Mat wrestling against Ann

By Barfly6363


This is a true account of a wrestling match I had in the late 80's or early 90's.

Ann was a nude dancer from Canada visiting Michigan. The man who set up the match, Alex, said that Ann was a good wrestler and not to let the difference in our weight fool me. I thought, yeah, right, I've heard this before from you.

Alex had arranged other wrestling matches for me in the past and each time he said the woman that I was going to wrestle was a knockout and an exceptional wrestler. Sometimes he was right, more often he wasn't.

Alex lived in an old two story house in the city and like I said, he set up matches regularly for me. I would wrestle on mats in his living room while he went upstairs and did whatever it is he did. He never asked to watch.

It was a Saturday afternoon and when I arrived at Alex's house, Ann answered the door. She was a petite blonde and pretty. All 3 of us chatted and I got to know Ann a little bit. Not only was she a nude dancer in Canada but she also oil wrested and said she had never been beat, not even by a guy. Easy for her to say. Everybody exaggerates about their wrestling record, but going unbeaten, even against guys, was pretty unrealistic.

Alex decided it was time to go upstairs so I went to the bathroom to change into shorts for the wrestling match. When I came out, Ann was standing on the mats wearing a bikini.

We were going to wrestle a 30 minute match, most submissions at the end would be the winner. There would be no punches or catfighting at all and we would take breaks after each submission. We started the match from our knees, like I do every match, which was probably a good thing considering I outweighed Ann by at least 30 pounds.

We moved toward each other and the match was on. I was surprised how aggressive Ann was because she came out on the attack immediately, trying to take me down. I had no trouble avoiding her takedown attempt but quickly found out that Ann is the kind of wrestler that hangs on to whatever hold she can get on her opponent. She had grabbed my arm in her takedown attempt and when I shrugged her off to the side, she kept her grip on my arm and pulled me with her. Ann landed on her back and I decided to go for a straddle on her, but before I could gain the mount, she spread her legs and scissored my waist.

Big deal I thought, she has a scissors on me. Turns out it was a big deal and a sign of things to come. This girl had a really good scissors hold and still had a death grip on one of my arms. I was on my knees facing her, trying to break her scissors with my free hand while Ann layed on her back, controlling my other arm and was reaching up to try to grab the back of my head. We struggled like this for a while before we ended up rolling to our sides, facing each other, with Ann's legs still clamped around my waist. I couldn't reach behind me from my position to try to break her ankles so I was kind of in a bind when Ann asked if I submitted. I told her no, but gave her credit for asking. It's one of the tactics I use when I wrestle. Get a good hold on your opponent that they can't break right away and then ask if they submit. It usually pisses them off because they can't escape the hold they are in and you know it. You may not be able to apply submission pressure on them but they can't escape either. I do this when I get a headscissors on my opponent. Wait about 30 seconds and then ask if they submit.

I finally pulled my arm free and out of her clutches when she rolled me to my back, giving up on her scissors and going for the pin submission on me.

Her body weight felt like a feather on me, but her aggressive nature made up for it. I easily flipped her but she didn't fall all the way off. Instead she landed higher up on me and put me in a headlock. She had strong arms for her size, and they were boney as well. In addition, I have a skinny neck and I hate headlocks. I never use them when I wrestle either but now I was in one and had to try to wrestle out of it. She kept her upper body pinned against my chest and pulled my head into her so that my face was pinned against her breast. My right arm was useless from the position I was in so I tried to grab her with my left arm, but she ducked down and I wasn't able to grab her head. She made an adjustment to the headlock and pulled my face in even tighter against her breast so that I couldn't breathe. I struggled wildly under her for about 10 seconds while she kept her weight on top of me and held the headlock tight. I used my free hand to tap out my submission on her back, fearing that I was going to pass out from lack of air.

She released the headlock and rolled off me while I layed on my back, catching my breath. She never asked if I was alright, which lead me to believe that she was a more serious wrestler than I first thought.

As we started the second match I was determined to avoid her headlock at all costs. She got a body scissors on me again and held on to it as we wrestled our way around the mats. She had a really good body scissors and although she wasn't getting me to submit with it, she could clamp on well with it and it was next to impossible to break. I'm sure she would have been able to get a submission with it if she applied it from certain positions, like from the back with a full nelson, but so far I had been lucky and she didn't trap me in a scissors submission position.

Still caught in her body scissors, I wrestled her to her back and dropped my weight on top of her, trying to make it difficult for her to wrestle out. I then wrapped my arm around her neck but didn't headlock her like she did me. She didn't like this move and struggled to get out but didn't release her scissors. We slid on the mats into the corner of the living room so that we were half on and half off the mats. There was carpet underneath. She was in a bad position at this point with limited options on getting free. She couldn't move backwards or up high because of the walls so her only option was to move forward, but she really couldn't move my weight from this position. I'm sure I could have submitted her if I would have added a headlock but didn't want to do that to her. I would have submitted if I were in her position but she wasn't submitting. She still had the scissors on me, that I couldn't break, but I had my weight on her and had control her head. I think she didn't want to submit because of her earlier comment about never having lost a wrestling match. I let her off the hook and said we were too close to the walls to continue.

Alex called down from upstairs and said we had 5 minutes left in our match so we decided to wrestle one more submission, much to my delight. Little did I know I would be tapping out seconds later.

We faced each other in the middle of the mats, both perspiring pretty well from the match when Ann came at me quick. She came at me high and flipped me, somehow wrapping her thighs around my head during the flip. We landed on our sides with Ann pinned against my back, facing my feet. Once we landed on our sides, Ann wrapped her arms around my stomach, pulled me against her and started squeezing my stomach with her arms and my head with her thighs. I immediately screamed out my submission. I literally screamed it out too, there was no time to tap it happened so fast. To this day, I've never submitted so quick in a match in my life.