With tears, tantrums and even the occasional tiara it is more soap opera
than reality TV. And in the latest backstage twist, X Factor judge Sharon
Osbourne has hit out at her fellow panellist, Dannii Minogue, claiming she is only
on the ITV1 show because she looks good - and because Simon Cowell, the
programme's supremo, is attracted to her. In the week that the Australian singer's
latest single failed to enter the chart Top 20, the 55-year-old wife of
Black Sabbath rocker, Ozzy, poured further scorn on her musical credentials.
"She [Dannii] knows she's there because of her looks, not because of her
contribution to the music industry. She's younger, she's better-looking, Simon
wants her and he doesn't want me."
This is by no means the first time that Mrs Osbourne, who made her comments
on this week's BBC2 Graham Norton show, has fallen out with the 36-year-old
singer. The pair are said to have had several furious behind-the-scenes rows
as well as one particularly heated on-screen confrontation which resulted in
the British star storming off the show. In last week's programme, Mrs Osbourne
was seen chuckling as Louis Walsh, The X Factor's other judge, poked fun at
her singing ability - this time prompting Miss Minogue to flounce off the
set. In another television interview with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan on
their Channel 4 chat show, the one-time rock manager denied suggestions that
the judges' rivalry was stage managed.
“Hand on heart, I don't think anybody would be that foolish to think that we
do it as a Pantomime. We're like a soap opera. It is like a soap opera
backstage. I said to Simon (Cowell) yesterday, it's like bloody Dynasty now. It's
terrible you know, you have to duck going down the hallway to your dressing
room in case there's a little spear that gets you in the back of the neck. You
walk in and it's like 'oh dear what's the atmosphere going to be like?'
In October, the mother-of-three threatened to quit after rowing with Dannii
in her dressing room minutes before the show went on air, according to
reports. For her part, Dannii has shown more public restraint in the ongoing row,
but recently said sitting on a judging panel of "older people" makes her feel
"younger and prettier". Simon appears to have done little to smooth over
tensions, admitting earlier this year that the pair compete for his attention. He
said early in the season:
"When I sit next to one, the other sulks. I have to try to give each one
equal attention. You know girls can be very catty and it's been very interesting
watching how another woman has affected the dynamic of the group."
Averaging over eight million viewers per show, this season's The X Factor
has been one of the most entertaining and controversial to date. Miss Minogue,
Kylie's younger sister, was introduced as a fourth judge - and quickly
clashed with her more senior female colleague.
Speaking at The X Factor press conference yesterday, Mrs Osborne played down
the comments she made on the Graham Norton show.
She said: "It's an open playing field. Dannii says things about me, I speak
things about her. But we respect each other enough that, when we see each
other, it's like round one, round two - and I think we're up to round 10."
Miss Minogue refused to be drawn on the row, only saying: "Unfortunately, if
you put two women on a show, then people want to see a cat fight."
Dannii Minogue and Sharon Osbourne were two very similar celebrities,
although Sharon was much the older they both prided themselves on their looks and
had clashed continually since the latest series of talent show The X Factor
started. That rare mix of envy, contempt and hatred brewed up nicely, stirred
by the tabloids and Simon Cowell saw their backstage feud boil over and they
nearly came to blows backstage. Simon arranged for both women to come to his
office in London and when they laid eyes on each other it was all they could
do not to tear into each other. Instead they settled for seething and staring
daggers at each other and Simon. After some pointless pleasantries from their
host Sharon got to the nitty-gritty.
“What is this Simon, I don’t want to spend any more time with this
talentless bimbo if I can help it!”

"Good. I rather thought you would be irked. I’ve decided that one of you has
to go from the show. I know it’s a great job and I know neither of you will
voluntarily resign. Well let me explain how I will decide between you two. On
Friday you will be taken to my country house whereby you will engage in a
contest for your careers. A fight. A catfight as Dannii so recently commented
upon. You were right Dannii, people do want to see you fight – well, not just
people but me specifically. The winner will get their contract kept and
extended, the loser I intend to do my utmost to destroy their career, and I you
both know I have the contacts and the power. Do you both agree to my terms ?"

Knowing that to refuse would end their careers both women agreed without too
much thought , although both certainly had reservations once they had left
the offices. However, both were so cocky and certain they held the advantage,
Dannii in youth, Sharon in toughness, that they felt sure they would easily
win and the opportunity to be rid of their rival was too tempting a
proposition for them.

So that Friday at 6pm both sluts arrived at his country mansion in separate
limousines. Dannii was dressed casually in tight jeans and a white T-shirt,
Sharon a bit more dressed up in a short black dress with knee high black
boots. They arrived within a minute of each other and they stood together on the
large stone steps , a frosty atmosphere between them as they knew one would be
leaving to upwards and onwards in their career while the other would be
staring into the oblivion.

A large butler opened the door for them and they followed him up two flights
of stairs to a small corridor. They each had a suitcase and unusually for
them they had to carry them themselves, but they had no clothes as Cowell had
told them to bring only what they wore for the weekend.

Cowell greeted them outside two rooms and the butler left. "Good evening
ladies , ready to save or end your careers ?".

Mr. Cowell explained the rules for the battle to come after breakfast the
next day.

"Each of you will start in the living room , I will referee. There are no
rules you can do whatever you want and go wherever you want and use whatever
you want and the winner will have to gain a submission from the loser. You
should say ' I give up', and be assured that when you say that ,you will not only
be giving up the fight but also your career as a celebrity. Do you both
understand ?".

Each woman nodded at him.
The next morning they both arrived at the dining room as they had been
instructed to and also as per instruction both were completely naked. Both had
undergone surgery on their bodies and as they stood eyeing each other up they
in turn admired and despised the others form. Both had augmented plastic tits
that would surely be targets during the fight. Simon arrived in a striped
shirt and shorts and ushered them in to opposing corners of his dining room and
then he sounded a small handheld bell from his mantle piece and the battle
was on !

Sharon was quick to take the fight to Dannii and ran across the room at her
rival. Dannii looked stunned at the frontal charge but in reality she had
spied a silver tray on a table by her side and once Sharon was within striking
distance she picked up the tray and smashed it down on the older woman’s
forehead. Stunned Sharon fell to the floor only to be met with three rapid fashion
strikes with the tray. Dannii mounted Sharon's torso and laid in with a
minutes worth of slaps and punches. Neither woman spoke during this combat but at
the first signs of Dannii flurry slowing Simon Cowell asked Sharon if she
wanted to give up . Sharon responded by shouting , "No".

This mode of attack not working Dannii shifted her weight to allow access to
Sharon's tits and the younger Australian babe viciously sunk her nails into
Sharon's breasts and started to twist them and pull them. Sharon screamed but
never submitted to this tit torture. In her wild thrashing about she managed
to dislodge Dannii and fling her into sideboard. Sharon Osbourne rose
unsteadily to her feet knowing she needed time to get her wind back but Dannii was
already back on her feet ready to strike again.

So Sharon sprang for the door and lurched into the entrance hall, pulling a
phone stand back over the door way to block the entrance. Dannii cursed her
and set about moving the obstacle. Cowell hung back amused by their antics.
Sharon didn't have any specific plan but made for the front door but got
delayed with unhooking the chain that held it shut, by the time she had released it
Dannii was into the hallway and charging at her.

The door opened just as Dannii collided with her foe and the two tangled
arms and legs and fell out onto the stone entranceway beyond and took a rough
ride as they bounced and rolled down the stone stairway that led up to the
front entrance. Dannii seemed to take the worst of it bumping her head several
times on the way down. She lay somewhat dazed at the foot of the stairs as
Sharon pulled herself up to her feet.

Quickly Sharon rolled the Aussie slut on to her face and straddled her back.
The huge driveway was made of loose stone chips and with some glee Sharon
gripped Dannii's hair and began to fiercely rub her face into the stones.
Dannii opened her mouth to complain and got a mouthful of small stones for her
trouble. Her mistreatment continued for a while until Sharon stood up and
stamped down on the back of Dannii's head , further driving Dannii's cover girl
features into the drive. Before she could do anything Sharon dragged her up by
her hair and flung her hard into the limousine that stood in the driveway. The
former Soap actress slid to her rump against the car.

Sharon felt that she had beaten her down enough to go for a submission and
reached down and grabbed hold of Dannii Minogue’s prefect breasts and dragged
her over onto the lawn intent on torturing her tits into giving up. But
Sharon stumbled on a loose spade that lay on the grass and seizing her chance the
dazed Dannii managed to shove her opponent down where she landed in one of
the many rose borders. Sharon's skin was pierced deeply by several sharp thorns
and she found herself stuck in the position she landed.

Dannii fell herself , but landed on the soft grass. With Simon Cowell
watching and her opponent trapped in the thorns Dannii shook herself to regain her
senses then decide to end the battle once and for all . She grasped the
handle of the spade and summoning her strength lifted it high , intent on knocking
Sharon unconscious so that she could gain a winning advantage. Sharon saw
the weapon falling just in time and forced herself to move even though some of
the roses and thorns remained in her flesh. The spade splatted the earth
where Sharon had lain and unbalanced Dannii's stance somewhat allowing Sharon to
dive on her foe and the two bitches rolled down the slopping lawn to a fence
that bordered the lawn pulling hair and scratching at their faces.

They rolled for 20 yards on the wet grass until they bumped hard into a
fencepost. Again Dannii bore the brunt of the bump and Sharon was first to her
feet, tugging Dannii up by her hair Sharon whipped her foe into the fence.
Unfortunately for the Australian bitch it was a barbed wire fence and she
screamed as her naked body collided with the five strands of jabbing wire. Sharon
hadn't realised it was barbed wire but showed no mercy any way by raking
Dannii's forehead over the wire and busting her open . As Dannii cried Sharon
turned her around and pushed Dannii's arms between two strands of wire and
wrapped them up so she was trapped momentarily. Sharon then marched up to retrieve
the spade, returned and swung it to bring it down on Dannii's face with a
glancing blow that nearly knocked her out.
It’s force and Dannii’s body’s reaction was enough to tear her arms from
the wire fence and she fell to her hands and knees sobbing and bleeding from
the head and arms at Sharon’s feet. Sharon held the spade like an axe and knew
that if she connected wrongly with another blow she would nearly decapitate
her foe and that would be too much to cover up so reluctantly she tossed the
weapon aside and instead drove a kick into Dannii’s ribs that knocked her off
her arms and she fell face first on the wet grass.
In complete control Sharon Osbourne dropped onto Dannii’s back, straddling
it and stuck her nails in the younger woman’s hair, wrenched her head up and
spat in her face.
“You fucking bimbo, it’s time you got a proper make-over!”
As if the cut to her forehead was not enough Sharon raked her nails over the
cut again and again then pushed Dannii’s face into the grass hard and
humiliatingly rubbed it back and forth in the muddy ground. Dannii was in shock,
she had been so overwhelmed by Sharon and had totally not foreseen it, nor has
she anticipated how violent and vicious she would be. But Dannii knew she was
taking a hell of a beating and if she stayed in this position she would just
be picked off with ease. She mustered all her strength into one desperate
surge up, pushing hard from her thighs and it took Sharon by surprise, sending
her flying forward headfirst into the barbed wire fence!
Dannii was breathing real hard as she forced her face up to look at her foe.
The Australian was hurting from her sustained beating and with her face a
mess of blood and mud was hardly recognisable as the sexy singer that once
stripped for Playboy magazine. When she did clear the muck from her eyes it was
to see Sharon’s naked ass facing her. The older woman had gone headfirst
between two layers of the wire (nastily scrapping both her forehead and chin on
the way) and in trying to put her hands out to protect her had got the jammed
on a bard each as well and having absorbed the sharp impact was only now
trying to carefully reverse and extricate herself from the fence. She never got
the chance as before she did Dannii made it to her feet and gave her a hard
kick in the ass from behind that served to shunt Sharon’s body forward and
further onto the barbs.
Referee Simon Cowell just smirked as he watched the action get more and more
barbaric. Dannii turned towards him and walked to him and without a word
undid his belt from his dress shorts and whipped it off him. Then she turned
back to Sharon, wound it around her hand twice before standing over her older
enemy and cruelly lashing it down on her exposed backside. Sharon jerked wildly
but that was agony too, stuck as she was in the fence. The first lash left
an angry red welt across the lower back and ass of Sharon Osbourne and Dannii
lashed at it again, finding almost the same area. She fell into an almost
frenzy of lashes, her hatred of Sharon and her earlier beating in the fight
blurring her reason and she thundered the belt countless times across her
screaming opponents bare back. The screams drove Dannii on to keep whipping until
her arm hurt.
When she finally relented and looked at Sharon’s back it was to see it
transformed into an ugly, red mess and the older woman jerking desperately between
the barbed wire to do something to escape but just cut her sides even more.
Finally, she succeeded in getting out of the fence but only for Dannii to
wrap the belt around her struggling neck and start to choke the hell out of her.
Sharon struggled with all her might, ignoring the stinging pain that was her
ass (it was glowing and throbbing a bright crimson from the whipping) and
the scratches and tears to her naked skin from her bout in the barbed wire,
trying to get her nails under the leather of the belt and relieve some of the
pressure. She was somewhat successful but as she pushed the leather from her
throat Dannii lifted her right arm, bent it and smashed the point of her elbow
down on the top of Sharon’s forehead, sending her sprawling on the grass.
This time Dannii wound the belt around the knuckles of the right hand, made sure
the buckle was facing the outside of her fist, lifted Sharon’s dazed head up
and smacked a punch right onto her older foes face. Three more belt assisted
blows followed and when Dannii stepped back it was to show Simon that Sharon
was now also badly bleeding from the forehead.
But Sharon was not done yet, she may have taken a bloody beating over the
past few minutes but she was hard as nails and even as she slumped forward to
be held up by Dannii’s body she was preparing to sink her claws right into
Dannii’s unsuspecting cunt. The nails of her right hand fount Dannii’s clit and
simultaneously twisted and scratched it eliciting a screech from the
Australian and making her drop the belt in her frantic efforts to get Sharon’s hand
off her, she did but her pussy was on fire with unexpected pain and she
stumbled back not nearly as confident as a minute ago.
They stared at each other their hatred still evident, one of them was taking
a big fall today and limping and bleeding they came together again, their
hands reaching to tear at hair and faces and tits, their knees desperately
trying to connect with each other’s pussy, anything to get an advantage. Dannii
punched her fist into Sharon’s gut causing her to double over but before she
could do anything else Sharon had fastened her mouth onto Dannii’s right tit
and was biting it hard! Before she could tear it off with her teeth though
Dannii had jammed her finger into Sharon’s eye and caused separation again and
before Sharon had recovered kicked her right in the cunt. It hurt Dannii’s
foot but it hurt Sharon even more and she dropped to her knees, perfect for
Dannii to drive a knee to the older woman’s chin, sending her sprawling on her
back on the grass.
The vicious cat fight continued even though both were tiring badly and
clearly wounded. At one point with both on their feet they traded punches with
Sharon coming out on top of that a hard punch smacking directly on Dannii’s nose
and possibly breaking it and definitely leaving it bloody. They were making
their way back towards the house and clearly with both in a terrible
condition there must be a winner and a loser determined soon. As they brawled wildly
on the path Dannii tripped and fell hard on a paving stone, showing no mercy
Sharon kicked her right in the head and then followed up by wrenching her foe
to her feet by her hair and practically dragging her over to the fish pond
that was the centre piece of the beautiful garden. It was surrounded by a
lovely stone wall about two feet off the ground and after dragging Dannii to it
Sharon proceeded to pound the Australian’s forehead against it five vicious
times until Dannii slumped over it unmoving. Then she pulled her over and
into the pond, joined her before pushing Dannii’s head under the water and
holding it there for nearly thirty seconds. When she did relent Dannii came up
totally out of it, all the fight gone from her.
When Dannii Minogue came to she could neither move or speak. She lay flat
out on the Croquet lawn at the back of the mansion. Sharon Osbourne had dragged
her there after knocking her out. Sharon had immobilised her foe by
hammering the Croquet hoops strategically over Dannii's lithe young body. One came
down over her neck , two kept each arm in check and two on each leg. The hoops
had been hammered in real deep and Dannii could not move them. In her mouth
was the handle of the spade.

She looked up in terror as she heard voices approach, it was Sharon and
Simon but she could barely see them as they were positioned by her feet. Then
Sharon loomed into sight and Dannii suddenly wished that she hadn’t. Sharon’s
face was still sporting plenty of damage but her hands were sporting much
more worrying things and were now wearing a pair of heavy duty gloves. She
deliberately held them close to Dannii so she could see what they were. She held
up a strand of barbed wire, a stem from a rose bush that had its fair share of
thorns, a nettle and another handle of a spade but this time without the
blade on it.
As Dannii squirmed to try and free herself Sharon wrapped the barbed wire
tightly around the handle. Then she cruelly pushed the stinging nettles up
Dannii’s exposed pussy, if she could have she would have submitted now but her
mouth was rendered useless. Then Sharon pushed the barbed wire covered handle
to the edge of Dannii’s cunt and tried to fuck her with it while
simultaneously whipping her big, fake tits with the thorned stem, opening up loads of
nasty little cuts on them while still trying to shred her rival’s pussy.
Sharon pounded her for at least two minutes and as soon as she removed the
spade handle from Dannii's mouth she screamed " I give up ". And like that her
career was over. Mr. Cowell congratulated Sharon and reminded her that he
would now attempt to make her a bigger star. But Sharon wanted more, she knew
that Dannii would try to stay in the public eye by modelling and having grown
to hate her younger rival with a passion over the last few months wanted that
avenue stopped as well. Mr. Cowell was not about to stop her.

Sharon disappeared into the mansion and returned a few minutes later
carrying the butlers electronic shaver. Sharon then proceeded to get down on her
knees and shaved Dannii Minogue completely bald. Then Sharon used a wet razor to
get a nice shiny dome on the little slut's head. Dannii sobbed constantly.

That evening Sharon Osbourne strode out to her waiting limousine happily,
she was still naked , having no clothes but would be taken straight home behind
the shaded window. However, as the now bold Dannii was led out she was told
to get in the front passenger side, sitting next to her driver , a 25 stone
man called "Tiny", she was told in no uncertain terms that unless she orally
satisfied her driver he could drop her off wherever he wanted ( and he knew
some pretty rough areas of London ).

They drove off and the world was short of one totally talent less bimbo
whose only ability was flaunt her body at weak men. Dannii Minogue was no longer
a celebrity cunt but now just a cunt