Erotic Challenge of the Sexual/Intersex Female Wrestler!

- Welcome to erotic freestyle wrestling with elements of submission style - where a male or female wrestler must try not to become sexually overwhelmed by an attractive female opponent who knows how to put her vagina, or in some cases her game-changing penis, to good use against her opponent's genitalia!

by Mr. E.


One of the most curiously interesting and rare types of wrestlers is a beautiful, athletic yet feminine, female wrestler, who might very well have a vagina that she will put to use in erotic battle, but she on the other hand might instead have some remnant of male genitalia - as a pre-op co-called transsexual person with a long history of hormonal treatment. Make no mistake - such a person IS a woman by most accounts (with "intersex" better describing her than "transsexual"), and she can be sexually very appealing to heterosexual men, and much more so than to homosexual men (although most heterosexual men will have reservations about engaging in certain erotic activities with such a woman). Likewise, she is arguably more appealing to lesbian and bisexual women then heterosexual women. Thus, with traditionally female wrestlers being faced in erotic wrestling by typically heterosexual male erotic wrestlers and lesbian or bisexual female wrestlers, the intersex female wrestler brings a new kind of erotic energy (manipulation) and potential distraction to the foray! But of course both kinds of erotic female wrestlers are welcome here to take on other females of either kind, or males - even bravely and often effectively challenging males who are larger than themselves! In all these sorts of match-ups, sexual stimulation, while potentially fueling the strength of a stimulated wrestler, can also lead to potentially weakening the wrestler when it results in the wrestler ejaculating - although a wrestler who ejaculates from a sexually dominant position might not suffer the consequences as badly.

The Game in Brief:

Given that it is easier for two erotic wrestlers (along with any referee present) to mutually judge whether an ejaculation has occurred from the male genitalia rather than the female genitalia, simple forms of sexual wrestling-style domination that require sexual climax can be more easily judged than usual when we have the unique opportunity to pit a male wrestler against an intersex female! There is also the even more rare sort of match that can take place with an intersex female vs another intersex woman, as is the stuff of the illustrated, highly fantasized and erotic "futa wrestling" or "futunari wrestling"! Note however that EITHER type of match-up assumes that the pre-op intersex fighter or fighters are capable of ejaculation.

This type of wrestling is a hybrid between freestyle and submission wrestling, with less brutality than purely submission style with no less of the excitement of competition, with the excitement of eroticism used as a weapon addded! With some slight modification to the rules, where essentially an ejaculation no longer allows an extra point (as discussed later), female wrestlers may take on intersex female wrestlers as well, and not necessarily with any less of what might be called "sexual dueling". Similarly, traditional female wrestlers might take on similarly female wrestlers as well! Done a certain way, elimination tournament action of erotic wrestling with wrestlers who take their game seriously can take place, perhaps on two mats at the same time, for appreciative spectators - albeit in more of an underground public venue than in the Olympics at this point in time!

Two wrestlers who have never wrestled each other before might not want to start their encounter in a fully competitive way, but rather they might wish to get a feel for each other (in more ways than one) in a preliminary match that is more about testing each other, and engaging with each other sexually perhaps for the first time, than it is about competition. This type of preliminary match is described at the end of this document.

Otherwise, the game described here could be called "Female Challenger Erotic Wrestling" or "FCEW", an in other cases as assumed for the most part in explaining the game here, "Intersex Female Challenge Erotic Wrestling" or "IFCEW".

Some Basic Rules:

The match goes for some maximum duration such as a half hour and is divided into maximum 5-minute rounds so as to allow a wrestler who is immobilized and at a disadvantage a better chance of not staying that way for the remainder of the match! A submission of ANY kind (including an accidental knock-out) requires the wrestlers to separate and start a new round at the center of the mat, as does a wrestler touching an out-of-bounds area (possibly intentionally to halt a round). If the 5-minute time limit of a round is reached before either wrestler has submitted, a point will be given to the last wrestler to have pinned the other (shoulder blades or buttocks to the mat) if either wrestler has accomplished this. A wrestler may also gain a point if a wrestler who is behind the other in points, likely in order to bide time for a potential comeback, submits to being immobilized in a hold that is not otherwise normally considered to be a submission hold or not considered to have been used for that purpose. Such holds include a full nelson without apparently great pressure being applied, or using the inner elbow to control an opponent's chin without letting this become a choke hold.

A number of submission holds, by agreement of both wrestlers, can be used for defense, but the only submission holds that can be used to gain a point (unless the wrestlers agree to a rule change) are four rather sensual but powerful maneuvers that are particularly good for gradually wearing down an opponent rather than gaining a quick submission, and those are the bear hug (often creating a clinch that makes it difficult for either wrestler to use other submission holds), the breast smother (honoring a feminine power in balance against a male challenger who might have the superior upper body strength), the leg-to-leg scissors (sometimes as crotch-to-thigh action), and the crotch-to-crotch attack - although the latter two maneuvers are usually meant to bring about more pleasure than pain and lead to sexual climax to potentially give one or the other wrestler a point. In other words, if a round ends with one wrestler having dominated the other by gaining a point, another point will be awarded that wrestler if EITHER wrestler was judged to have been made to ejaculate prior during the round using erotic maneuvers such as those already mentioned (while disallowing some that certain matched wrestlers may not want to include, such a forced blow job). Wrestlers will be allowed to clean themselves up either immediately following an ejaculation or between rounds.

Thus a wrestler is allowed to bring to the match for use as a wrestling weapon his or her natural erotic lust (arguably with "her" lust being a potent male-like lust) as well as a lustful desire to sexually use an opponent and defeat an opponent by showing sexual dominance over that opponent when an opportunity presents itself to do so! Thus both wrestlers will typically try to erotically "charge" themselves throughout their match by appearing to make love to each other - albeit in an aggressive way at times! Sex itself, with it's sensual hugging, has inspired a form of sporting combat here! And with sexual stimulation potentially causing a wrestler to become physically stronger or mentally distracted from either potential pain of the focus of the game, or weakened when brought to ejaculation, we have a truly combative form of "sexual dueling" that many wrestlers take seriously, despite the obvious fun aspect of it - serious fun!

A wrestler may feign weakness in an attempt to encourage an opponent to wastefully expend his or her energy in trying to take advantage of the supposed weakness. Some level of feeling weak and/or even sensually overwhelmed is normal in this type of wrestling. A simple pin combined with a bear hug for instance, even if little pressure is put into the bear hug, may after a prolonged application fatigue an opponent just from the crushing body weight or even the warm sensuality of the holds and other maneuvers (such as kissing if allowed, massage, etc). Some wrestlers might even be sexually stimulated to the point that their desire for the stimulation takes precedence over their will to fight! They may in such instances appear to "melt". A wrestler may even fall unconscious on a rare occasion - which is treated as a submission. In a sense, this game allows the wrestlers to literally try to seduce a defeat from each other!

Note that a submission may be given not because of the pain of a hold, but simply because it may be used as an option for escape by a wrestler who is immobilized and behind the other in points! Of course, such a submission may come with the sacrifice of giving an opponent another point, depending on the hold or holds used to immobilize the wrestler (as already discussed).

An optional rule for breaking an even score may be employed that allows the last wrestler to have pinned the other during the entire match, after the match is over, to be awarded a point for that in the event of an otherwise even score. Note that since female wrestlers, including intersex female wrestlers, can be very good at pinning opponents who are even larger than themselves, this is a very good game for such female wrestlers to showcase their skill! Two wrestlers may indeed roll with each other and exchange pinning positions a number of times within only one round - often looking sexually orgasmic throughout this unique struggle! An exhausted or well-pinned wrestler however may appear to not be able to move so fast, however, although a wrestler may find a way to rest and recharge with new energy! If the wrestlers end a match without having expended all their built-up sexual tension, then they may be allowed to relieve their tension through sex, with the winner of the match being allowed to "lead" this action!

Another optional rule might be employed that modifies this action: At the end of the match, the wrestlers are required to engage in a mutual bear hug with each other while engaging in sexual activity. if one wrestler submits the other before either ejaculate (assuming again that both wrestlers have male genitalia despite at least one being predominantly female), then that wrestler is declared the winner of the whole match - even if this wrestler was losing the match prior. However, such a comeback may be prevented if either wrestler has been judged to have ejaculated prior to the submission. In this case, a wrestler who already has a point advantage may maintain this advantage by literally "surrendering" his or her sexual juices to the other wrestler as a way to signal a desire to conclude the match, if this is easier to do than submitting the opponent through the bear hug - although this latter method is thought to also be a very satisfying and conclusive way for the wrestler who has dominated in points to end an erotic wrestling match and show who the better wrestler in this match is without a doubt!

The Optional, Erotic Preliminary Match:

A very powerful erotic arousal can result from taking in the vision of a wrestling opponent that is not only attractive to you, but with whom you do not have complete confidence that you will necessarily win the match! There is excitement and suspense in not knowing! If others deemed this opponent to be a good match for you, your curiousity of what this person can do with you can reach erotic heights. If it is an erotic style wrestling match that is being proposed, then your arousal may especially pique! Thus you, and possibly your opponent too, may be more interested in your initial encounter to experiment with the erotic tension between you - perhaps seeing how this fuels each of you in wrestling with each other - rather than having an officially competitive match. Instead, you may meet, possibly in private, to determine if you are a good match for each other through a sort of wrestling-themed sexual activity.

This encounter could be at times tender, as you both honour each other, showing appreciation for each other for providing this great opportunity to encounter each other as erotic wrestlers - going so far as to show worship towards each other's muscles for instance! You may have a sexual encounter with the goal of forcing your opponent to fall too much in distracted lust with you to be an effective opponent later! You even at times try to show forms of sexual dominance over your opponent, or submit your opponent with submission holds that will be more slowly placed, and possibly less resisted, as you both test not only your abilities to submit each other, but your abilities to tolerate each other's holds as well. There are after all no points awarded in what is more of a practice match here! However, there is still a slight chance that this encounter could determine an early winner of the more competitive match meant to follow!...

If one of you, after you have both decided that your encounter has been concluded (or a timer determines this), comes to feel that the other has too much potential to be the superior wrestler to follow through with a more competitive match, then we have a situation where one wrestler may declare the other the early winner!

[The End, for now]