By ThePac

Author’s note Again another old wedgie story well 3 wedgie stories and two backstage beat downs written like a WWE PPV and a kind of follow up to the bra and panties tag team match hope you all like this


“Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the biggest party of the summer Summerslam coming up next,” JR speaks before being interrupted.

“No JR let me tell them coming up next, it is Candice verses Victoria in a wedgie on a pole match WOOHOO,” Says the King happy at this sexual filled match type.

JR sighs at his partner’s over the top ways, “Calm down King but yes the first of two diva revenge matches Candice goes one on one with Victoria in a wedgie on a pole match.”

“Not only that put the loser will be spanked 10 times by the winner using a paddle YAY SPANKING, oh JR I love a good spanking,” King says massive smile on his face.”

“King sit down your going to hurt yourself let go to the ring for Lillian,”

“The following contest is a Wedgie on a Pole match where the only way to win is to hang your opponent from the pole using only her underwear and the winner will also deliver 10 paddle spanks to the loser,” Lillian announces to the cheering sold out crowd.

The fans start to cheer as the massive Summerslam stage starts playing Candice’s entrance music.

“Introducing first from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Candice Michelle

Candice stand on top of the ramp soaking in the crowd’s cheers then rips off her robe as fireworks explode in the background. Candice walks to the ring fully prepared on the match she is wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of black jean shorts and a dark blue bra and panty set. In the ring Candice starts stretching and getting herself ready as her opponent’s entrance begins.

“And her opponent from Los Angeles California, Victoria.”

The slightly psycho brunette comes though the curtain and angry scowl on her face. She is dressed in an orange top and black shorts underneath she had on a purple bra and matching panties.

“Of course this feud really got going two weeks ago on Raw during a bra and panties tag match,” JR says bringing up the background of this wedgie on a pole match.

“That’s right JR, Torrie and Candice won the match but Victoria and Mickie got payback not only stripping them down but also giving both divas hanging wedgies off the ring apron,” King says as TV shows replays of that match and the after attack.

“Torrie and Candice were both very embarrassed by that but acting GM William Regal decided to help them by ordering two revenge matches tonight this is the first one and later tonight Torrie and Mickie will meet one on one,” JR explains.

King agrees, “But right now oh boy it’s time to watch the fur fly, wedgie on a pole match OH YES.”

Victoria and Candice go face to face in the middle of the ring as the bell is rung Candice throws the first shot, a forearm that rocks Victoria back. A flurry of three more forearms push Victoria back against the ropes and Candice quickly whips Victoria across the ring and meets her with a spinning wheel kick that drops the former fitness model down to the mat. Candice watches as Victoria slowly crawls on her hands and knees and responses with a kick right into the ribs knocking Victoria back down. Candice can now see an early victory on the cards so with that she moves her hands under Victoria’s spandex shorts and pulls out Victoria’s purple panties. Dragging her over to the corner where the pole is Candice slowly starts to climb pulling Victoria along by her panties but Victoria is much heaver than Candice so the diva is having trouble lifting Victoria’s panties to the hook on the pole. Suddenly Victoria appears to come round and with great stretch grabs onto Candice and throws her off the top rope and back down to the canvas.

“Oh man Candice was just launched right from the top all the way down,” JR comments as TV shows a double feature of Candice being thrown off the top rope.

“Victoria was playing possum JR, she waited till Candice was on the top rope then sprung into action,” King points out.

“Now Candice has lost her advantage so Victoria now has control of the match,” JR says turning back to the action in the ring.”

Victoria catches her breath, she had not expected Candice to come charging at her from the opening bell but now she had regained the advance and Candice was now at her mercy. Candice tries to pull herself up holding her back in pain but just as she makes it to her knees a stiff kick to the chest by Victoria sends her back down. A couple more stomps on Candice’s mid section and the former Playboy playmate rolls onto her side trying to get away but Victoria has other ideas. Candice is pulled by her hair then power slammed back down to the mat, the noise echoing all around the arena and even the crowd moaned at the impact. Another kick to Candice’s shoulder makes her roll onto her gut and allows Victoria to get a few stomps on her back. After the 5th stomp Victoria spies Candice Michelle’s dark blue panties sticking out of her shorts and without thinking twice Victoria gets a two handed grip on them and pulls back. Candice yells out loud as her underwear is suddenly forced up her ass shooting her forward nearly instantly after the first scream Victoria uses her power to lift Candice off the mat by only her panties. Victoria holds Candice in the air for a few seconds then drops her back down then continues to pull up the panties making Candice scream and yell. Now half of Candice’s underwear can now be seen above Candice’s shorts as yet more and more pressure is put on Candice’s ass crack and the pain is nearly too much to bear for Candice. Finally Victoria stops pulling back but keeps hold of the panties and then as total humiliation starts dragging Candice around the ring by her panties. After around a minute of using Candice to sweep up the mat Victoria sees the pole and decides that now is the time to end it so with a big burst of strength Victoria throws Candice across the ring by her panties right into the ring corner. Candice hits the turnbuckle with a thud and drops back down to the mat as Victoria calmly walks over to her and grabs hold of her by the shirt and pulls her back to her feet. Once Candice is standing, Victoria gets two handfuls of shirt and tears it right down the middle exposing Candice’s dark blue bra that only just holds her breasts in. Victoria finishes ripping the shirt away and lets Candice fall back to the mat and tosses the ripped shirt away. Now in full control of the match Victoria get hold of Candice’s panties again gives them a little tug upwards and then climbs up the turnbuckle.

“Candice is in trouble here King, Victoria has got hold of her if she can just hook her panties up she could get the win,” JR says.

King is watching the match and is yelling, “Victoria has got to the hook wait oh elbow and another one Candice is fighting back JR and Victoria is rocking.”

“One more shot and oh Victoria knocked off the top rope well fought out there by Candice wait what she’s up to no, no way King,” JR says watching the action in shock.

King is just as shocked as JR is watching the match, “She is… oh elbow drop from the top rope right on Victoria awesome leap there by Candice.”

“Big move there by Candice she risked it all but she hit it great elbow drop,” JR has to shout over the loud fans cheers at seeing Candice jump off the top rope.

Candice is the first to get up still holding her back in pain and also pulling her panties out of her ass crack. On the other side of the ring Victoria is still down the fall from the top rope that winded her and the elbow drop had driven what was left of the air in her body. Candice uses the ring ropes to pull herself back to her feet and stares down at Victoria still lying on the mat. Candice stands over Victoria a smile spreads across her face then to the delight of the crowd Candice does her famous Go Daddy.com dance, grinding and twisting her body to the cheers of the crowd. Candice finishes her dance then drops her elbow right down into Victoria’s chest giving her yet more trouble in catching her breath. All of a sudden Candice looks down to see her bra has been exposed and she slowly starts to cover up when she suddenly looks at Victoria and a wicked grin on her face. Candice leans down and grabs the bottom of Victoria’s top and slowly pulls the shirt upwards exposing more and more of her purple bra till eventually the top is taken off. Now Candice moves round to Victoria’s legs and reaches forward and starts to take off her shorts. The fans go nuts as Victoria’s purple panties are shown to the world once the shorts are taken off Candice tosses it too the crowd erupting in a struggle to get them. Now that Victoria has been stripped down to her bra and panties, Candice pull her to her feet then locks her in a headlock and lifts her off the floor and hits a standing bulldog a move she calls the Candy Wrapper. Victoria’s head is driven into the mat taking her out of the match and now in real control Candice starts to pull Victoria across the ring by her panties. Unlike the wedgie Victoria gave Candice earlier which was hidden from view by Candice’s shorts nothing stops the audience from seeing the panties slowly pulled up Victoria’s crack exposing a lot of the Diva’s brown tanned cheeks. Candice reaches the corner and pulls Victoria all the way up to the top rope and as Victoria is still out of it after the bulldog Candice has no problem in tying Victoria’s panties to the pole then with one push Candice watches Victoria fall off the top rope to the outside of the ring only for the panties to stop her and give her a painful hanging wedgie.

Lillian hears the ring bell and announces on the mike, “Here is your winner, Candice Michelle

“She did it big win there for Candice she gets her part of her revenge of Victoria in one great divas bout,” JR yell excitedly down his headset.

King agrees but is eyes are still on the action, “But it’s not over yet JR, Candice still gets ten paddle spanks at poor Victoria’s and she’s gonna have one sore ass at the end of this.”

Candice is given the pink paddle by the timekeeper and slowly walks over to where Victoria is hanging. Victoria came around the moment the hanging wedgie takes effect she is now shouting at the top of her voice while trying to pull the thin line of material out of her crotch. All of her shouting means she doesn’t hear Candice behind her raise the paddle and swing it right at Victoria’s right cheek.

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,” Victoria screams as the paddle smacks her ass Candice wastes no time and lines up for a second swing.

“ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT,” Victoria screams as the second shot is even worse than the first and not only is Victoria’s ass on fire with burning pain but also moved her panties so now the wedgie line is now going deep into her pussy as well as her ass.

SWING, CRACK, “AGGGGGG AGGGGGGGGGGG FUCK,” Victoria screams as the paddle slaps her bare flesh as she hangs helplessly from the pole.

SWING, CRACK, “ARRRRRR AHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH OWWWWWWWWWW,” Victoria moans, as her panties are wedgied further up her paddle-spanked ass.

SWING, CRACK, “OH GOD, ARRRRRRRRRRR,” Victoria’s screams echo though the sell out arena.

SWING, CRACK, “OWWWW, OWWWWWWWW SHIT THAT HURTS," More screams from Victoria from the combined hanging wedgie and spanking.

SWING, CRACK, “OWWWWWWWWWW, OWWWWWWWWWWWWW, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,” No more words come from Victoria’s mouth as the pain is too much for her.


Candice halts in mid swing and looks at Victoria’s face. The normally tough diva is crying from not only the pain of an extreme hanging wedgie but has also had her ass spanked to a bright shade of red. Candice feels sorry for the pain Victoria’s in so she leans over and gives her a peck on the cheek.

Victoria stops crying then looks round only to see the paddle being raised again, SWING, CRACK, “AGGGG ARRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHH FUCK.”

That last shot had swung Victoria around a few times worsening the wedgie, her panties now a thin strap and barely hanging on. Candice leans back and delivers the final swing and listens to Victoria’s high-pitched yells. Putting the paddle down Candice goes over to Victoria and looks her in the face and tells her not to mess around with Playboy’s best Diva.

Victoria is still sobbing but manages to spit out a, “Screw you Candice you bitch,” so Candice still smiling stands up and turns to leave. Without warning Candice grabs hold of Victoria’s legs and yanks down and after only a few seconds the panties rip and Victoria falls to the floor her bare bruised ass total exposed to the world. Shrieking and covering her private area Victoria runs off to the locker room while Candice strikes one last victory pose.

“Wow JR what an ending oh maybe Candice would like to go out for a victory celebration,” King says happily watching a naked Victoria streak up the ramp back to the locker rooms.

“Not so fast uncle Jerry we’ve still got some great matches to come and now we go backstage and talk to our broadcast partner the lovely Maria,” JR says as we cut backstage to see Maria standing there in a small red dress showing off a lot of leg and cleavage

Maria has a big smile on her face as she holds up her microphone, “I’m here with the number 1 contender for the WWE woman’s title Melina.”

The crowd all boo when Melina comes on camera

“Melina tonight you have a match against Trish for the WWE woman’s title and it’s a lingerie mud bowl wedgie ripping match, your thoughts?” Maria asks in her own innocent, adorable way.

Melina closes her eyes with a look of disgust on her face before she answers, “My thoughts you know Maria since I became the number 1 contender, Trish Stratus has done nothing but humiliate me and now she’s making me wrestle for the title in a pool of mud in my underwear, it’s a damm disgrace that bitch knows that one on one I’m a much better wrestler than her so to save her belt Trish sleeps with the boss then gets the match changed to a gimmick match.

Maria smiles happily, “That’s nice so Melina what kind of lingerie will you be wearing tonight?”

“You dumb slut didn’t you hear what I said,” Melina asks and Maria stands there thinks for a bit then shakes her head.

Melina stands there for a second, “You stupid bitch, Wait a second Maria you know I really could do with a warm up before my match so if you wouldn’t mind,” Maria smiles but is a bit confused by Melina’s question.

Suddenly Melina reaches out and slaps Maria round her face making her drop the microphone in pain. Maria is then grabbed by the back of her head and thrown into the backstage set making a loud crashing noise as Maria’s head hits the steel. There is loud booing from the audience as they see Maria face down on the floor knocked out cold with Melina standing over her. Still in a rage Melina grabs the bottom of Maria’s dress and rips it over her head leaving Maria in just a black bra and panties. Melina however hasn’t finished the embarrassment yet and sits down on Maria’s back and without warning pulls Maria’s panties straight up her ass. More and more of Maria’s bare ass becomes exposed as Melina continues to pull back on the wedgie. Maria slowly comes round only to find her ass and pussy are in real pain then she works it out and screams as loud as she can. Melina is not put off by the screams and instead she moves her hands to get a better grip on the panties then as she sees officials and security rushing over, Melina gives the material one last pull. It rips away and Melina is dragged away as Maria reaches behind to feel her panties and feels a big hole right in the center of her panties. Slowly Maria turns round as she sees a TV camera behind her showing the whole world Maria’s bare butt thought the hole in the panties. Totally humiliated and embarrassed Maria bursts into tears as Melina is dragged away wild a wild look in her eyes.

JR is back at the broadcast table looking disgusted, “She’s sick King, and Melina just attached Maria for no reason.”

“The wedgie too now JR that was uncalled for but if Melina can do that tonight to Trish,” King says.

“Then Melina will be the new woman’s champion,” JR finishes as the entrance ramp lights up again fro the next match.

The song ‘A Girl Like That’ suddenly bursts around the arena as the camera zooms in on Lillian looking as hot as ever in a green bra like top showing off her mid section and a brown mini skirt with black high heels getting her a lot of cat calls and whistles from the male portion of the crowd.

“This next contest is an I Quit match where the only way to win is to make your opponent say I quit,” Lillian announces to loud cheers from the fans, “Introducing first from Boise Idaho, Torrie Wilson

Torrie makes her way down the ramp her usual smile is gone replaced by a look of determination, Mickie had embarrassed her on live TV and now it was her turn. However Torrie was still getting a lot of fan attention with her outfit being a very small pink top with matching booty shorts.

Lillian carries on as the music changes, “And her opponent from Richmond Virginia, Mickie James.”

Jumping out from the curtain the quite unbalanced diva skips her way to the squared circle dressed in a white top with a yellow skirt.

“Are you ready for this the second diva revenge match King, Torrie Vs Mickie,” JR asks pointlessly.

“Hell yeah JR,” King responses, “And it’s I quit oh what will they do to each other to make them say that?”

“I don’t know King but I do know this is the first Diva's I quit match in WWE history so anything can happen,” JR says as Mickie slides into the ring and the two Diva’s face off.

The ref explains the rules to both Divas then rings the bell to start the match. Both Divas go face-to-face staring at each other when Torrie makes the first move driving her knee up into Mickie’s ribs. Mickie falls back holding her mid section when Torrie whips her towards the ring corner. Hitting the corner hard Mickie loses her footing and falls down her head resting against the bottom turnbuckle. Torrie turns round to see Mickie is in perfect position for one of her signature moves the Tush Push, [stinkface]. Without anymore teasing to the crowd Torrie pulls her shorts up her ass wedging them high up her crack. Stepping in front of Mickie, Torrie pushes her ass into Mickie’s face but Mickie at the last second slides under the bottom rope and out of the ring. The crowd moan in disappointment as they thought Mickie was about to get stinkfaced even Torrie is upset that Mickie avoided that move. Outside the ring Mickie is on her hands and knees crawling away from the ring trying to recover from that early onslaught but Torrie sees her and has other ideas and follows her out of the ring. Mickie uses the ring apron to pull herself to her feet still a bit groggy but back on her feet then from behind Torrie pushes Mickie right into the ringpost. The sound of Mickie’s head hitting the ring post echoes around the arena and Mickie falls to the floor in front of the announce table now seeing stars. Torrie takes the fans cheers then walks over to a fallen Mickie and takes a hold of her yellow skirt. The noise level in the arena suddenly rises as Torrie pulls the skirt down Mickie’s legs letting everyone see her bright red panties as Torrie throws the skirt into the crowd Mickie tries to crawl away. Torrie however catches up to her and grabs a hold of Mickie’s underwear. She pauses just for a second to let the fans work out what is going to happen then pulls up Mickie’s panties giving the Diva a painful wedgie.

“Oh man Mickie is in real trouble Torrie has beat the hell out of her and now,” JR says before he is interrupted.

“Now she’s getting a wedgie WOOHOO, I love divas JR,” King says nearly leaning out of his seat to get a better look at the ringside action.

“Really King you do surprise me, you should have said something earlier,” JR sarcastically returns.

“Oh shut up JR and just watch the action, King replies a little stung by that last comment.

Mickie screams louder and louder, as the wedgie is pulled higher and higher up her ass. The referee gets right in her face and asks if she quits, Mickie shakes her head but that only makes Torrie pull harder nearly ripping the red panties clean off and the pain is being to get unbearable. With a last gasp of strength Mickie manages to flip herself over throwing Torrie ribs first into the guardrail. Torrie hits the barrier with such force that she half falls over it. The top half of her body hangs over in the crowd while her legs dangle in the ringside area. Slowly picking herself up off the floor Mickie pulls her panties out of her crack and covers up her exposed cheeks to the chorus of boos from the sell out crowd. Once she had rearranged herself Mickie walks over to a hung up Torrie and gives her a quick sidekick to her bent over ass. Staring at Torrie’s predicament Mickie suddenly breaks into a sick looking grin and she leans forward and grips both hands around the waistband of Torrie’s shorts then in one swift pull down Torrie’s shorts slide all the way to her ankles. The flash of cameras and the cheering of the crowd are getting noisier when they see Torrie Wilson’s ass covered by a very small white thong that seems to bring out her brown tan all over her body. Mickie skips around waving the shorts for a while then slowly placing them on the floor she turns back to Torrie raising her left hand in the air.

SMACK, “OWWWWWWWWWWW, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,” Torrie yells as Mickie lays a hard spank right on her near naked ass and the second spank is just as bad jerking her forward but still hanging on the rail.

Mickie loving the pain she is causing now licks her palm and sends it crashing into Torrie’s asscheeks 5 more times bringing up several red marks on her ass. Just to make sure that Torrie won’t be going anywhere soon Mickie puts on hand on Torrie’s back keeping the blonde bent over the guardrail. 5 more spanks and Torrie is nearly begging Mickie to stop but Mickie shakes her head and delivers yet another stinging shot which makes the ref hop the rail and ask Torrie if she wants to give it up. Like Mickie once asked that question seems to bring Torrie around she moves her foot and before Mickie can react she slams the boot right into Mickie James’s jaw. Mickie stages backwards holding her chin and then looking up she sees Torrie standing on top of the rail. Torrie jumps and Mickie is still stood there as Torrie knocks her down with a clothesline sending the brunette rolling along the arena floor.

“Oh great move there by Torrie, flying clothesline off the guardrail,” JR says as we watch replays of a near bottomless Torrie jumping though the air knocking Mickie down.

“Wow I really thought Torrie as going to quit then those spankings look like they hurt,” King says in sympathy with the spanked blonde.

“Yes King we all know you’re very concerned about a diva being spanked,” JR says trying not to laugh live on PPV commentary.

King agrees, “Of course Torrie might be hurt, hey Torrie do you want me to come over there and kiss it better.”

“King sit down and act your age,” JR says watching King standing up looking around their table to a crawling Torrie Wilson.

Mickie is still groggy from the clothesline and offers no resistance when Torrie rolls her back into the ring. Torrie quickly follows her in but Mickie is just able to regain the advantage by kicking Torrie in the head. Another swift kick to the head sends Torrie onto her hands and knees giving Mickie control and she uses it to whip Torrie across the ring and into the corner. Pulling Torrie out of the corner by her hair Mickie moves up and sits on the top turnbuckle going for a tornado DDT she jumps and is half way round the spin when Torrie manages to stop and using a lot of upper body strength throws Mickie back into the corner. Dazed and propped up in the corner Torrie wastes little time in charging right into the corner and driving her shoulder straight into Mickie’s gut. Winded Mickie loses her footing and for the second time in the match falls down against the bottom turnbuckle. Quickly Torrie turns round and gets herself in position to deliver the Tush Push this time with only a skimpy white thong covering her ass. The roar around the arena is huge as Torrie pushes her near naked ass into Mickie’s face rubbing it around embarrassing the former woman’s champion. Eventually Torrie moves away leaving Mickie crawling around the ring trying to get the smell of Torrie’s ass off her face but with her preoccupied this allows Torrie to creep up on her. Torrie leaps forward grabbing hold of Mickie’s top and ripping it off leaving the whole world to get a look of Mickie James in her red bra and panties. Mickie gets to her feet then looks down and sees she is only in her underwear, screaming Mickie quickly covers herself with her hands but doing this has left her fully open to an attack from Torrie. Wasting no more time Torrie pounces and rolls Mickie up in a school girl pinfall just as the ref says that there are no pins, Torrie moves herself around so that she is sitting on top of Mickie’s legs holding her down. The other advantage to this move is that Mickie’s ass is positioned right below Torrie and the 2-time Playboy playmate uses that to her advantage. Torrie leans over and gets a grip on Mickie’s panties counts to 3 then viciously pulls them down stretching them against Mickie’s private parts. It doesn’t take long for tears to start filling in Mickie’s eyes as the camera zooms in to see the wedgie stretched out and that the material is now so thin that part of Mickie James’s pussy is now visible. Torrie continues to pull down pushing most of the panties deep into her crack and at the first sound of a rip Mickie screams out, “I QUIT, PLEASE STOP I QUIT.”

Lillian is quickly on the mike, “Here is your winner, Torrie Wilson.”

RIP, the sound echoes around the arena as Mickie moans in pain and there live in front of everyone a huge hole in Mickie’s panties leaving her bare butt totally exposed. Torrie giggles at seeing Mickie’s naked ass and finishes ripping away the panties leaving Mickie James total bottomless in front of the world. Mickie is pleading and begging Torrie to stop but Torrie grins and lifts up a hand and smacks it back down on Mickie’s ass. With Mickie still trapped under Torrie there is nothing stopping the blonde from spanking the hell out of Mickie’s bare ass and that’s exactly what she is trying to do. Spank after spank lands turning Mickie’s butt a brighter shade of red each time bringing the yelling from Mickie even louder and more humiliating. Torrie does her last double handing spank then gets off Mickie leaving her to grab onto her aching butt and crawl out of the ring. Mickie runs up the ramp at full speed while cameras flash all round the arena getting great shots of oh her bare, red wedgied up butt while Torrie has her hand raised in the ring and goes on celebrating waving Mickie’s torn off red panties around.

“Wow what a great match and more than that Torrie gets her revenge over Mickie,” JR says as replays show the moment Mickie’s panties were wedgie ripped right off her body.

King is on his feet cheering with the rest of the crowd, “Torrie over here, come on roll me up as well Torrie,”

JR shakes his head, “King please stop that she’s not going to ‘roll you up’.”

King thinks for a second then says, “Your right JR, Torrie let me roll you up,” JR shakes his head even more in embarrassment as King carries on, “Oh man diva spanking and even more diva spanking, WOOHOO.”

“The divas aren’t done yet either King our main event is still to come,” JR says trying to remind King he still has more work to do on this PPV.”

“Oh yeah I forgot more divas more spanking, I can’t wait,” King says barely able to contain his joy.

“King behave yourself and please keep your hands above the desk anyway now over to Lillian for a very special in ring entertainment.”

Lillian stands outside the ring with a smile on her face, “Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Extreme Expose.”

Extreme Expose members Kelly Kelly, Brooke and Layla are stood in the middle of the ring waiting all wearing the same outfit, a white top cut to show off the girl’s midriff, a pair of small black shorts and black stockings with white sneakers. The big screen and speakers then starts to play Timberland’s hit song ‘Throw It On Me’ and all 3 girls start to dance around shaking their bodies to the music. Halfway though the song all three move around grab hold off there shirts and take them off all having the same type of bra on, pink with a black outline. As they toss their shirts away Kelly bumps into Layla knocking the dark haired girl to the mat. The music abruptly stops and Kelly loses her temper and screams at a downed Layla who just looks up at her in surprise. Brooke gets in-between then and tries to stop Kelly from yelling at her but Kelly doesn’t want to hear any off this and pushes Brooke away from her. Brooke not put off tries to put an arm around Kelly to calm her down however all that ends with is Kelly getting so mad that she slaps Brooke right in the face knocking her back against the ropes. Layla leaps to her feet and gets right into Kelly’s face asking her what the hell she did that for and Kelly answers back telling Layla that she is a crap dancer and she’s sick of carrying the entire group. Brooke regains herself and stands next to a shell shocked Layla while Kelly carries on shouting and screaming at how she’s a better dancer than both of them.

Brooke and Layla look at each other then with perfect timing both throw left hands right into the talkative jaw of Kelly Kelly. She hits the floor totally dazed and out of it Brooke starts to walk away when Layla grabs her by the arm and whispers something into her ear that makes Brooke smile. Both girls walk over to the downed Kelly and grab onto her black shorts as the noise level in the arena suddenly rises as the crowd work out what is going to happen to Kelly Kelly. Layla starts the countdown, 3 2 1 then they lift Kelly making her let out a huge scream as her spandex shorts are suddenly pulled halfway up her ass. Layla and Brooke have pulled so hard that they have dragged Kelly to her feet but thinking quickly Layla starts to bounce Kelly up and down using the wedgie. Brooke follows suit and now to add to Kelly’s problems she is being given a bouncing wedgie live on PPV in front of the world. As the bounces get higher and higher the more the shorts disappear up Kelly’s ass crack bearing more and more of her ass. The pressure and bouncing have taken their toll on Kelly’s shorts and the material starts to slowly rip down the middle however Kelly hasn’t noticed as the pain in her ass is so great that tears have started leaking from her eyes and her high pitched screams drown out any ripping noise till it’s to late. The huge ripping sound fills the arena and to Layla and Brooke’s delight Kelly’s shorts rip away in mid bounce so Kelly falls back down though the tattered remains of her shorts and lifts the mat bare arsed. Kelly cries in embarrassment and crawls away as fast as she can while the world gets a good look at her bare ass and as Kelly runs up the ramp in pain and humiliation Brooke and Layla pose in the center of the ring holding up Kelly’s ripped shorts like a title belt.

“Well that was certainly interesting,” JR says smiling.

“Interesting? I thought it was a great catfight oh it’s like what I keep saying JR all women secretly hate each other,” King says still watching Layla and Brooke dance their way back up the ramp still swinging Kelly’s ripped off shorts around.

JR carries on speaking ignoring King, “Well speaking of hate it’s time for our main event a 3 stage gimmicked match set up by the woman’s champ, the question is can she retain her belt against the devilish Melina let’s take it to Lillian.”

The cameras move to see Lillian standing not in the ring but in a small arena right next to the entrance ramp near a big pool of mud as she announces the main event, “The following contest is the first ever Lingerie Wedgie Ripping Mud match for the WWE woman’s title.”

She pauses to let the fans cheer at the sexual charged match type, “The rules of this match are, both Divas must be dressed in lingerie and wrestle in this pool of mud and the only way to win the match is to use a wedgie on your opponent and rip the underwear clean off them.”

The familiar giggle of the woman’s champ sounds out around the arena bringing with it a huge roar from the crowd who had been waited all day to see their favorite Diva as Lillian starts talking, “Introducing first from Toronto Canada, she is the WWE woman’s champion, Trish Stratus

Trish walks down the ramps holding the woman’s title in her hand raising it over her head as she moves closer to the mud bowl. Once there she gives her belt to the ref then starts to untie her black robe and in a very sexy way takes it off her shoulders and swings it over her head. The crowd makes an even bigger roar when they see Trish clad in only a dark blue bra with matching panties and Trish responses to the noise by doing a little twirl in front of the cameras letting everyone see every inch of her lingerie.

“And her opponent from Los Angeles California she is the number one contender, Melina,” Lillian says before quickly walking away hoping to avoid being covered in mud.

The ring hands work quickly in rolling out the red carpet for the A-list diva as she walks out with a grim look on her face obviously unhappy about the type of match she has been put in. As she gets near the pool of mud, the jeers grow louder as they can now see Melina is not in her lingerie or even a robe she is wearing a red top and a black skirt. Melina walks over to Lillan and takes the mike off her and despite the load chorus of boos starts talking.

“If you think for one minute I’m going to wrestle in a giant pool of mud in my underwear then you are all wrong,” Melina says as the boos grow louder and Trish’s look gets darker and darker.

Melina ignores the boos and carries on, “Now I don’t mind if your little championship slut over there wants to fight in her knickers but I will not lower myself to the level of a stripper just for the woman’s title so Trish if you wouldn’t mind lets go to the ring and have a proper wrestling match where I’ll prove I am the most dominant diva and beat your ass for the WWE women’s title.”

Trish makes her way over to Melina who drops her mike and stares her dead in the eyes. Both divas are locked in a stare down till Melina raises her fist and swings it at Trish’s head. Trish however saw it coming ducked under the fist and lines herself up for a Chick kick and all Melina can do is turn into it. BANG, Trish’s bare foot smacks Melina straight in the head knocking the brunette down to the floor and now with Melina out Trish turns to the crowd and mimes taking Melina’s clothes off. The crowd’s response is massive, a load roar is yelled out from every corner of the stadium which brings a big smile to Trish’s face and she instantly starts to act leaning down to tear off Melina’s shirt. Trish throws away the tattered top and looks down at Melina in her bright pink bra and lets out a little chuckle then gets right back to work in taking off Melina’s short skirt. The fan noise is near deafening as they can now see Melina in just her pink bra and panties but she is still out of it from the Chick kick so Trish slowly pulls her to her feet. Once Melina is stood upright Trish grabs hold of her hair takes a running start then throws Melina face first into the mud pit. The splash Melina makes covers a few fans close to the pool in mud while ref rings the bell to start the match and Trish moves closer to a mud covered Melina. Grabbing hold of Melina by her hair Trish pushes the challenger face first into the mud and holds her head under the mud for a few seconds then lets her up. Melina coughs and chokes at the drowning Trish gave her but then Trish dunks her head under again. Two more times Trish ducks Melina’s head under the mud and in total control of the match Trish throws Melina back wards into the mud as she poses for the fans.

“Trish is in total control of this match in the early going she hasn’t even gone in the mud yet,” JR correctly calls.

“Who cares? JR she in lingerie oh this is great,” King says his eyes on the small Canadian’s body in just her underwear.

“King you do know this is an important woman’s title match don’t you?” JR asks fearing he knows the answer.

King is offended by that remark, “Of course I do, and oh wait was that a wardrobe malfunction, was it? Nearly oh boy PUPPIES, PUPPIES.”

Melina surfaces from the mud totally covered in it while trying to get some much needed air into her lungs however Trish has seen her and gets hold of her by the hair and pulls her back over to the edge of the pool. Trish goes to put her head under mud again but Melina has just enough strength to swing her fist into Trish’s mid section. The hold on her hair is let go instantly as Trish staggers back holding her gut and Melina takes full advantage grabbing hold of Trish’s hair and throwing her into the pool of mud. Both Divas are now in the mud pool covered in the stuff as Trish tries to pull herself back up to her feet Melina comes in from behind and dunks Trish’s head under the mud. Melina is enjoying this act of revenge on her blonde rival that she hasn’t let Trish up to breath in over a minute and the referee has to get in the mud to get Melina off Trish. Immerging from the mud Trish coughs up a huge chuck of mud while breathing heavily Melina however wants no one to take a break and yanks Trish to her feet. Lining Trish up Melina lets out a huge slap to the cheek that sends Trish falling to the edge of the pool and once there Melina picks her up again and gives her another slap that knocks Trish against the rim of the pool. Melina lets out one of her famous primal screams and runs straight at Trish who merely sidesteps and watches Melina hit the poolside at full speed and gets stuck hanging over the edge. Trish looks at Melina’s bent over ass and gets a great idea for humiliation and raises a mud covered hand in the air then brings it down on Melina’s ass with a big spank. Screaming out load Melina gets 5 harder smacks that sting against her cheeks and Trish’s 7th spank is so hard that even the fans winch as Melina screams again. Now Trish can sense that the match is near the end so she reaches forward to grab Melina’s panties but Melina sees this and is just able to get a foot up and kicks Trish clean in the jaw knocking the woman’s champion down. Melina climbs off the poolside pulling her panties over the sore parts on her asscheek while looking down at a downed Trish. Knowing that the time to attack is now Melina goes for one of her finishing moves a split leg drop; Melina uses her talent for the splits and drops her stretched out leg down on the throat of her opponent. The move brings a groan out of the crowd as they see one of their favorites down and out and they can see Melina celebrating as if she had won the title.

“Big move there by Melina, a split leg drop and Trish is down and hurt,” JR says.

“No don’t injury the puppies Melina but please can you do that move again my camera had mud on it.”

JR is a little angry, “King this is an important title match keep your amateur photography out of our main event.”

“Wait JR look Melina’s going for the panties if she rips them off she’ll win the title,” King says in a rare moment during this PPV of doing is color commentary job.

Melina is sat on the lower back of Trish Stratus putting her fingers inside her dark blue panties making sure she has a tight grip on them. Now leaning back slightly Melina waits till she feels Trish starting to move then yanks back on the panties with all her strength. Trish screams out in pure pain as her panties disappear up the crack of her ass as Melina pulls back hard trying to rip off Trish’s panties. Pulling harder and harder the more material goes up Trish’s ass as the blonde’s much looked at ass becomes more and more visible but it’s the pain that has really got to Trish last month she had a tough match against Mickie James for the title where Mickie gave her 3 of the most painful wedgies of her life and now her she was lying on her stomach while Melina pulls at her panties with real aggression. Melina is staring to tire, 2 full minutes she has been pulling away at Trish’s panties and apart from stretching it out like a very tiny G-string over Trish’s ass but nothing has really ripped away and Trish feels this as she tries to maneuver her body so she can overpower Melina. The moment Melina’s arms start to give out and Trish starts to push herself upwards a ripping sound can be heard all around the arena and Trish herself is so nervous by the sound that she slips over in the mud allowing Melina to reposition herself on top of her pinning her down. The ripping sound has helped Melina a lot now knowing that she is one tear away from being the woman’s champ she starts yanking and pulling at the panties trying desperately to tear them off. Another rip is heard and the pain on Trish’s crack is now enormous and the former babe of the year is screaming so loud that her voice is starting to crack. One last pull by Melina tears the crotch of the panties clean out of Trish’s ass and allows her to rip away the rest of the panties. Melina leaps off Trish’s back holding those ripped panties like a trophy raising them high in the air as Trish meekly gets to her feet showing her bare butt to the crowd.

JR is shocked, “King she did it Melina beat Trish, and Melina is our new woman’s champion.”

King is as shocked as his partner, “I can’t believe it Melina ripped those panties off like a mad woman.”

“Yes but look at her celebration Melina is really happy hey wait Trish from behind what’s she doing,” JR asks.

“WEDGIE WOOHOO, JR look at Melina’s ass oh Trish I love you PULL HARDER,” King screams jumping out of his chair to see Melina’s mud covered ass exposed in a wedgie.

“But King the match is over this is just a sore loser display by Trish,” JR says slightly disappointed in the former woman’s champion for being a bad loser.

King is unsympathetic; “Well you would be sore JR, if you had your underwear ripped off in a wedgie like now OH BABY Trish ripped Melina’s panties off.”

“Wait the ref called for the bell what the hell he’s giving Trish the belt, King what the hell is going on?” JR questions.

King is still confused as Melina’s bare ass is visible and Trish holds Melina’s pink ripped off panties above her head, “I don’t know Trish had her panties ripped off first maybe the ref made a mistake.”

Lillian talks to the ref and is on the mike quickly, “Here is your winner and still WWE woman’s champion, TRISH STRATUS.”

“What the hell is going on here?” JR angrily asks.

“Look JR, look,” King says pointing over to the mud bowl where Trish gets a bucket of water poured over her to show off a very small blue thong still covering her lower half and once the fans see this they go nuts

JR is up on his feet yelling over the noise of the crowed, “King OH MY GOD look at that.”

“I see, I see, A THONG oh JR I love a thong,” King says dreamily as Trish shakes her barely covered ass and championship belt for the screaming fans.

JR ignores his partner’s pervy viewing and explains the point, “but King Trish outsmarted Melina she thought she had won but Trish was wearing an extra pair of panties and won the match.”

King is stunned, “Amazing, Trish come over here for a group hug.”

Melina slowly gets to her feet, her ass in pain looking at Trish waving her belt in the air. Now very mad Melina lets out another primal scream and starts to stand up to get at Trish when she remembers that she has no underwear on and she is completely bottomless so she can only sit in the mud and watch as Trish walks up the ramp belt in hand. Standing on the top part of the ramp Trish holds the belt in the air for everyone to see but then the cheering stops and the crowd look on in awe. Trish looks behind her to see Stephanie Mc Mahon the boss’s daughter stood behind her arms folded a scowl etched on her face. Just as she opens her mouth to say something Steph throws a right hand to the jaw knocking Trish down to the floor. Steph pulls something out of her pocket and throws it down to Melina who quickly puts on the spare pair of panties as Steph drags Trish to her feet. Once the blonde is on her feet Steph puts Trish’s head in between her own legs and rests her arms on Trish’s bent over back. Melina runs up the ramp to join the female Mc Mahon who has just grabbed hold of Trish’s thong. Steph counted down 3 2 1 then she pulled up hard giving the woman’s champ a piledriver wedgie tearing the thong deep into her ass. Trish’s scream is the loudest of the night as the raw material rubs up against her pussy lips ripping away at the nerve ending. After only a couple of minutes the thong can take no more and rips away dropping Trish to the steel ramp while Melina claps and cheers as Steph tosses away the torn panties. Steph then whispers something to Melina who cracks out in a grin and she bends over Trish and unclips her bra. Still face down naked ass on display Trish can do nothing to stop Melina from pulling the bra out from underneath her leaving her totally naked on top of a WWE stage. Melina and Steph then both grab an arm each and lift Trish to her feet then with great power and strength toss Trish backwards off the stage. Trish twists in mid flight and hits the mud face first causing a huge splash covering the now unconscious diva in mud while Melina and Steph stand high on the ramp laughing. Melina throws the woman’s title down to Trish who’s bare ass can be seen flouting in the mud while EMT’S and referee’s attempt to move her while Stephanie and Melina leave side by side as the pay per view ends.