Title :Gym Catfight


Paulette vs. Megan

It was 1996, I had been a member of the gym for 9 mths. I had been pleasantly surprised to find that there were quite a few good lookers who
attended on a regular basis after work. So much so that I was a definite regular on Monday and Wednesday night at about 6.30 pm.
It sure was helping my fitness, and I was getting there twice on the weekends. One of the better looking girls, or I should say women

was a dark haired brunette, who went by the name of Paulette. Paulette stood about 5'3 to 5'4,had a great face and a lovely figure, with great

legs and butt.I'd say she was about a 34c, 24 waist and 33 hips. She would have been I'd say about 34, she was always well turned out

in the gym, with nice tight tops, generally colourful, and always wearing tight short black bike shorts, which showed she did have great legs and
a great butt. I'd been lucky enough to see her in the street a couple of times on her way to work and she dressed extremely well then. 
When I'd first seen Paulette she was wearing her hair permed,but just recently she had had it changed to a short style that dropped onto her shoulders,
when she ran, she would put
it into a very short ponytail. 

Paulette was a regular at the 6.30pm timeslot, though she would often alternate between going for a run, or doing
an aerobics session.
If she went for a run she would only run for about 20 minutes, then she would stretch for 10
and then do weights for the next hour.
Generally I was happier if she went for a run, because that meant that she
was in the gym longer. If she did aerobics she'd still do the weights, but only
for about half an hour before winding down with a stretch.

One night I noticed that one of the other good lookers a blonde,by the name of Megan had given Paulette a good look up and down, first off I thought

Paulette had missed it, but then I saw a quizzical look cross her face, and I realized that Paulette had caught Megan's look in the mirror.

Megan was probably a little bit taller than Paulette, say 5'4 to 5'5, she had blonde hair slightly over her shoulders and always wore a colorful headband 
to hold her hair back from her face. Megan too was always well turned out; similar to Paulette she too took pride in her appearance. She also wore bike shorts

but whilst she had a good set of legs, her butt was slightly large, I'd say that she was about a 34b,25 waist and 35 hips, she was generally just that little bit solider
than Paulette and I reckon where Paulette would have been 117 pounds, Megan would have been 125 pounds. Megan probably beat Paulette facially, but overall,
Paulette I felt just had the slight edge in looks over Megan, but then I'm probably biased in that I'd say that I generally prefer Brunettes to Blondes. (oh and Megan was slightly younger than Paulette, I’d say about 28 years old.)

Anyway as a regular on a weeknight you get to the point where generally you'll say hi to people, occasionally have a brief chat etc. Paulette generally kept to herself,
but would say hi to people, Megan was a bit more chatty she seemed to be friends with a couple of the guys, and it turned out that they'd joined the gym together.
But it was interesting that in the weights area there were very few women, but those that were there didn't speak to each other,whilst all us guys chatted a bit to each other.

The next couple of weeks I found quite interesting as both women, after that initial look seemed to continually check each other out. What was even more interesting
was that they were doing similar programs, and that when they were doing exercises, they seemed to be using the same size weights and dumbbells and bar bells. 
Of the two
I'd say Paulette was slightly the fitter, she ran and did aerobics, whereas Megan generally just rode a
stationary bike.
Both women when they did weights wore little gym gloves, that protected their hands,
both also always had a little bit of jewelry on, Paulette a gold band on her left wrist, and some
small Gold earrings, Megan wore a silver watch and a silver bangle.

So one particular weeknight, I'd gotten there at my usual time and found too my dismay that Paulette wasn't there, nevertheless I continued on with my workout, and contented myself
for a change at sneaking a few extra peeks at Megan, who I must say was looking quite spectacular in a pink low cut top and black bike shorts, white runners
with a matching
pink headband. Megan also had been a bit late, and it was now 7.15 pm and she was just starting
to do some weights.
At 7.30 I was pleasantly surprised to see Paulette turn up, she undid a pink warm up jacket
and displayed a tight lime green adidas top that was cut in a v, she had on her customary bike shorts
proceeded to put her hair in a ponytail and walked to the running machines. I thought great she's here, but damn I'll have to try to extend my work out a bit.

I noticed Megan going about her weights, and stole the occasional glance at Paulette on the running treadmill,
yep she was looking great and their was plenty of bounce happening,
(as there always was.).

It was a Wednesday night, and the gym was clearing out quite quickly. After about 15 minutes Paulette stopped running, walked for a couple of minutes and then got off the treadmill.
She walked over to her jacket and
took out her gym gloves and put them on and headed down to the stretching area.
The stretching area was slightly
away from the weight machines and was a reasonable sized area. I noticed that Megan had finished her weights
and was now doing some stretches
herself,I thought oh, bonus time a chance to get a look at them both stretching.

Paulette then selected a mat and did some stretches, then I was surprised to see that she got up and proceeded to walk over to me, she asked " do you know where the small situp bench is,?" I replied "no, but its always going missing. I said, " ask the instructor", but when we looked around
there was no instructor and then I realized that there was only Paulette, Megan and myself in the Gym. Paulette said" oh great, I've had a crap day at work, had to stay back to finish a
urgent project for my boss ! I said, "well at least you’re here, it’s a chance to get your frustrations out, she said "yeah I know, but…" and she walked back to the stretching area. ( I watched
in the mirror, yes great butt, wonderful legs. Paulette walked over to the exercise ball, there was only one of them
there too, usually there were 6.Paulette picked it up and went towards
her mat. I then heard Megan speak,
she said,"oh excuse me, I was about to use that, I've nearly finished my work-out. " Paulette replied " well
lucky you, but ordinarily I'd hand it over
but I'm way behind on mine, I've had a crap day, I'm sorry but you'll have to wait". Paulette' s tone was quite nice and I was shocked when out of the normally nicely mannered Megan, "I
heard her say, well I've had a crap day too, no need for you to be a bitch." Paulette said " Pardon, I'm not being a bitch, I'm sorry if I upset you, but I'm no Bitch. Megan said "oh yes you
are, I know your kind “and Paulette said "oh my kind eh ? Please tell me, " Megan let fly with a stream of four letter words, and Paulette stepped back. Megan said "you know I'm the better
looking women", Paulette said "oh really, I would n't be so sure about that ", Then she looked at me, "well who do you prefer?", I said well to be honest you.

Megan just turned and swore at me, and then Paulette said " you know, I've had enough of this swearing, you need a lesson in manners." "Bring it on" said Megan.

"Ladies I said, and Megan said "keep out", "this is between us, "yeah " said Paulette "keep out, you can referee", Then with that Paulette threw the ball at Megan, Megan knocked it too
one side and then advanced on Paulette,
both ladies reached for hair and there was some tugging and screaming going on, they spun round in a circle,
both also trying to

swing a slap and Megan swung a kick but their legs were entangled,Paulette pulled hard
and then shoved and their holds broke, Megan tumbled backwards onto her butt.

"ooh you bitch, you'll pay" she said
as she got too her feet.They advanced on each other more slaps were exchanged, Paulette grabbed at Megan's
headband and it slipped down around her neck,they both tried to kick whilst screaming and Megan landed one
into Paulette’s stomach,Paulette collapsed backwards onto the floor clutching her stomach,

Megan followed her down, awkwardly and slightly coped one of Paulette’s legs into her groin,Megan fell to one side,they both rolled
to one side then got to their knees,
Megan threw a right into Paulette’s breast,Paulette screeched,and then
grasped for Megan’s arms they struggled on their knees and then Megan forced Paulette onto her back,

they were struggling on the floor,Paulette tried to twist Megan off her,in the end she was able to twist Megan to one side
and they proceeded to roll over and over across the mats.
They were both grasping at hands and arms legs
were kicking as they rolled over,it was an interesting test of strength,Paulette eventually found herself
on top, but as she edged her
way up on Megan, Megan got a leg up and managed to force her off, Megan rolled
clear and then got to her feet.

Paulette was slower getting to her feet, but Megan stood back.
They both stood there looking disheveled, hair all over the place,slight tears in the tops,and slight scratch marks on legs and faces,Paulette had a small amount
of blood coming from
her nose. "Had enough bitch "cried Megan, " No" said Paulette, "tops coming off" Paulette advanced,both swung kicks and they came together again, they quickly found themselves on the
ground, again
rolling over and over, I noticed that Megan had a good grip on Paulette's top and it stretched and ripped,
"looks like its your top" that’s coming off said Megan. I saw that
beneath Paulette’s top she had a black bra on,
quite a solid one too to hold those substantial breasts in. Megan went at her and Paulette tumbled backwards
the top ripped further

and came apart. Megan stepped back, but Paulette advanced, this time Paulette managed
to get around her, she got Megan in a headlock, they fell to the floor, Megan seemed to be winded,
rolled her onto her back and then ripped at the front of her top, yep it ripped, I thought Paulette should
be using the opportunity to finish Megan off, but she seemed more interested
in making a mess of her clothing.

Megan screeched and eventually managed to shove Paulette off, the top ripped clear to show a white bra for Megan. "Yes" I thought Paulette is definitely
bigger, they were, back on even terms though both having lost their tops. Paulette stepped back, and then watching Megan warily, removed her earrings, "good idea "said Megan and did the
same. " Here" hold these " said Paulette. They advanced on each other, some more slaps were exchanged, before
Megan got a hold of Paulette's bra and ripped, yep off it came.
Paulette screeched and covered up Megan was on her with slaps and kicks,Paulette went to ground, Megan followed her down, lashing at Paulette's breasts,she too was missing her
Opportunity for a win. They struggled again on the ground, Paulette managed to twist Megan off her,
she got a hard punch into Megan’s stomach and then a right cross into Megan’s jaw,

Megan was stunned,Paulette got herself on top of Megan and then as Megan struggled,grabbed a hold of Megan's head and banged it into the ground, she tried to do it again, but Megan
was struggling and Paulette’s grip slipped,she grabbed at Megan’s hair again, as Megan reached for Paulette’s breasts,Paulette squealed,but concentrated on the task on hand and managed
to bang Megan's head into the ground, and then it was over.

Paulette sat atop of Megan, catching her breath.She then said "wait" as I moved forward,"she ripped off my bra
her's is coming off
too. Paulette ripped at it, and off it came, Paulette then said 'see I've got the better set"
I said” indeed you do". At that moment I heard a sound, in walked the Gym instructor, "whats going on
here then?
He said. I said the girls had a slight disagreement, and decided they should settle it, Paulette was still atop of Megan, Megan was starting to stir, I helped Paulette to her feet,
the Gym instructor said "whoa must have been some fight,sorry workout," "yes " I replied,I helped Paulette to where her pink warm-up jacket was, "Some workout " she said, "I've been
wanting to do that too her for ages," "well "said I " I'd say she's been wanting to do the same. Paulette went to tidy herself up, the gym instructor had Megan in the gym office, she was tidying herself
up. He came out of the office,"how did that start ? He asked, before I could reply he said,"never mind those two have
been eying each other off for some time, they had some small words the other
day, last Saturday, and it got
stopped ", too bad we haven’t installed a camera yet, we would have been able to get a replay.”

Megan came out, Paulette was standing with me, she said" that’s round one bitch, we'll go again. And she walked off. I said to Paulette so have you fought before, she said "oh a couple of times in
School and a couple of times in the office, but that’s the first time in the gym, and I generally win more than I lose."