring Trish is laughing pointing at Steph’s face and miming pulling her pants down making the fans cheer.

Trish’s stripping mime worries Steph who wraps her arms round her chest covered her clothed body deathly afraid of being stripped. For Trish this couldn’t be a better stage to embarrass her rival once and for all. She knows Stephanie would be mortified if she was stripped down to her underwear in public. Trish is so happy she got something good from the WWF board of directors without having to give the old grey men some special favours. She has lost strip matches before however and being publicly made to strip in the ring Trish understands the embarrassment of having an arena full of people cheering and taking pictures of her underwear. The look of total fear on Steph’s wide eyed face however tells Trish it will be a million times worse for the billion dollar princess if she is stripped to her bra and panties.

Stephanie also isn’t a wrestler Trish thinks not like Lita who she lost several strip matches too; Steph is just a rich spoiled princess with no match experience. This match should be easy for Trish who can’t wipe the big grin of her face knowing for all the attacks and pain Steph has put her though the chance to get back at her is just too good. Stephanie is still on the outside of the ring yelling up at the referee complaining that she can’t be involved in a bra and panties match. She is screaming at him to count her out or throw the match out anything to save her. Going red in the face Stephanie threatens to fire the referee if he doesn't stop the match but the poor official only apologises telling Steph she must go through with the match. He says he is powerless to stop the contest and Steph stamps her foot on the ground like a petulant child.

Trish is getting bored of waiting so slides out of the ring towards Steph. The brunette sees a running Trish and squeaks in fear setting off quickly in the other direction. Trish chases Steph all the way around the ring making Steph scream in fear darting away from the running blonde. Steph doesn’t want to be stripped she isn’t a Diva paid to take her clothes off when the boss wants, she is daddy’s little girl and no one ever should see her publicly in her underwear. Trish still chases her around ringside like a greyhound after a rabbit laughing hearing Stephanie beg not to be stripped. They do two full laps around the ring before Stephanie loses her footing and trips right by the announce tables. Steph grunts bouncing off the thinly padded floor then turns to see Trish standing right behind her grinning like a Cheshire cat. In fear Steph slides backwards on her ass, her hands up pleading with Trish to stop and leave her alone.

The blonde slowly advances on a scared Steph before grabbing Steph’s legs dragging her back away from the announcer’s tables. Steph squeals holding onto the side of JR and the King’s table trying not be pulled towards Trish. She grips the table hard with her fingernails like the victim of a slasher movie as Trish tries dragging Steph away from the table pulling hard on her legs. The brunette wriggles trying to get away and her wriggling does enough to make Trish lose her grip on Steph’s legs. Trish grabs Steph’s foot again enjoying the cat and mouse game tormenting a frightened Steph. The billion dollar princess screams again scared so bad that Trish is going to strip her. Holding her leg still Trish leans her arm forward so she can grab Steph by her long brown curly hair. Stephanie again yelps in pain with her scalp now being tested with her father’s mistress forcing her up to her feet.

Trish has Steph on her feet before flinging the princess forward watching her land face first right onto JR and the King’s announce table. Steph grunts as her face splats off the wooden table followed by the fans cheering at seeing the spoilt brat getting a beating. Trish pulls on Steph’s hair lifting her head up once more only to bring it crashing back down against the table. Her forehead is screaming with pain and Steph is slightly dizzy before Trish lifts her up and smashes her forehead one more time into the hard table. Stephanie is dazed and hurt lying over the announce table with her head throbbing in pain. The ref is pleading with Trish to stop trying to give the boss’s daughter brain damage and get back in the ring. Lying across the table Steph groggily looks up at a big pitcher of water resting on the desk. She slowly crawls near it just grabbing the handle when Trish once again grabs the back of her hair.

Trish pulls on Stephanie’s hair dragging her up not seeing Steph is pulling the jug of water up with her. Trish pulls Steph to her feet then is suddenly surprised when Steph throws a full pitcher of water at her. The blonde is soaked with a tidal wave of water making her gasp in shock. Staggering around the blonde rubs her wet eyes, her hair, makeup and part of her shirt are all soaked. Looking up Trish has an angry look on her wet face with her drenched blonde hair and her prominent cleavage covered in cold water. In a rage Trish charges forward but Steph is ready swinging the jug hard smashing it right into Trish’s head. The charging blonde goes down in a heap while the fans gasp seeing the pitcher break off the pretty blonde’s head. The glass jug is smashed in several pieces across the arena floor while Steph is left holding the shattered handle with her own evil grin. Now in control she thinks this might be a good thing, she had planned on stripping Trish during their match anyway to show what a cheap trashy slut she is but now stripping her is vital to win.

It’s now Steph’s turn to pull on Trish’s long hair lifting the hurt Diva up from the wet floor. She rams Trish’s head into the announce table now smashing the blonde’s forehead down hard. Trish slumps to the floor in pain her wet hair covering her face moaning softly. She is still trying to recover from being soaked then having a glass jug smashed over her head. Steph is grinning now in charge of this match looking down at a soaking wet and hurting Trish Stratus. Grabbing hold of Trish’s wet hair Steph pulls the adulteress up to her knees then smashes her face into the top of the announce table. Trish’s poor face bounces off the table dazing her and Stephanie isn’t letting up. She keeps her hands trapped in Trish’s hair smashing her forehead into the announce table hard again. The blonde falls down really hurting cradling her head in severe pain having been bounced off the announce table multiple times. Steph stands over Trish soaking in boos coming from the crowd who dislike Mrs HHH and her brutal assault of Trish.

Lying on the floor Trish has a sore head but Stephanie holds onto Trish’s chin using it to lift Trish’s head up off the floor. The blonde is kneeling up on the floor with Steph holding her face looks down seeing the pain etched on her face and daddy’s little girl grins before swinging her hand back slapping Trish hard in the side of the face. The slap is loud and echoes around the arena with the fans moaning in sympathy. Trish falls to the ground in pain holding her cheek which is throbbing in pain. Stephanie is happy she got to bitch slap the dirty blonde and now wants to humiliate her more. Pulling Trish up by her wet hair once again Stephanie starts running forward holding onto Trish before flinging her at speed into the black security barrier. Trish smashes into the barrier hard back first her flesh making a large thud on the padded guard rail. She falls to the floor moaning in pain holding her spine Trish’s whole body stings in pain having taken a few big shots.

Stephanie stomps down on Trish’s back a few times using the sole of her new wrestling boot. Trish grunts in pain with her spine being assaulted some more until Steph gets a firm grip on her hair again. The blonde cries out slowly getting up with Stephanie pulling her bright blonde hair right from the root hurting her. Steph has a wobbling pain filled Trish back on her feet and she walks the blonde away from the guard rail. She quickly turns taking another running start then tosses Trish into the same bit of guard rail. The fans close up groan watching Trish fly forward smashing into the top of the guard rail with her gut. Trish moans from the impact winding her leaving her helplessly hanging off the top of the guard rail. She doesn’t hang on the barricade for too long as Steph grabs her feet and flips her forward sending Trish into the crowd. Another grunt of pain comes from Trish from landing on the unpadded cold concrete floor. A few brave fans take advantage of Trish landing in front of them leaning forward and touching the blonde.

Some stroke her back and wet hair one hand gets very brave and touched her short clad ass before the hands move away seeing Stephanie hop the barrier. The billion dollar princess is now in with the unwashed masses of the Las Vegas crowd kicking at Trish who is lying flat out on the ground. Steph is grinning at the damage she has caused to Trish watching the blonde slowly try and pull herself back up. Walking deeper in the crowd Steph looks around then snatches a full cup of beer from a fan making all the WWF fans nearby boo. Steph walks forward towards Trish who is on her feet but leaning on the crowd barricade still hurt and dizzy. Not waiting Steph throws the full cup of beer right when Trish turns around getting soaked for the second time tonight. The cold beer soaks her wet hair drenches her wet shirt and over her face. Stephanie openly laughs at the blonde now covered in smelly wet beer. As she laughs Trish lifts her head and Steph sees the pure rage bubbling on the blonde’s wet face. She is almost growling like an angry dog and Steph is a little unsettled with how mad Trish looks.

Trish’s whole body is soaked in beer and she knows from working in bars during her student days that the smell of beer will take ages to wash out. Now she is really mad at how dirty and hardcore Steph wants to fight, Trish really wants to embarrass and break the stuck up brunette in the worst way. Stephanie is slowly backing up from the dripping wet Trish seeing that angry look on her face. For all her confidence before Stephanie doesn’t think that look is good for her. This is the first time tonight she wishes she had some back up to save her from a vengeful Trish. The blonde screams with rage and Stephanie quickly retreats though the mass of WWF fans. Trish is chasing Stephanie around the sea of humanity desperate to grab Steph. The brunette is screaming in fear pushing people out of the way to make her escape. Running forward Stephanie sees a barricade and she quickly jumps over it getting back to the ringside area. Trish is right on her tail and goes to jump the barrier too but Steph is ready.

Daddy’s little girl lifts her foot up kicking Trish right in the face just as the blonde is in mid vault over the guard rail. The crack sound makes nearby fans moan in pain watching Trish fall backwards hitting the concrete again. She holds her jaw in pain while Steph sits on the thinly padded floor catching her breath happy she was able to counter on instinct. Trish is dazed holding her wet jaw stunned that Steph is being so physical against her. The blonde uses the barrier to help get back to her feet and she doesn’t see Stephanie standing on the other side of the guard rail. Trish is up but Steph is quick to slap Trish hard in the back of the head before taking a big handful of hair. Groaning in pain Trish is pulled forward by her hair making her crash rib first into the barricade. Steph pulls Trish across the barrier so she is hanging perfectly off it like she is lying over someone’s lap.

Trish hangs over the barricade and Steph pins her down holding her hand down onto Trish’s back. Stephanie stares down at Trish’s stuck up ass and can’t resist giving the blonde a hard slap right on her ass. Trish yelps in pain looking around shocked that Stephanie dared to spank her. With a big grin on her face Steph slaps Trish’s short covered butt again getting another yelp of pain from the blonde. Steph delivers one last spank to Trish’s bent over ass then grabs the back of the blonde’s t shirt. She forcefully pulls up on the vest shirt lifting up Trish’s back and Trish cries out in shock but hanging over the guard rail leaves her helpless to stop Steph from stripping her. Stephanie pulls Trish’s top all the way up exposing Trish’s bare back and black bra strap. With one final hard tug Steph pulls Trish’s top right off over her head fully stripping Trish Stratus down to her lace black bra. The crowd is cheering loudly once again seeing the busty blonde stripped down to just a sexy bra.

Trish isn’t so happy falling forward off the barrier holding both her arms up against her massive DD cup chest. She is trying to cover up while the billion dollar princess is skipping around waving Trish’s removed vest top in the air. Steph is so happy with herself showing the cameras a big beaming smiling looking down at Trish who is curled into a ball trying to hide her well-tanned cleavage from view. It’s such a nightmare to have someone else strip you in front of so many people. Trish has been stripped in ring before but on PPV and to the person she hates most in the world is unbearable. Slowly Trish tries to get to her feet pointlessly trying to hide her exposed bra from view of the crowd and worldwide TV audience. Trying to get up the blonde doesn’t see Steph slide up behind her still with Trish’s top in her hand and she easily pulls the shirt around Trish’s neck. Choking loudly Trish fights for air as she is strangled by her own item of clothing.

Steph uses the shirt like a leash around Trish’s neck pulling the blonde down to her hands and knees. Laughing in total control Steph slaps Trish hard in the back of the head while pulling up harder on the shirt. Trish gasps slowly having the air cut off from round her throat struggling to get free. Steph pulls hard on the shirt forcing Trish to crawl forward trying to relieve the pressure around her neck. The brunette laughs pulling Trish forward by her neck making Trish crawl on her hands and knees. Her father made the skank crawl willingly on her hands and knees before but choking and dragging her across the arena floor is more satisfying for Stephanie. Trish chokes pulled around like a dog on a lead, her own t shirt choking her while she still tries in vain to cover her big exposed cleavage. Steph just can’t wipe the grin off her face watching photographers, cameramen all around her snapping shots of her forcing the blonde to be walked around ringside on all fours. Trish moans with cameras trying to lean down to get a sneaky shot of her cleavage overflowing out of her tiny bra.

Steph has had enough letting go of Trish’s shirt making the blonde collapse down face first to the floor and Trish is coughing hard adding spit to the dirty black protective mat. She is massaging her neck trying to get the feeling back and oxygen in her lungs while Steph stands over her cockily posing with her arms high in the air. The fans boo her but Stephanie doesn’t care she feels on top of the world peeling Trish’s shirt from around her neck. Steph slaps the shirt against Trish’s back like a towel whip making Trish shudder with pain. Stephanie throws Trish’s shirt away turning round finally hearing the referee’s loud shouts in her ear. For the past five minutes the poor official has been pleading with the two feuding Divas to get the matchup back into the ring. Trish moans knowing she is in real trouble now and is only one item of clothing away from losing this whole match humiliatingly to Stephanie Mc Mahon. The youngest Mc Mahon yells back at the ref a few times before she picks Trish up by her wet beer soaked hair and rolls the blonde back into the ring.

Back in the ring Trish is trying to will herself back up but one swift double axe handle blow to her back sends the blonde crashing down again. An unrepentant look of glee is on Steph’s face so close to stripping the slutty whore Trish down to her bra and panties hopefully showing the tramp for what she is. The brunette kicks Trish hard in the ribs rolling Trish onto her back her favourite position Steph thinks with a girlish giggle. Leaning down Steph grabs hold of Trish’s shorts and begins to pull at them amazed Trish’s shorts are so small almost like a pair of underwear themselves in fact Steph is sure the pair she is wearing is bigger than the skimpy shorts Trish has on. Trish groans feeling her shorts being tugged down her legs and out of desperation she starts kicking out. The top of Trish’s black thong is visible now with her shorts moving further down but Steph is finding it hard to pull them off Trish’s moving legs. Trish is swinging and kicking her legs in all directions doing anything to stop Steph from stripping her. It is working with Steph battling just to hold onto Trish’s tiny shorts rather than pulling them down.

Steph lets one hand free so she can lean forward slapping Trish hard in the face. The slap stuns Trish for a second allowing Steph to flip the blonde over onto her front. Confused Trish has no time to react as Steph starts attacking her shorts once again. With the slap still stinging her face Trish kicks her legs in vain feeling her shorts pull down past her ass. The fans in the arena scream loudly seeing Trish’s toned ass for the first time tonight. The blonde’s big tanned ass is fully exposed with just a tiny black thong acting as very little cover. Steph laughs seeing Trish’s slutty underwear shocked any girl would go out wearing underwear that didn’t even cover a small part of her butt. She lifts her hand up unable to resist giving Trish’s bare cheek a loud spank only adding to the lust filled cheers from the PPV crowd. Trish yells out in pain the large spank to her ass almost left a handprint on her bronzed skin. The billion dollar princess can’t resist going for another one thinking she will first discipline daddy’s little toy before stripping her. Trish turns round seeing Steph’s arm come up looking to go for another spank.

The blonde wails instinctively lifting her leg up catching Steph right in the side of the head. Steph grunts in pain knocked sideways holding her skull in pain. Trish is shocked she is free quickly crawling away from Steph making sure to pull her shorts back up over her ass. Trish is on her feet now with her bra still on display, embarrassingly spanked but still in the fight. Stephanie groans shaking her head she didn’t see the kick coming she got too cocky and it cost her she can only hope Trish is in a worse state but she isn’t quickly marching across the ring grabbing the princess by her hair. Steph squeals as her long brown locks are subjected to being harshly pulled by Trish before the blonde flings Steph across the ring sending her crashing into a corner. Steph moans hitting the turnbuckle hard and marching over again Trish doesn’t give Steph any time to recover throwing a hard forearm right at Steph’s chest.

The blow is hard winding the billion dollar princess making her grunt in pain. Trish throws three more hard clubbing blows to Steph’s chest like she is trying to crack her rival’s sternum. Steph moans in pain unable to catch her breath with her chest burning in pain. Trish quickly changes her attack shooting her hand up slapping Steph hard right in her well pampered face. Daddy’s little girl wails in shock holding onto her burning cheek tears in her eyes having never been slapped so hard. Still not letting up the blonde grabs Steph’s arm whipping her hard across the ring. Stephanie’s untrained back slams into the hard turnbuckles getting another cry of pain from Steph. Trish grabs her again pulling Steph’s hair down before tightly grabbing her in a headlock. Trish hears Steph groan into her armpit but she doesn’t care taking a running start forward then planting the rich girl face first in the centre of the mat.

Steph is down in the centre of the ring from that bulldog and Trish is happy she is back in charge of this match wanting to now start embarrassing Stephanie. Leaning over Trish grabs the back of Steph’s pants and the fans are going wild watching Trish start to pull down Stephanie Mc Mahon’s pants. PPV audience’s all watch with glee as Steph’s pants go down past her big curvy butt. Steph’s big ass is well covered with a pair of big black cotton panties and unlike Trish’s tiny thong none of Steph’s ass flesh can be seen her underwear covering all of her large ass. Steph’s big black panties are fully on show now and Trish is almost crying with laughter seeing how plain and conservative Steph’s panties are. Remembering Steph’s earlier actions in the match Trish leaves Steph’s pants folded up under her ass. Trish lifts her hand up bringing it down hard slapping one of Steph’s thick ass cheeks. The blow is hard making Steph’s whole butt jiggles from the impact as Steph screams out loud at being spanked.

The billion dollar princess looks round to see Trish deliver another hard shot to her panty covered ass. She screams again with Trish slapping her big ass hard and Stephanie is experiencing a pain she has never felt before. She whines in pain as Trish plants a third spank on her large rear making Steph start crawling on her hands and knees. Trish watches Steph trying to get away but the blonde won’t let her swinging her arms down hard Trish starts slapping multiple blows down to Stephanie’s ass. Steph keeps screaming crawling for her life trying to get away from Trish Stratus and her spanking. Trish just won’t stop spanking every inch of Steph’s ass cheeks and the fans can’t stop laughing watching Stephanie Mc Mahon getting a spanking with her panties fully exposed. Steph is really taking some blows on her butt her large covering panties don’t help block out the power of Trish’s spanks. Steph is in near tears having her ass spanked hard, her big butt cheeks are so sore from the constant spanking.

Finally Steph is able to crawl under the bottom rope looking to get out of the ring away from her humiliating spanking. Trish however won’t let Steph get away that easy grabbing hold of Steph’s pulled down pants. The blonde starts to pull backwards trying to drag Steph back in the ring while Stephanie is desperately holding onto the ring apron trying hard to crawl out of the ring. With one powerful pull Trish rips back on Steph’s pants pulling them all the way down as Steph catapults out of the ring. The blonde is left in the ring holding Stephanie’s black sweatpants while Steph is out on the area floor bottomless. Sitting out on the floor Steph suddenly realizes she escaped but has been stripped of her pants. The scream the billion dollar princess makes is one of the loudest ever heard on a WWF show. She is trying to cover up her exposed panties with her hands while her arms try and wrap around her bare pale legs. Trish is standing in the ring triumphantly laughing at her rival’s embarrassing predicament.

Steph’s squeals and embarrassed wails fill the arena with the fans cheering and taking pictures seeing Steph in a predicament they have never seen her in before. The poor princess is so deeply humiliated sat on the arena floor quickly she grabs onto the ring apron pulling it round her as cover. She tries to keep her lower half and her black panties out of view of the cameras and the fans are all going crazy seeing the snobby Stephanie stripped. Steph is screaming and begging for help wrapping the black ring apron around her like a towel trying to keep herself covered. Dropping the stripped off pants Trish makes her way to the outside looking at an upset Steph who is desperately trying to protect her modesty. Trish grabs Stephanie by her hair ignoring Steph’s loud high pitched squeals drags Stephanie out from underneath the ring apron. Steph just keeps screaming exposed once again with her long pale legs fully on show. Everyone is staring at Stephanie’s large black panties covering up her big butt. Steph’s hands struggle to cover up her underwear while Trish pulls her into the middle of the arena floor.

Steph is begging offering Trish anything she wants, power, money and new cars anything if she just stops and leaves her alone. Trish laughs at Steph’s pleads for mercy and lifts her hand up slapping the princess hard in the face. The slap hurts and Trish stands over Steph looking down at her panties and bare legs. She sees Steph’s black wrestling boots are still on and Trish decides that won’t do. The blonde leans over grabbing the boots easily yanking them off Stephanie’s feet. Foot fetish fans in the crowd cheer at seeing Steph’s bare feet and leaning over Trish tickles her fingers across Steph’s bare soles getting a new scream from Steph. The billion dollar princess once again is crawling away for her life towards the ramp looking for any chance to escape this nightmare. A camera close by just watches Stephanie crawl her big panty clad ass stuck up in the air jiggling with each move. That picture is placed up on the big screen and everyone in the arena looks and laughs. Stephanie’s big butt fills the Tron screen at the top of the entrance ramp giving everyone a brand new view of the billion dollar princess.

Trish steps forward now grabbing Steph by the back of her leg stopping the screaming embarrassed brunette from escaping. Steph wails in agony wanting to get away and hide her exposed underwear from everyone’s view. Trish leans forward and her hand grabs onto the back of Steph’s panties pulling on the soft cotton material. Stephanie squeals nervously with Trish’s hand pulling on the back of her panties. Not wanting Trish to do anything Steph stops crawling staying still hoping the blonde will show some sympathy and let her go. Trish doesn’t let go she keeps her hand clutched onto Stephanie’s panties then brutally pulls upwards. Stephanie’s big panties are pulled hard up her ass by a merciless Trish bringing a loud howl of pain from the brunette. She is being given a wedgie live on PPV and she is getting it from her most hated rival ever. Trish is pulling hard ripping Steph’s underwear right up her ass flossing the material between her butt cheeks. It’s a hard pull the panties digging deep into Stephanie’s crotch making her scream in agony.

This is a new pain Steph is experiencing she has never been given a wedgie before and the pain is extreme. It’s a horrible burning sensation between her legs her poor pampered asscrack is hurting with her underwear pulled higher. Her big ass covering panties have now been pulled up so high they have turned into a Rikishi style thong. Steph’s bare pale ass cheeks are now fully exposed and it’s like a lights show behind her with cameras in every direction taking shots of her near naked ass. Her crotch is on fire and in so much pain that Trish laughs hearing Steph’s whines of pain pulling her panties higher. She loves embarrassing Steph and having her in this compromising position and in a great deal of pain just brings a happy smile to the blonde’s face. Pulling hard Trish lifts Steph’s hips up using her wedgied panties hearing the brunette howling in pain. Steph’s underwear is pulled right up her ass and Trish uses it to bring Steph up to her unsteady feet. Swinging Steph around Trish throws Steph forward sending the Diva crashing ribs first into the ring apron.

The impact makes a loud thud making Steph moan leaving her lying over the ring apron giving cameras another perfect view of Steph’s now thong clad ass. The WWF camera men have perfect view of Stephanie Mc Mahon and her wedgie zooming in as close as they dare on the owner’s daughters near bare ass. Steph’s big ass now covered in just a small thong now on show for the whole world to stare at. It’s a moment most male fans will struggle to ever forget the image of Steph’s bare pale cheeks burning into their brains. Trish herself can’t help staring at Steph’s big pink cheeks on display thinking those cheeks need a little more colour in them so with one hand she grabs Steph’s panties. Steph groans in pain when Trish tugs up on her underwear once more before letting out a scream of pain as Trish slaps her palm right across her bare ass cheek. The slap is hard and loud and Trish has left a big red hand print stained across Stephanie’s butt cheek. Steph whines in pain rubbing her sore ass while trying to fix her underwear pulling her panties from her crack.

Trish effortlessly grabs on tightly to the back of Steph’s panties pulling them up hard again. Another grunt of pain comes from the billion dollar princess subjected to yet more wedgie pain. The burning feeling is making her wince, Steph’s toes digging into the ground below looking for some relief. Trish provides the relief raising her right palm and slapping it down three more times on Steph’s wedgied rear. Stephanie howls in pain as her bare bottom is subjected to yet more humiliating pain. Trish’s hand disciplines the billion dollar princess adding more red hand marks to her pale ass flesh. Her ass is being well spanked and in front of so many happy cheering, camera holding WWF fans too only adding to Steph humiliation. Pulling harder on the thong Trish unceremoniously pushes Steph under the bottom rope rolling her back into the ring. Steph is sobbing in so much pain from the wedgie and the spanking.

The humiliation too is almost unbearable having millions of people seeing her in just her panties and Steph looks around she sees a grinning Trish slide into the ring after her making her scream in terror. The brunette slides across the ring mat on her ass backing away from an advancing Trish, Steph’s hands help up in fear begging Trish to stop. The billion dollar princess looks a mess with her make up all smeared, her hair wild and messy and she is crying softly trying to get away from Trish. The crowd boo at Steph for giving up and submitting begging like a weak little cry baby but luckily for them Trish is not accepting Stephanie’s submission. The blonde just grabs hold of a cowering Steph’s hair pulling the bare footed diva to her feet. Stephanie moans in pain, her head down wishing she was anywhere else but standing right here in a pair of wedgied up panties helpless in front of her rival. Trish has Steph on her feet now and pulls down on her hair bending Stephanie over giving the fans another quality look at her spanked butt cheeks.

The blonde leans forward grabbing the bottom of Stephanie’s shirt and to the delight of everyone watching this bra and panties match Trish starts to pull the shirt up. Stephanie screams as her shirt goes up her back and she knows in a few moments she will be stripped to her underwear. Out of pure last chance desperation Steph pushes her hand forward looking to grab onto anything that might help her. With luck her hands grab the front of Trish’s bra and without giving a second thought Steph pulls down as hard as she can. Trish screams in shock watching Stephanie pull down on her sexy black bra. The cups pull away from Trish’s boobs and the blonde’s big tits bounce free drawing a gasp of shock from everyone in attendance. Trish screams letting go of Steph and falling backwards her hands quickly wrapping around her exposed boobs hiding the tanned flesh from view. Even more cameras are flashing around now with a crazed wild cheering coming from every corner of the arena. They all just saw Trish Stratus’s big boobs uncensored and fully exposed right before their eyes.

Trish’s bra snaps back up into place hiding her big fake breasts but for a few eye popping seconds Trish’s big tits were out in the open for the entire world to see. Trish is wailing in shock sitting on the mat arms still clutching her boobs so deeply embarrassed at her boobs becoming visible. It only takes a second and her big fake tits have long been hidden but now much to Trish’s shock and shame they were out in the open and if a camera caught them then a topless Trish will soon be a worldwide internet sensation. She pulls at her bra making sure both cups are in place and her tits are fully covered again. It doesn’t change the fact that in the middle of the ring live on TV Trish’s bare boobs and hard nipples were flashing for everyone to see and admire. Trish is blushing hard, her eyes wet with tears having never felt so humiliated before in her entire life. She likes a tease but Trish has always kept her dignity and her modestly but that just evaporated in one brief flash. We saw puppies is the chant the fans have started all still cheering and buzzing wishing they could check their cameras to see if they caught Trish’s bare breasts on film.

Trish finally looks up in a deeply embarrassed state and sees a brief flash of bare foot before she is knocked down to the canvas. Stephanie took advantage of the long break afforded by Trish’s forced boob flash to calm down fix her underwear and be ready to go on the attack. A running kick right to the top of Trish’s forehead has the blonde down and now Stephanie will look to try and win this strip match. Steph is amazed she got so lucky to grab Trish’s bra when she did but now covered up and standing over her rival the cocky arrogant side of the Mc Mahon starts to creep out again. Wanting to quickly take her chance Stephanie pulls a dazed Trish to her feet whipping the Diva into the corner. The billion dollar princess follows in crushing Trish against the turnbuckles with a big body splash. Steph follows up with a big slap right to Trish’s face then a boot to the gut making the blonde lose her balance. Trish slides down sitting on the ring mat her head helplessly resting against the bottom turnbuckle.

Steph looks for a second at Trish’s placing and an evil idea creeps into her brain. Turning round Steph rubs her big panty clad ass and points at a downed Trish making it very clear what she is about to do. Steph is still a little embarrassed at showing her butt off but if it’s done to further humiliate her rival Steph doesn’t mind being a little degraded. Sat in the corner Trish can now only see Steph’s huge ass eclipsing her view and is shocked to see Steph pulling up on her panties turning it into a thong. Steph makes sure she doesn’t give herself a wedgie but exposes enough ass cheek to add to the deep humiliation she has planned. The WWF fans all watch in amazement at Stephanie turning her panties into a thong shaking her butt at a seated Trish. Moving backwards Steph has her ass aimed right at Trish’s face and now the fans have caught onto what Steph is trying. The cheer that goes round the arena is almost louder than the cheer for Trish’s tits being exposed. The billion dollar princess Stephanie Mc Mahon is going for a stinkface.

Her well spanked ass is pushes right into Trish’s pretty face, Steph’s huge butt covering the whole of Trish’s head. The fans go crazy watching Steph roll and shake her butt around rubbing her large ass against Trish’s face. Smothered by ass flesh Trish’s screams are muffled as she fights to breathe. Stephanie feels a little self-conscious about doing this but hearing the reaction and knowing this must be deeply humiliating for Trish makes it worth it. She has her big ass pressed right into Trish’s face smothering the blonde under her huge cheeks. Trish wiggles around kicking and shaking waving her hands desperately trying to get Steph off her. She can feel the brunette’s spanked ass rubbing all across her face and Trish feels very degraded having her face almost buried deep up Steph’s ass crack. Stephanie bends over a little more really shoving her thong clad booty into Trish’s face really rubbing down on the stinkface. She can feel Trish’s arms slapping the side of her thighs trying anything to push Steph’s ass off her face. Finally Steph backs up and Trish gasps taking in big lungful’s of air.

She rubs her face trying to get the feel and the smell of Steph’s ass cheeks off her. The brunette just laughs fixing her underwear to cover her ass once more before moving back in to attack. Trish crawls out of the corner moaning still rubbing her face and spitting comically like Steph’s ass was the worst smelling thing ever. Steph gives a crawling Trish a hard kick in the ribs sending Trish rolling away across the mat. Lying on her back in the centre of the ring Trish can only helplessly look up at the lights. Steph stomps down hard driving her bare foot right into Trish’s stomach. Another hard stomp drives the air out of Trish’s body. A third hard stomp makes Trish clutch her belly in pain rolling over to her side. Steph looks down at her bare feet then over at Trish who still has her wrestling boots on. Steph decides to fix that walking over easily pulling Trish’s boots off leaving both wrestlers now bare footed. The billion dollar princess is in firm control of this match that has flown one way then the other.

Grabbing Trish’s arm Stephanie pulls the blonde up to her feet then kicks Trish in the gut pushing the bent over blonde’s head between her open legs. Steph starts hooking Trish’s arms behind her back clearly going for her husband’s finishing move the Pedigree. The fans keep on cheering knowing this could be the end of the match up if Stephanie hits the finishing move. Trish is ready however pushing up hard using her neck and back muscles. She is blocking Steph’s Pedigree using some power to lift Steph up flipping her up in the air with a perfect back body drop. Stephanie flies though the air landing hard on her back in the middle of the ring. It was a great wrestling counter by Trish leaving Steph down holding her lower back Trish slowly gets back to her feet. Trish thinks Stephanie clearly needs a bit more of a beat down to teach the cocky rich girl a proper lesson. Striding over to her Trish once again takes Steph by the hair pulling her up to her knees. Steph looks up into her rival’s face for a brief second before Trish’s hand wheels round. She slaps Steph hard in the face once more dropping the billion dollar princess down.

Stephanie is screaming in pain holding her bruised cheek the burning pain running all though her face. Leaning over Trish gets a firm hold of Stephanie’s shirt and once more starts pulling it up. Steph squeaks in fear with her black t shirt being forcefully tugged away from her body. Daddy’s little girl is wailing and screaming wrapping her arms around herself trying to keep hold of her shirt. Trish keeps pulling trying to rip Steph’s shirt off pulling it all the way up to the bottom of Steph’s bra. Fans around the world stare at Stephanie’s exposed pale belly while cheering for Trish to finish the stripping. Steph however is defending well her arms wrapped around her preventing Trish from pulling the shirt up and over her head. Trish is getting frustrated with not being able to pull Steph’s shirt off. She starts pulling harder using both hands putting her full weight into trying to remove Steph’s t shirt. The blonde keeps pulling dragging Steph up off the mat just by pulling on her t shirt really stretching the material out. Steph screams even louder desperately keeping her arms wrapped around her large chest to prevent the world from seeing her bra.

The shirt just isn’t coming off so Trish stops pulling for a second thinking of another plan of attack. Quickly Steph sees a chance shooting her hands rushing forward grabbing the sides of Trish’s shorts. The blonde squeaks in surprise unable to defend the sudden attack from Steph. Steph pulls down hard pulling Trish’s shorts right down past her ass leaving the blonde’s thong clad butt fully exposed again. Now Trish is the one on the back foot panicking trying to defend from being stripped. She lets go of Steph’s shirt and grabs her own shorts in self-preservation trying to prevent Stephanie from pulling them lower. Steph won’t stop pulling Trish’s tiny shorts trying to get them down past her knees while Trish tries to pull them back up and cover her tanned rear. Trish struggles to keep her balance with her shorts so low and Steph on her knees pushing forward. Finally Trish loses her balance and falls to the mat landing hard on her ass. Steph doesn’t stop pressing her advantage sinking her fingers deeper into the fabric of Trish’s shorts trying her hardest to rip them down.

Trish cries out struggling trying not to be stripped hating the idea of losing another bra and panties and even less to lose to Stephanie Mc Mahon. Steph keeps pulling but on her back Trish can use her thick powerful legs twisting and moving around trying to break Steph’s grip and finally Trish plants a foot on Steph’s chest. She pushes away with her legs using those muscly thighs sending Steph falling backwards finally saving Trish from losing her shorts. Steph falls back doing a perfect backwards roll on the ring mat away from Trish. The blonde goes back to a corner taking a second to fix her shorts breathing hard at how close she was to losing this match. Steph gets up pulling her shirt back down over her flat belly but won’t let Trish waste time fixing her clothing. She charges forward grabbing hold of Trish hair pulling the blonde forward. Trish grunts her hair being pulled while her shorts still hang round her butt her cheeks and thong still out in the open. Steph pulls Trish into the middle of the ring again trying to push Trish’s head between her legs again.

The move is blocked by Trish who throws a fist smashing it into Steph’s gut. Stephanie is winces in pain recoiling backwards holding her sore belly. Now it’s Trish on the attack moving forward throwing a big forearm smashing Steph right in the chest. The brunette trips up backing herself into the corner covering up trying to defend herself from Trish’s wild attacks. Screaming in frustration at all Steph has done to her today and in the weeks building up to this match the small blonde unleashes all her pent up anger. She is throwing left and right forearms at Steph with all the force she can muster. Steph is backed up against the turnbuckle with nowhere to go every inch of her just getting pounded. Trish is swinging her arms like a wild woman roaring enraged remembering Stephanie only a few minutes ago exposed her bare breasts which only makes her arms swing harder. Trish is battering Steph throwing forearms and slaps wildly hitting any part of Stephanie she can.

The fans are going nuts seeing this untamed angry Trish coming out and utterly swarming over Steph. The billion dollar princess wraps her arms around her face sliding down till she is curled up against the bottom turnbuckle. She is utterly helpless and in the weakest defensive position possible just trying to last against Trish’s onslaught. The referee sees Stephanie curled up in a ball crying out of mercy while Trish just screams in rage. He has had enough grabbing Trish around the mid-section pulling the blonde up in the air and away from the sobbing Stephanie. Trish screams kicking her legs in the air shaking around trying to get out of the referee’s grip. The ref takes Trish all the way to the other side of the ring before putting her down telling the angry blonde to stop and calm down. He tells her she was beating Steph so bad the poor brunette was crying and pleading for mercy offering no defence to the assault. Trish doesn’t buy this and keeps yelling right in the face of the official.

Trish’s pretty face is bright red from all her rage filled yells while across the ring Stephanie is still crying curled in a ball against the corner. The ref and Trish are still trading yells the poor man trying to calm Trish down and keep order. Stephanie suddenly stops crying looking up knowing the referee fell for it and wiping her fake tears away Steph gets up and starts pulling at the top turnbuckle pad. The referee is still trying to restraint Trish so has his back to what Steph is doing but the fans can see her and are booing loudly. Stephanie was clearly acting in peril to get Trish away from her. Now she is pulling at the top turnbuckle pad and hidden inside the pad some brass knuckles drop out. Someone had hidden the weapon in the top turnbuckle and now Mrs HHH has them wrapped on her right hand. Steph is back on her feet walking forward grinning at Trish who is still yelling at the official. The blonde looks up seeing Stephanie standing right in front of her grinning.

Trish pushes the ref out of the way and charges at Steph not seeing the illegal weapon she is wearing on her hand. Charging forward Trish doesn’t see Steph's fist until it’s too late with Steph throwing her loaded right hand with as much force as she can muster. The brass knuckles catch Trish hard right in the side of her jaw knocking the blonde out cold before she even hits the ground. The power of the punch is in full effect here in Las Vegas as Stephanie just one punch KO’ed Trish. Steph slips the knuckles off and throws them out of the ring before the pushed over ref gets to his feet. The brunette just stands over Trish trying to look innocent while the blonde is in a tangled mess by her feet. The referee didn’t see anything so can’t call anything but he knows Steph did something and is very suspicious. Steph just laughs knowing he can’t prove anything as she kicks the unconscious Trish over onto her front. Steph has this matchup won everyone knows Trish is completely out cold from that brass knuckle punch.

Leaning down Stephanie grabs hold of Trish’s shorts pulling them down pass Trish’s ass one more time. Trish’s shorts slide down effortlessly as Trish isn’t fighting back still unconscious face down on the canvas. Steph keeps pulling dragging Trish’s tiny shorts down past her thighs leaving Trish’s whole lower body clad in just her tiny black thong. The crowd can’t help cheering watching the sexy blonde get stripped her big tanned booty attracting all the attention from cameras around the arena. This is the easiest bra and panties victory in history as Trish’s shorts are pulled all the way down to her bare feet. Steph gives the shorts one final tug and they are off Trish’s boy leaving the ref to call for the bell. Squealing with delight Stephanie jumps around in the air her arms up in victory waving Trish’s stripped off shorts around in celebration. The fans are still booing her but that doesn’t matter to Steph she just defeated and humiliated her rival in the best way possible.

She just stripped Trish Stratus down to her sexy bra and panties embarrassing her in front of a whole arena full of WWF fans. Steph is just so happy with her big win defeating Trish in a sexy strip match. Looking around Steph sees the ref on his knees checking on Trish who hasn’t moved still out cold from the brass knuckles shot. Steph is grinning evilly now staring down at Trish wanting to really leave a message to the trashy blonde home wrecker. She wants to ruin Trish’s reputation and humiliate the skank enough so she never shows her face near her family or WWF television again. Striding over with purpose Stephanie pushes the referee out of the way yelling at him to get out of the ring. The ref argues with her but Steph reminds him that she is a Mc Mahon and can fire him easily. Finally the referee backs away from Steph leaving the ring so Steph is alone with an out cold underwear clad Trish. Leaning over Trish Stephanie slaps the blonde hard on the back of head. She does it a couple more times just to check she really is out cold.

Trish doesn’t move from each hard slap to the back of her skull meaning to Steph she really knocked Trish out with one punch. Stephanie walks all around Trish’s flat out body laughing at seeing her blonde rival in such a vulnerable state. Stephanie really wants to rack up the embarrassment for Trish and the only way she can think of doing that is the move she discovered mid-way through the match. Reaching down Steph grabs the back of Trish’s bra and starts pulling at it. The entire arena gasps in shock with Steph pulling at Trish’s bra strap trying to rip it off. They have already seen Trish’s bare boobs for a brief second once before and now Steph is trying to expose more. Steph keeps on pulling and ripping at Trish’s bra with the out cold blonde unable to defend herself. After some hard tugging finally the back clasp breaks allowing Stephanie to tear away Trish’s bra. She holds the flimsy black lace item up in the air like a championship belt with fans around the world all gasping in shock.

Trish is still face down on the canvas so is not exposed but just seeing the blonde’s fully bare back with her bra in the hands of Stephanie Mc Mahon is an image no one ever thought they would see. Stephanie has just stripped Trish topless and only the ring mat is covered the blonde’s modesty. Steph has that evil grin back on her face throwing away Trish’s bra like some smelly dirty sock before going back over to the defenceless Trish. Grabbing Trish by the side Steph waits a few seconds letting the buzz from the live crowd pick up. Pushing hard Stephanie rolls Trish over onto her back fully exposing the blonde’s bare breasts. Trish’s big tanned tits are now not exposed for a brief flash the ex-model is completely uncovered in the centre of a wrestling ring. She lies unconscious unaware that her bare breasts are out in the open up for the world’s glaring gaze her dark brown breasts are well tanned with the blonde’s dark pink nipples fully erect inside the big cold arena. The fans huge empathic cheering is loud enough to be heard from miles, camera flashes going off in large clusters all over the arena.

No one ever wants to forget the time Trish Stratus was stripped topless live on PPV. The fans all love it Trish has been teasing everyone with her low cut tops and big bouncing cleavage for so long so to finally see them in all their glory is an amazing moment. Steph is very pleased with herself seeing all the camera’s and fans attention focused on Trish’s big bare boobs. Trish will never live this down she thinks having those big fake D cups brought out naked live on uncensored PPV. To Stephanie’s added delight Trish is beginning to stir rubbing her sore jaw eyes flicking open at the arena lights above her. She is moaning in pain holding her head only a little aware of the loud ear splitting cheering going on around her. Trish wonders what has happened only to sit up and look down to find her shorts missing and more importantly her bra is gone. There is no louder scream in WWF history than the one made by Trish when she finally works out her tits are bare in the middle of the ring in front of thousands of cheering fans. Topless and ashamed Trish squeals in utter terror like a high school nightmare topless in front of an arena full of people.

A WWF cameraman is hovering right over beaming her bare boobs to the widescreen Tron on top of the ramp way. Trish’s terrified scream rings out though the arena as she slaps her arms desperately around her tits covering them up despite everyone already having a good long look at them. Tears in her eyes Trish rolls across the ring quickly trying to ignore the cheers from the crowd or the loud laughter coming from Stephanie. Covering up her massive tits Trish rolls out of the ring and quickly crawls under the ring apron hiding underneath the ring. Fans boo her disappearing act but enjoy watching her big thong clad butt jiggling as she crawls away in fear. Steph can’t stop laughing watching Trish scamper away looking so scared and embarrassed. Everyone in the arena and at home just got an up close and personal look at Trish’s big tits in a deeply humbling move that Trish will probably never forget. Stephanie is feeling very happy dancing and skipping around the ring having finally won her feud with Trish.

She exposed the blonde tart for just what she was and has now stripped and humiliated her so badly she clearly will quit the company leaving her daddy alone. Every WWF fan watching got the perfect T&A combo seeing Trish’s ass and her bare tits Stephanie giggles to herself. She knows what she did to Trish was edgy and unprecedented stripping the trashy blonde topless letting the world see her boobs but Trish had been such an annoying pest to her it seemed the only way to get rid of her for good. Stephanie Mc Mahon is very pleased with herself she is sure her Dad will even approve of the ruthless attitude like aggression she used to get rid of her trashy blonde problem. The cheering from the crowd only gets louder and Steph is sure they are celebrating her triumphant victory. They aren’t, Trish has come back up on the other side of the ring her topless chest now covered in a plain black WWF shirt. That angry look on her face is scary and her glare is dead set on Stephanie’s celebrating back.

Steph is completely unaware Trish is back in the ring standing a few feet behind her. Trish looks so mad her tiny shirt doesn’t cover the shape of her massive boobs and if people look close her nipples are poking hard into the fabric. Stephanie turns around getting the shock of her life seeing Trish standing there. The cheering from the crowd is super loud again watching Steph’s look of surprise before Trish charges forward. The blonde spears her great rival taking the billion dollar princess down then unloads with punches all aimed at Steph’s face. There is no referee this time to save Steph from the vengeful assault from Trish so Stephanie can only squeal in pain. Punches and slaps rain down from every angle battering Steph’s head around like a beach ball leaving the brunette dazed. She is yelling out begging for mercy when Trish suddenly stands up grabbing the front of Steph’s shirt. Again the crowd’s cheering is louder than anything ever heard in wrestling watching Trish pull at Stephanie’s shirt. Trish pulls hard until with great force she rips Stephanie’s shirt clean off.

Stephanie Mc Mahon has just been stripped down to her bra and panties in the middle of the ring. It’s the first time any WWF fan has seen her so under dressed and no one wants to stop staring or snapping pictures of her pale body clad in just her bra and panties. Stephanie has her arms wrapped tightly around her chest curled up in a ball but that doesn’t stop the cameras flashing capturing her moment of vulnerability. Trish won’t let Steph stay on the mat either pulling her up by the hair then locking her in a full nelson. Steph screams kicking her legs trying to wriggle away with her arms pinned behind her leaving her whole underwear clad body on display for the WWF crowd. Trish carries the screaming stripped rich girl all around the ring giving the fans and official WWF cameramen plenty of chance to capture Steph in her underwear. The billion dollar princess is crying sobbing with humiliation at everyone in the world staring at her uncovered curves. Her big boobs jiggle around in her black bra making her look even sluttier.

The blonde isn’t finished yet tripping Steph up slamming her rival face first in the centre of the ring. Trish remembers her own topless stripping and decides an eye for an eye grabbing the back of Steph’s bra. Every camera in the arena is getting a full work out flashing wildly watching Trish play tug of war with Steph’s bra strap. Stephanie can’t stop screaming trying to wriggle away while keep both hands on her bra cups hoping her big tits don’t spill out. This is a nightmare for her and one that doesn’t look like it will end soon. Trish is a wild woman pulling away at Steph’s bra trying to rip it away and bring Steph the same humiliation she suffered. Steph holds onto her bra for dear life trying to stay covered but Trish is not going to be denied. Trish keeps pulling hard until she tears the bra right off Steph’s back and the arena goes crazy with loud unstoppable cheering as Stephanie has her bra ripped off. The billion dollar princess is crying her arms tightly pressed around her breasts trying to cover them. She is hoping lying face first on the mat will save her but she can’t see Trish standing over her.

The fans are so happy if they thought seeing Trish’s boobs were unlikely then it was damm impossible for them to ever see the youngest Mc Mahon without a bra. She is now lying helpless in the middle of the ring only Steph’s hands are covering her modesty keeping her large breasts out of public view. Teasingly Trish is waving Steph’s stripped off bra over her head tossing it to some lucky fan in the front row. She knows her own topless moment will never be forgotten but getting Stephanie Mc Mahon topless will make everyone else forget about any other detail in the match. Stripping Steph topless is a landmark moment but Trish doesn’t just want covered topless shots. She wants Steph just as embarrassed and naked as she was. Walking over Trish grabs Steph by the hair trying to pull the topless girl to her knees. Steph fights hard wriggling around trying however to keep her chest firmly covered she is unable to fight back too hard. She balances Steph on her knees grabbing hold of the brunette’s wrists. Stephanie openly crying begging Trish not to do it but the blonde ignores her ripping Steph’s arms apart.

Stephanie’s big bare breasts are left fully exposed for the first time ever live on PPV and the arena lights up with camera flashes and wild cheering from the audience. Sobbing with embarrassment Steph feels Trish pin her arms to her sides leaving her pale surgically enhanced breasts on show for everyone. Steph tries to break free but can’t as cameramen hover around her making sure to capture Steph’s big bare boobs ignoring the loud embarrassed screams from the boss’s daughter. Trish is laughing hard now her own humiliation long forgotten with everyone staring at Steph’s massive tits. The brunette’s big pink breasts topped off with her soft pink nipples looking so big, round and juicy to perving male eyes. Steph’s eyes are flooded with tears not bearing to think of all the people getting a close up look of her bare breasts. Like some cheap common model slut Stephanie’s breasts will soon be seen by most men in the world and there is nothing she can do about it. The loud cheering turns to heavy booing as William Regal comes running down the ramp.

Trish quickly lets go of Stephanie and leaves the ring thinking Regal is coming to hurt her for stripping daddy’s little girl. Removing his jacket Regal wraps it around the topless body of Stephanie and helps her roll out of the ring. Trish meanwhile still clad in just a small t shirt and her thong panties hops the rail leaves though the fans giving a few high fives and slapping away other hands looking for a cheeky grope. Her work is done it wasn’t perfect but she in the end won knowing Stephanie Mc Mahon will be far more scared from having her bare breasts exposed to millions. The blonde skips though the crowd her bare breasts jiggle inside the tiny shirt she was lucky to find under the ring. Everyone is chanting her name around her as helped by security Trish goes backstage to celebrate in her post match stripping. Steph is sobbing onto the shoulder of Regal’s jacket as the flustered commissioner helps her walk up the ramp.

The poor billion dollar princess has been humiliated and degraded like never before. The loud abusive ‘show us your tits’ chant from the crude Las Vegas crowd is only making it worse for poor Stephanie. Regal tries covering her sensitive ears but being helped by a man who put her into the humiliating bra and panties match in the first place is too much. The spoilt brat slaps Regal hard in the face pushing him away and sets off running up the ramp. The jacket almost falls off her a few times as she runs up the ramp giving a few more little flashes of bare boob before Stephanie disappears behind the curtain. Regal leaves soon too rubbing his sore chin just the ring crew to clear up the mess of stripped off clothes from around ringside. The crowd is still buzzing from one of the greatest and easily the hottest match in WWF history.