The Showdown
I have often mentioned that I like a story that is simple. I get videos 
that do not involve violence or blood, punching, scratching, hairpulling 
or tit-mauling. I've seldom fantasized about Hollywood stars in fights 
and my tastes are simple: having the best in the sport face each other. 
Women who are strong, know what they are doing but are not freakish 
bodybuilders. Only have stories by the Metropolitan Club (however 
theirs' are pins, not submissions, and have not been updated). Bomur and 
Emish come close. I will attempt my first story (purely fiction) and it 
involves the pioneers of the sport, Judell Dulong and Beatrice Goffin. 
Let me know if the effort was worth it. A word to the participants. I 
hope you are not offended, please let me know if you are. 
The 80's were a heady time for the sport as it had grown from super 8's 
and fake videos featuring porn stars rolling around on a carpet trying 
to contain their laughter, to Sports Review Wrestling and their stylish 
Apartment House stories featuring David Moll, his rich playboys friends 
and pseudo championship circuit. The real thing was popping up around 
the States with Joan Wise and Judell Dulong running their companies, 
Video Sports Limited producing matches, and the beautiful models of 
Golden Girls combining the elements of both competitive and fake 
wrestling. The best of each clubs may have met each other, but the very 
best seldom did. One who did travel was Beatrice Goffin and this is my 
The Showdown: 
Sure Judell claims to have never been pinned or submitted. But she only 
faced a bunch of mid-western housewives or kids with little experience 
and no dedication to the sport. Slap and tickle, when the going got 
tough they turtled, easier to submit then battle through the pain. She 
only fought when there was nothing at stake. Or so the story went. 
Many thought Beatrice Goffin was the best. She was a pioneer of the 
sport from Belgium and she did something few others did. She travelled 
looking for matches and beating all. Be it submissions or pins she never 
lost. Yes she may submit a fall here or there but she always seemed in 
control and in the end the results were the same. She took on all comers 
large or small and she came out on top. Not the most attractive of women 
she was 5'5" 130 with a strong body that was honed by gymnastics but 
built by wrestling. She enjoyed the craft and trained specifically for 
it. She enjoyed dominating women and forcing submissions and never 
backed down. 
Beatrice wanted to beat the best and went searching out Judell. Both had 
been in the sport for many years and were now in there early to mid 
30's. A match had to be made, but the terms and the incentives had to be 
there. The loser had much to lose in this sport. Yes it was lucrative, 
and some money could be made, not a lot, but some. Was it worth the 
risk? Finally some rich wrestling aficionados approached the two. It was 
simple best two out of three falls, with one twist. As the backers were 
not positive of how it would all work out, the two agreed that the 
minimum running time would be 30 minutes. If one did not want to 
continue (prior to 30 minutes) then they would forfeit their purse. The 
match may have many submissions prior to the 30 minutes, thus if the 2 
out of 3 was completed in less then 30 minutes the two would continue as 
in Judellís videos until one no longer wanted to continue. The backers 
were worried that with all this preparation if something went wrong many 
would feel disappointed. All expenses paid $5,000 for each with a $2,500 
extra to the winner and 10% and 20% of any video revenue. Not bad for 
the mid '80's. 
Beatrice had never backed down from a challenge and in studying Judell's 
tapes saw a formidable opponent but also saw someone who'd never been 
pushed, through no fault of her own facing inferior opposition and thus 
susceptible to her. How can you gauge Judell when she is so much better 
then everyone she faces? Judell's opponents were neophytes, not as 
strong or experienced as she was and all were missing that look that the 
great ones had. 
Beatrice knew because she had faced many. Full of confidence and ability 
with great backgrounds, many much larger than her, yet they all were 
left the same at the end. Beaten and hurt. She wrestled for the sport 
and with a slight nasty streak. The adrenaline in her enabled her to 
withstand great amounts of pain and when an opponent was worn down she 
would often extricate a painful submission holding for a few seconds 
after just to let the other know who had won. She looked forward to be 
the first to hear Judell scream her submission and have to look her in 
the face after the match and know who the better women was. 
Judell knew the stories people were saying but was unperturbed. She had 
always had an open challenge to anyone her size in a submission format. 
She knew all she had wrestled had paled against her. But the reason was 
simple; she was that much better. Not glamorous or overly attractive, 
like Beatrice this was her outlet and she enjoyed reigning over her 
Amazon Club. There were many names in wrestling but they were 
regionalized and though many made overtures about facing and beating 
her, few carried through the threat. She knew Beatrice's reputation and 
had seen her beat better opponents then she had faced. Beatrice had 
traveled and had that experience that nagged at Judell, and she looked 
forward to finally being pushed to the limit, but then again maybe 
Beatrice wouldn't test her. She didn't know and neither did anyone else. 
The two trained with zeal like never before for the match that was to 
take place two months later. They studied tapes and developed strategies 
as the two realized the importance of the meeting. The winner would be 
unquestioned and to get to her in the future you'd have to go through 
the loser. Yes the money was nice, but more important was their pride. 
Both brought that intensity and feel that said no one could beat them. 
The day arrived and the two anxiously waited for their drivers to pick 
them up. For this was going to be no cheap match in a private gym. They 
had earlier been interviewed as to their outlook on the match to be 
included in the tape and to be played to those gathered prior to the 
match. Both were eloquent (Beatrice used a translator as her English was 
poor) and heaped praise on the other as they were careful not to give 
away too much. The two had an air of confidence as they predicted 
victory as neither had ever known defeat. The two were being whisked to 
one of the promoters mansions and would be meeting one-on-one in what 
could be described as a padded 30' by 30' foyer that would allow for a 
video capture and provide plenty of room so as that the two were not 
confined by space, walls or ring ropes. Everything had to be just right. 
There were 50 people who had paid to watch this match from behind a one 
way glass so as not to be in the way or tarnish the video transfer. 
The two arrived separately just after 8:30 pm and were taken to separate 
rooms to change, prepare and reflect. The match was to start at 10:00 
pm. There was no need to say more as they were professionals and knew 
what was expected. It would be straight submission wrestling, with a 10 
minute break between falls. Everything would be perfect, there would be 
an ample break to give them time to recover and allow them to remain 
somewhat fresh.With what was on the line, the combatants had agreed to 
the length of break as they wanted the best result and to give them time 
to regroup if needed. 
Both entered the room from opposite ends at the same time. It was the 
first time they had ever met and looked up and down one another. They 
fixed their eyes on each other looking for what may be signs of weakness 
or different from the videos they had studied. Beatrice noticed Judell's 
strong shoulders and powerful arms and legs (her most deadly weapons) 
looked larger then she saw on videos. Her stomach, with the obvious 
signs of motherhood which she expected to exploit, also looked leaner. 
Judell saw much the same as she looked up and down Beatrice, powerfully 
built in a leopard skinned bikini that accentuated powerful legs and her 
broad shoulders. Judell also noticed that Beatrice had abdominal 
muscles, something most women lacked making her question her scissors 
(favourite hold) not being as effective as it may be otherwise.
After what seemed like minutes (30 seconds in fact) a voice cut in. 
"Welcome ladies. All of us have looked forward and wondered aloud 
(actually more likely in private) what the outcome of a meeting between 
you two would be. Soon we shall see. You two are the acknowledged best 
and this is what we have waited for. You are aware of the stipulations 
and may begin." 
That was all that had to be said. Years of training and honing had come 
down to this, two women against each other, each confident and boasting 
to be the best, and now they'd have an answer. 
They met in the middle and shook hands abruptly and then stood back and 
circled, each cautious not sure whether to make the first move. Hands 
flicked out looking for something to grab but finding nothing. Then 
Beatrice dived at Judellís legs grabbing her by the ankles and taking 
her down. The soft mats padded her fall and she kicked her feet freeing 
herself from Beatriceís arms. Quickly the two scrambled to their feet. 
Though a small victory Beatrice had scored the first point. 
The two remained cautious as they looked in each other's eyes. Both wary 
of each other and scared of making a mistake. They were great fighters 
and often at their best when on the ground, as that afforded them time 
to wait for the other to make mistakes. Often in frustration, opponents 
would leave themselves open for counter attacks, for Beatrice and Judell 
just would not submit. Here though, neither wanted to wind up on their 
backs, because their opponents may be too strong this time. 
They continued looking for an opening, and none was coming. Not knowing 
just how strong Beatrice was, Judell offered her hand in a "test of 
strength" stance. Beatrice understood the meaning and eagerly accepted, 
as this would give them a taste of what was in store. They interlocked 
fingers slowly, and with all ten locked released simultaneous grunts as 
they applied pressure. Their arms overhead, their leg legs steadied, the 
two looking for leverage in order to force the other's wrist back. They 
wavered side to side trying to get a proper grip and bring the 
vanquished forward so they could use their shoulders and force the other 
to their knees and use gravity to the utmost. But neither budged and 
they continued, looking one another in the eyes and gritting their teeth 
in a slow dance as they tried to maintain their balance. Slowly Beatrice 
started to gain a slight advantage and Judell sensed this as her wrists 
were being forced back. A slight grin appeared on Beatrice's face as she 
sensed the advantage and turned up the pressure. Judell tried to keep 
her balance but was being forced to her knees and having to look up at 
Beatrice. Being unused to such a position a surge of adrenaline shot 
through her and Judell would be forced down no further, she jerked 
Beatrice toward her and caught her off guard, this gave her the chance 
to get to her feet and even things yet again. Beatrice sensed thing were 
no longer in her control yanked her fingers free. 
As soon as her hands were free Beatrice dived at Judellís waist tackling 
her to the ground. She was on top with Judell on the bottom on her back 
and did not hesitate as she moved her arms toward Judellís head. She 
expertly rolled Judell to her side, got off and applied a headlock to 
Judell. And then she squeezed. Judell was not prepared for the strength 
in the arms. Now she knew how her opponents felt when she applied a 
headlock and the pain associated. Her face turned red as she waited for 
the initial burst of adrenaline from Beatrice to subside. Beatrice 
squeezed and kept the full pressure for 45 seconds before her arms 
relaxed and Judellís circulation was restored. Judell was prepared for 
the break and worked her way to a kneeling position from which she could 
slowly work her way to her feet. And she did. Beatrice however was not 
about to let the advantage slip and began her second full pressure 
assault. This one was shorter (maybe 30 seconds) but just as painful. 
With Judell groggy she flipped her over her hip and came down full force 
on Judell, maintaining the headlock and control of the situation. She 
was enjoying herself. Judell's hands searched for something to grab, she 
was on her back, no leverage and had to hope for a chance to move 
Beatrice off. Beatrice continued to press the issue and would alternate 
squeezes along with periods of rest, all the while maintaining perfect 
body control and keeping Judell at bay. She thought of switching 
positions but thought better of it as she was content to wear Judell 
After two minutes of this slow painful headlock Judell finally was able 
to grab Beatrice's chin. Now it was Beatrice who had to keep her 
balance. In working to remove Judell's hand, Judell was able to shift 
her head position, relieving much of the pressure and work her way off 
her back. She moved once again to her knees, forcing both her and 
Beatrice to their feet, but this time Judell grabbed Beatrice behind the 
knees and lifted her off the ground with the headlock still being held. 
Judell had only one option and that was to fall backward. It was risky 
if she hit her head it could be over and Beatrice was unwilling to let 
go. So she fell backward, bringing Beatrice down on her back, and 
loosening her arms and allowing Judell to escape. 
Though dazed, Judell knew she had to grab the advantage and dove on a 
prone Beatrice who was in the process of trying to get to her feet. She 
forced her on her stomach and moved her arms under Beatrice's and behind 
her neck. Now she'd see how Beatrice could handle pain and adversity in 
a full nelson. Beatrice realized that she had to keep her head down and 
not allow Judell to use it in a combination (though a painful hold, it 
is in combination with a scissors or when the head and neck are strained 
back that a submission can be elicited). Judell attempted to roll 
Beatrice out of her position, slowly trying to work her legs around 
Beatriceís waist, but Beatrice was stubborn and placed her arms between 
Judell's legs and her own waist and would not be rolled. Judell's 
confidence grew as she was finally in command and was slowly regaining 
her senses from the after affects of Beatrice's earlier advantage. She 
was determined to get Beatrice in a scissors as no one had ever escaped 
one before when locked in. So she decided to release the full nelson in 
order to get her in a scissors. She let go and immediately mobilized 
Bea's arms, which enabled her to snake her legs around the waist and 
turn on the pressure. 
"It would only be seconds now" the gathered thought as Bea let go a 
wounded scream. Judell continued the pressure and asked Bea if she had 
had enough. 
There was no responce, just a grimace on her face as she gritted her 
"Give?" Judell asked again as she renewed the full force. 
No responce. However now Beatrice started to buck in an effort to change 
positions, relieve the pressure and change positions. And Judell tried 
to keep her legs locked but was finding it more and more difficult as 
Beatrice was slowly working into a better position. Finally Bea created 
enough of an opening to slip an arm in try to break the vice-like grip. 
Judell was starting to feel the strain, too, on her legs and was 
concerned that she had not elicited a submission. She knew she was in 
trouble as Beatrice worked her way so as Judell still held the scissors 
but was on her back and Beatrice was working her way to her knees and 
trying to stand. Judell tried to shift her weight and force her down 
again, but Beatrice was dogged as she tried to flip Judell to her 
stomach. With a sudden burst Judell found herself on her stomach but she 
maintained her scissors long enough to bring Bea down again. This time 
however Beatrice was in a much better position and had managed to sneak 
her legs under Judell's stomach and had applied her own scissors as the 
two now had each other trapped but were unable to maximize their 
leverage but were figuring out the next move. 
Judell finally had enough of her scissors and even though in a slight 
advantage had decided that sheíd let go and change tactics. Since her 
position was better she could, if timed properly, move to a headlock 
since Bea's scissors had been awkwardly applied. She released twisted 
and dove for Beatrice's head, catching her chin and wrapping her arms 
around. Bea had ended up in a sitting position and caught from behind 
and was being suffocated by Judell's arms across her chin and face. 
Judell also stuck a knee in Beatrice's back and pulled. 
Again Judell was proud of herself and expected a submission. None was 
coming as Beatrice began to arch and get to her feet. Judell rose with 
her, her knee no longer in the back, but her arms in control. Once on 
their feet, Beatrice worked her hands across Judell's wrists and began 
to power out. Judell released an arm which Beatrice grabbed and in a 
swift move used it to flip Judell over her waist and came down full 
force on Judell. 
The wind had completely been knocked out of Judell and Beatrice sensed 
it as Judell let go a muffled cough. Judell was in pain as her ribs had 
taken the brunt of the fall and they burned. Beatrice wasted no time and 
had Judell in a scissors. Squeezing with all her might she forced Judell 
to scream in anguish and lower her guard. She capitalized by slipping 
her arms under Judell's and around the back of her head. She had Judell 
trapped in a combination scissors and full-nelson, and Judell whimpered. 
She was helpless. Not ready to submit, looking for an escape, but 
finding none. Beatrice savoured the moment and would alternate 
increasing pressure points, carefully rolling Judell and increasing the 
pain, one minute the neck, the next the ribs. Resting to relieve her 
muscles and to prepare for the next assault. She would rock Judell back 
and forth. She didn't ask for Judell to submit, she was forcing it, and 
reveling in it. 
This continued as the assembled group looked on in awe. Then suddenly 
they heard what had never been uttered. 
"I give." 
It was barely audible and a tear rolled from Judell's eye. She had 
submitted her first fall. Ever. 
Beatrice grinned. And applied another 5 seconds of pressure before she 
released the hold and kicked Judell away. 
She stood a little wobbly as her circulation too had been cut and the 
effort of the hold etched on her face could not be hidden. She walked 
out of the room to rest for the next fall, knowing that she had Judell 
not just 1-0, but psychologically as well. 
Judell's ribs burned, but she knew she had to get up and walk out with 
her head high. No one was going to see the pain on her face or her 
sunken heart. She had to regroup. Good thing she had 10 minutes. 
Many looked up at the clock in amazement as they realized Beatrice and 
Judell had fought for a furious 45 minutes for the first fall. They had 
deserved the break. 
Both women knew what a struggle it had been. Beatrice was on the verge 
of submitting to Judell's scissors earlier, but the words had not come 
out. Even though she had gotten the submissions she was sore, and was 
worried that she'd stiffen during the break and had spent her time 
stretching. She was unsure as to Judell's condition but hoped that she 
had her sufficiently worn down and could make this submission quick. 
Judell's ribs meanwhile were burning. Her neck tense and her body in 
pain. However it was her psyche that was in the worst shape. Never had 
she met someone as knowledgeable as Beatrice. Yes many may have been as 
strong, but none knew the psychological side or had the determination 
that she did. Judell for the first time had self doubt, and was unsure 
of what to do next. Many earlier matches Judell would allow herself to 
be caught in holds knowing that her opponents did not know how to finish 
them or have the determination to control them long enough. Then sheí' 
revel in going in for the kill and toying around before she'd end a 
match. This was not the case this time. She had to regroup.
Ten minutes went much too fast as there was a knock on the door and the 
combatants knew it was time to start again. They re-entered the room, 
with Beatrice entering first, followed by Judell. It was noticeable that 
Beatrice was walking straighter with her head up, and Judell had her 
shoulders slightly hunched and her eyes staring to the floor. 
They went to opposite ends and Beatrice looked at Judell, egging her on. 
"Come on," She gestured, her confidence at a high. 
Judell approached slowly, almost wearily, the fight seeming momentarily 
out of her. The crowd sensed it and was uneasy. Beatrice surprised 
Judell and ducked, moving behind her and grabbing her around the waist 
lifting her in a bearhug. Her arms tightly grasped with her fists under 
her ribcage, squeezing tightly. Judell sensed the danger, but realized 
she had to fight the pain until Beatrice relaxed. She reached back 
trying for Beatrice's head, but Beatrice was having none of that. 
Beatrice kept digging her fists in Judell's ribcage. Though she couldn't 
see Judellís face and Judell said nothing, the crowd could see Judellís 
face contorted in pain. Was the end going to be so sudden, so easy, so 
Obviously Beatrice could not keep her off the ground indefinitely, and 
when Judell's feet were on the ground she twisted, alleviating some of 
the pain. Again she reached back and this time caught Beatrice's head, 
and using her position pulled violently using her hip as a fulcrum to 
flip Bea, and land on top of her. Bea had to release the hold as they 
crashed to the ground. With the violence of the landing the two kicked 
at each other and scurried away.†† 
Judell knew that she couldn't let this continue and decided it was time 
she pressed the action. Yes she was sore, but more importantly she 
sensed that Beatrice was controlling too much of the fight and she was 
too defensive. 
Beatrice remained on her hands and knees as she retreated, Judell wasn't 
going to let her get away, diving at her, forcing Beatrice to the ground 
and trying to get her in a headlock, and using her legs to immobilize 
the arms. Beatrice rolled in an attempt to counter Judell's and to 
escape the headlock. She accomplished that and the two found themselves 
side by side on the ground trying to find an opening in order to 
exploit. Wrists, arms, stomachs, necks, legs, thighs and ankles any 
exposed body part was tested as the two attempted to position themselves 
to a point they could capitalize on, but the other wouldn't allow it. 
It was a fascinating exchange that lasted for over five minutes, with 
only the slightest of victories being achieved but no advantage and no 
real pains inflicted, just spent energy. The two were covered in sweat 
making it difficult to maintain holds or advantages. Then as if one the 
two separated, retreating and gathering their breaths. They stood and 
composed themselves and again began to circle cautiously. 
Beatrice swiftly moved forward trying to catch Judell off guard again. 
This time Judell was prepared and grabbed Beatrice around the waist and 
lifted and twisted at the same time, and brought her crashing to the 
ground in a belly to belly suplex. She moved quickly to maintain the 
advantage climbing on Beatrice's back with her seat firmly planted on 
her lower back. Judell's arms were around Beatrice's chin, and she 
pulled. A perfect camel clutch. Beatriceís face contorted and her neck 
muscles strained, as she could not allow her back to be bent. Judell's 
face was unusually blank as she maintained the pressure and pulled with 
all her might. 
Beatrice attempted to free her arms and rest on her forearms. Her only 
chance was to be able to power out. It was imperative that her neck 
endures the brunt of the attack and block out the pain. It took time but 
slowly she did get her arms to the ground and try to work to her knees. 
Once on her knees the hold would be ineffective so Judell knew she had 
to maintain the hold where it was. Bea would try to get to her knees and 
Judell would raise herself and use gravity to bring her full weight down 
keeping Bea at bay. However Beatrice would not be denied and continued, 
finally getting herself on all fours. Then she began bucking like a 
bronco trying to force Judell off. Six, seven bucks, and finally a 
combination of the violent thrusts and the glistening sweat and Beatrice 
was free, Judell flying over her head. 
Beatrice also knew this wasn't the time to relax and dove at Judell 
quickly trying to apply a body scissors, which she did. Wrapping her 
legs securely around Judell's waist. She squeezed her muscles taut, and 
waited for a submission. Judell tried to twist, she needed her hips to 
bear the brunt of the attack. But right now it was her stomach being 
squeezed mercilessly, as if in a vice, as Beatrice did not let up just 
After one minute Bea knew she couldn't keep the pressure and her legs 
gave a bit. It was enough as Judell twisted and Bea's legs now were 
around her hips. She moved with lightning speed placing her arms under 
Beatrice's knees and was trying to stand with Bea on her back. 
Bea knew what was coming. In a match a few years back Ali Day had caught 
her in a boston crab. A properly administered one was lethal there was 
no escape. It had left Bea almost sobbing that time and she knew she had 
only seconds to escape. She kicked violently trying to free her legs, 
however Judell held on with her life and began to roll Bea onto her 
Bea cried "No", as Judell stepped over her and rolled Beatrice onto her 
stomach and leaned back. 
"Give?" Judell asked. 
Beatrice waived her arms frantically. 
"I give" 
With that Judell released the hold. Beatrice slumped to the ground. 
Judell did not even look back as she left the room. 
It was one all. They had fought for over an hour. It had been all the 
assembled had imagined and more. And it was going to come to head.†† 
Beatrice pounded the mat more in frustration then pain.She knew she 
had made a mistake in allowing Judell to catch her.She was sore and 
upset.Slowly she got up and retreated to her room. 
The assembled spectators were elated.The organizers were not sure what 
to expect, yet this had exceeded all expectations.The video sales will 
be incredible. Everyone had to this point witnessed a match that could 
not have been scripted better.They all excitedly pondered the climax 
to come. 
The ten minutes was welcomed and the two spent it stretching and 
thinking. Replaying the first two falls and what they were up against.
What had worked and what did not.The respect and admiration for one 
another was tremendous, however also was the desire to win.The two 
were tired and could feel their muscles stiffening, the thought of a 
third fall not something that they looked forward to. What each craved 
was to hear the words Ď"I give".That is what got them up when the 
knock came. 
Both re-entered a little slower, shoulders hunched.What the spectators 
did see was a look in the two's eyes that were impossible to describe, a 
cold, hollow, glazed look that seem to go through their opponent as they 
knew that this fall would define more then a winner and a loser.Each 
knew this was more then just a wrestling match.Neither knew what a 
loss was, yet one would soon have to deal with that result. 
They both stood straight and slowly began to circle.Neither had been 
pushed to this point and thus neither knew how much they or their 
opponent had left.One mistake, the first takedown or a sudden move and 
it could be over.Thus Judell and Beatrice circled not wanting to know 
what the other had left. 
With a scream, it was Judell who lunged.She buried her shoulder into 
Bea, driving her to the ground. She landed full force on Beatrice and 
the two wrapped their arms around each other rolling on the ground in an 
attempt to gain control.The intensity was such you could swear that 
you could hear the two growling. The soreness and cramping that they had 
felt minutes ago was replaced by adrenaline coursing through them as 
they attempted to gain control.When the rolling stopped the two 
remained intertwined.Arms around each other's stomachs, leg straining 
against leg, breast against breast. Now they had stopped moving and 
grimaced as they increased the pressure. Every muscle rippled as the two 
refused to squeezed as hard as possible. 
Perspiration reappeared as they tried to gain an upper hand. After three 
minutes of no movement, just pain as they attempted to overpower one 
another, a look into their faces could tell those watching the effort 
both exerted.Then again as if by command the two began thrashing 
trying to break free, this was getting them no where.Bea kicked free, 
and Judell attempted to scurry away on all fours, but Beatrice reacted, 
jumping on Judell's back and forced her on her stomach.She grabbed 
Judell's arm and tried to wrench it back, twisting and digging her elbow 
into the upper arm causing considerable pain.With Judell writhing, Bea 
was able to force one leg under Judell's stomach and apply yet another 
scissors, this time while maintaining an arm bar. 
Being on her back squeezed between Beatrice's thighs, Judell was not 
able to turn her body and was stuck.Her belly squeezed and her arm 
being pulled from the socket. She had to block the pain from the 
midsection and get her arm free. She had to twist and grab her arm in 
order to alleviate the pressure and thus this would revert to a tug of 
war all the while having to extricate herself from a scissors. Her mind 
raced ahead much like a chess player having to think two-three moves 
Fortunately both were tired and the scissors, though secure and painful, 
did not possess the same strength as earlier in the match.Also 
Beatrice had hold of Judell's right (stronger arm) and by dividing her 
attention on two body parts wasn't in position yet to elicit a 
Judell had remained fairly docile, moving little as Beatrice strained to 
maintain the pressure.She was conserving her energy for the move 
necessary to grab her right arm and begin yet another test of strength.
Beatrice released the pressure only the slightest around Judell's 
stomach and she moved, reaching over she grabbed her right wrist and 
pulled.Her hips shifted forcing Beatrice to change the hold slightly 
and Judell was able to raise her body and pull Beatrice toward her.
Then she yanked and the sweat combined with the suddenness of the move 
forced Beatrice to release her hold. As both women fell back with the 
release of arms Judell twisted forcing Beatrice to turn also so as that 
Judell was now on her stomach as was Beatrice with Beatrice's legs being 
forced to open.
Judell was quicker this time and jumped on Beatrice with her face facing 
Beatrice's legs which she lifted and pulled on. She locked her arms 
above Beatrice's knees and pulled.She tried to increase the pressure 
by leaning back, but before realizing her mistake was grabbed by 
Beatrice around the head and pulled off. It was time for the two to 
scurry away.
The two stood wearily, the rise and fall of their chests as they 
regained their breath and composure the only sounds.Neither stood 
upright, the two in a slight crouch as they thought of their next move. 
The fight had been a stalemate with the two women not sure of what was 
next. Should they attack? Be the aggressor? Or lay back, and counter? 
Instinctively knowing neither was ready to move, the two slowly 
approached and placed arm on arm and hand behind each others' neck.An 
amateur starting position. They swayed back and forth as they attempted 
overpower one another. The two continued to look in to one another's 
eyes as they tried to force one another to the ground. It was here that 
one could see the even strength that the two possessed. Their bodies 
bathed in sweat only heightened the definition in their arms and legs as 
they vied for an advantage. 
It was Beatrice who caught Judell off-guard, shifting her weight and 
pulling Judell into a sudden headlock with one arm and quickly flipping 
Judell over. As the two fell, Beatrice shifted so that her full body 
weight fell right on Judell. Then she moved atop Judell, forcing her 
arms above her head and entwining her legs in an effort to do a full 
body smother. Slowly she ground her body atop Judell, keeping her arms 
outstretched and her full weight smothering Judell. Judell offered 
little resistance as she tried to conserve her energy and figure a way 
out. For ten minutes Beatrice kept her body weight fully on Judell, 
keeping her immobilized and sapping her strength.
Beatrice felt alive, her body revitalized, and she was ready to end it 
now. When she felt Judell fully docile, Beatrice moved to her knees 
pinned Judell's arms under them ,and moved towards Judellís face.
She could feel the submission coming! 
As she raised her behind to slide forward, Judell twisted ferociously 
and bridged, sending Beatrice slightly into the air releasing her arms.
Down came Beatrice, her hold negated but still on top, but Judell on her 
side and Beatrice in no position except to apply another scissors.
Beatrice also grabbed Judell around the head and now combined it with a 
headlock, her arms covering Judell's face and straining with all her 
Judell, meanwhile, had turned and was now on her hands and knees trying 
to escape. She then powered herself over so as that Beatrice maintained 
the hold yet was on her back and Judell on top, though trapped. She then 
grabbed Beatrice's arms, which lay across her face, and began to pry 
Beatrice's arm apart.Like a pitbull she did not want to release. She 
continued to squeeze both Judell's head and waist, but there was an 
urgency as she could not keep it up for long.Slowly Beatrice's arms 
were forced open and Judell could breath freely again.The slickness of 
her body and Beatrice legs no longer able to keep up the pressure, 
Judell was able to twist so as now they were stomach to stomach, staring 
into each others face.
Beatrice panicked not wanting to be subjected to a boston crab again and 
released her legs kicking free.This time it was Judell wasting no time 
jumping on her back, driving her to the ground.She sat on Beatrice's 
back and grabbed her under the chin. Then she pulled. Beatrice battled, 
years of training and her thickly developed neck resisted. She tried to 
keep low to the ground, not allowing Judell to pull back. The pained 
look in both their faces were apparent as they struggled. Beatrice's 
teeth clench, eyes closed as she battled. Judell's wide open, her face 
contorted, her arms slightly trembling as she pulled. 
Slowly Beatrice's head was being forced up, regardless of her 
resistance.Her back now also now feeling the strain, pressure and 
pain. Beatrice screamed out loud in pain, but not ready to submit, and 
Judell was not sure what to do. With quickness that belied her tiredness 
she suddenly had moved and had Beatrice in scissors and Beatrice was 
working on Judell arms which were still around her chin. Judell had a 
plan and letting go of Beatrice's head grabbed her leg and pulled.
Beatrice was trapped, her body caught in the scissors and leg being 
pulled at an almost impossible angle. It was then she realized her 
strength had been sapped. She tried to move her leg, but she couldn't 
and the pain was now real.Her scream was now a sob. Her ribs and abs 
burned and she felt her hamstring tearing. She gamely battled, not ready 
to submit. However after 3 minutes she could take it no longer. 
"I give", she whispered so only Judell could hear. 
With that Judell let go.She then felt the complete exhaustion that the 
match had taken. The two rolled apart and lay on their backs unable to 
move. The crowd jumped up and cheered. The two were oblivious as they 
tried to fill their lungs with air and regain feeling through their pain 
racked bodies. Beatrice was sobbing almost uncontrollably, realizing she 
had come so close yet had been defeated. 
After two minutes it was Judell who rose and walked over to Beatrice 
helping her to her feet. Then the two hugged. 
It was Beatrice who whispered, "Next". 
Judell grinned in acknowledgement, yet said nothing as they parted. 
Judell wound down her career after that fight. She concentrated on 
training and video taping matches. She realized the special moment of 
that evening and did not attempt to recapture it like many do 
unsuccessfully.She was content. 
Meanwhile Beatrice continued to search out challenges and still fights 
with a passion and ferocity that was unleashed that evening.Many 
younger and stronger opponents have been victims of her burning desire 
that was born that evening.
The two never met again, yet for those who were there, they, as Beatrice 
and Judell, would neverforget.