Superbusty Moms Catfight Story

This started a month ago, after I told mom about a catfight that happened at school today. Since we're a pretty open family, I wasn't embarrassed when mom mentioned that I must of really enjoyed watching the 2 girls fight, and pointed to the bulge in my pants. "Was that the first catfight you've ever seen Mike?" "Yes mom, it was. Why?" "Was your friend Tom there?" "Yeah." "Since both of you have the same birthday, and will both be 18 in a month, I want to tell you something." Mom looked kind of n ervous and excited, I was wondering what she was going to say.

"How would you and Tom like to see another catfight... on your birthday... with..." She wanted to say more, but had touble saying it. She'd never had trouble talking about anything before, now I was a little nervous. "with... Me and Tom's mom." "WHAT ?!" I was shocked, to say the least. It took me a few minutes to calm down. "You 2 are best friends though, like me and Tom." "I've been talking to Bev, and we wanted to do something special for you guys on your 18th birthday, but couldn't think of a nything. This would be perfect. I know Bev will do it." "Are you serious? You'd have a catfight, with Tom's mom, in front of us? But you could get hurt?" "I'm willing to risk it, you know I'll do anything for you." "Okay, Lets go next door and talk to them about it."

We went next door and talked to them about it. Tom had basically the same reaction I did, but after a few minutes he got really excited about seeing his mom fight mine. We talked until late that night, and finally decided on the time, attire for the fight, the rules, and the location. They'd have the fight at my house, in my basement. Since Tom and I had been catfight fans for 2 years, and have talked about all the fights we'd like to see, and after finally seeing one between 2 big breasted sisters, in which the loser, the older sister, got her big breasts and, as everyone there found out, formerly very hairy pussy viciously mauled, we definitly wanted to see another one. Although it would be our moms fighting, they had insisted on only a few rules. We would help our moms get ready for their first catfight, and these would be the only rules they would need to learn.

1: No eye gouging.
2: Only slapping would be allowed to the face. Punching, kicking, scratching and biting would be allowed everywhere else on the body. Head and pubic hair pulling is also allowed.
3: They would each be allowed 1, 15 minute rest period.
4: They would start in bra and panties.

After having a private talk, our moms surprized us with this one. "Since we've both been single moms for about 10 years, and you guys will be 18, and are quite handsome, we want this rule added." My mom then said this.

"Rule number 5. The son of the winner, gets the losing mother as his sex slave for the next 3 months." We were both blown away by this. We sat there for 10 minutes just staring at them. We finally managed to speak, and were reassured by both of them that they both wanted this. Since we couldn't talk them out of it, we agreed. Both of our moms were still very good looking for their age, and they were both extremely busty.

The day finally arrived. We had a small party, a light meal, then talked for a while and went downstairs. Before the fight, let me tell you about them. They're both just over 40, 5'8", and they say about 140 lbs. They both have the same build, I figure they're about 60-28-38. Mom (Jen) is a blonde, Bev is a brunette. Both have wavey, shoulder length hair. While our moms changed, we moved the furniture out of the way, leaving an area about 18' wide and 25' long. We have a big basement, with a plush carpet where the match would take place. It was the obvious choice from the start.

Mom came out of her room first in her white bra and panties, then Bev came out of her room in a black set, identical to mom's. Both had fairly firm, but voluptuous bodies. Me and mom went to one end, Tom and his mom went to the other end.

Since there was a couch at each end of the rectangle fight area, me and Tom could sit, watch the fight, and cheer for our moms. We both checked with our moms to be sure they wanted to do this, then gave them some last minute advice.

As I looked at Tom and his mom 25' away, I said, "Is she ready?" Tom yelled back, "ready," and gave a thumbs up. Since I couldn't see everything, I got the details from them after the fight. Mom and Bev walked to the center, shook hands, then they took a step back and assumed amateur wrestling stances, their fingers held like claws.

After circling eachother for a minute, mom made the first move. She lunged at Bev, grabbing 2 handfulls of brown hair, and jerked her head from side to side. Bev screamed in pain for about 10 seconds, then returned the favor. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! That hurts! Lets see how you like it Jen!" They both stood there for a minute, locked in a screaming, hair-pulling tug-o-war.

Mom was starting to push Bev back, when I heard, "Mom, March!" I was confused for a second, until I saw Bev drive her knees up, 1 then the other, into mom's huge bra-encased breasts. It stopped mom in her tracks, and made her release Bev's hair, then back away, moaning in pain and rubbing her breasts through her bra. "Oooooww, that hurt." Bev then lunged forward, pulled mom's head down using her hair, then standing on mom's left side, drove 6 more hard knee lifts into mom's breasts with her right leg. Mom dropped to her knees holding her breasts. "Sorry Jen, but I want to win. It's nothing personal." Mom nodded alittle, and said, "I know, I'd do the same thing." Bev then moved behind mom, and unhooked her bra. Bev pulled up mom wih a handfull of blonde hair, and turned her towards me. Bev grabbed her bra straps, turned some so she could see me, then yanked off mom's bra, and threw it to me. It landed at my feet, but I never saw it.

Although we're pretty open about everything, I'd never seen mom's bare breasts before. Even during the month of practice for the fight, mom knew this would happen, but couldn't bring herself to show me her body and get over the embarrasment she'd feel during the fight. Mom's breasts exploded from her bra, when Bev pulled it off. Her huge breasts stood straight out for a split second, then flopped down, covering mom's stomach. They hung down to halfway between her bellybutton and her panties. I was mezmerized by my mom's huge, teardrop-shaped breasts, and what looked like 8 or 9 inch wide, bright pink areola. Suddenly, Bev spoke. "Aren't these the biggest hangers you've ever seen?" Mom just stood there. She was too embarassed to cover up or fight back. Bev's question snapped me out of my trance. "Get her mom!" I yelled.

Mom smiled, turned to face Bev, grabbed and jerked up on Bev's bra straps, throwing Bev off balance for a second. Mom then put her hands on Bev's shoulders, and drove her right knee up between Bev's now wider spread legs. Bev's face went from a confident smile, to a slightly painful, surprized look, to that eyes closed, mouth open, look of agony.

Bev dropped to her knees clutching her wounded womanhood with both hands. Now Tom looked worried, I was smiling. "Mom, now let's see her breasts!" I yelled. Mom smiled at me, gave me a thumbs up, and removed Bev's bra. Bev's breasts hung a little higher, but were more of an oval shape. Smaller at the base and wider near her nipples. Bev has super puffy areola, they're reddish-pink, about 5" wide and stick out nearly 3" at the middle. Her nipples were just as impressive, about half an inch thick, and just over an inch long. Seeing Bev's huge breasts and incredible nipples, was very exciting. (if you know what I mean) Mom grabbed Bev's breasts, her hands covering Bev's nipples, lifted her breasts, then pushed Bev onto her back and sat on her stomach. Me and Tom could now both see them, from opposite sides of course. We had talked about using a breast smother in her fight with Bev, but what mom did now, was a total surprize. She must of thought of this herself just now. She always was clever. I could best describe this move as a one woman, double breast smother. Mom covered Bev's face with her own breasts, then leaned down and covered her own hands and Bev's breasts with her own huge breasts. Bev was being smothered by almost 80 lbs of breast flesh, and since her own breasts were on her face, she couldn't bite her way out. Bev was kicking her legs and slapping mom's arms and body, in a desperate attempt to escape, but her struggling was getting weaker. I was getting "really excited" at the thought of having Bev as my own personal sex slave for the next 3 months

As Bev started to fade, her lungs burning, brought her hands down almost to the floor. She held them there for about 5 seconds, shaking, then began slapping the floor. Tom stood up and yelled, "Let her up! She gave the signal!" "Let her up mom." Mom got off of Bev, and released her breasts. Bev's huge breasts flopped to the sides of her body, laying on the floor with her arms and legs. "You ok Bev?" Bev took a deep breath and nodded yes. "Do you give up?" Bev inhaled again, shook her head no, and gave a raspy "rest... period." Mom told us Bev was using her rest period, and returned to our couch, while Tom helped his mom up and back to theirs.

While I talked to my mom, Tom talked to his mom about her near loss. "Jen's tougher than I thought, Mike taught her as well as you taught me." "How's your crotch?" "It hurts, that knee really surprized me." "You mad at her for doing it?" "No, we expected that to happen. When she was smothering me with my own boobs, were hers covering mine?" "Yes." "I thought so. We might as well get this part over with. Go give Mike and Jen this message. I..."

Tom walked over to us, and gave us the message. I was shocked and aroused and the same time. Mom thought for a minute, then said yes. Tom went back to his side. "Mike, you do it." "Are you sure mom?" "Yes." I pulled mom's panties off. Mom, nervous and blushing a little, said, "Well... is mine as nice as your girlfriend Susan's?" "Moooooooom, I know we're open about everything, but sheesh, give me chance okay." "Sorry, that just slipped out." I took a deep breath, exhaled, then looked. Well, bigger than Susan's, and shaved, except for that thick triangle of blonde hair. "Very nice mom." "Really? You mean it?" Mom sat up next to me. I hugged her and said, "Honest mom, you're beautiful. Now go out there and win, but be careful. She'll be ready for you, and this is her idea."

I looked over at Tom. His mom was nude too, but they didn't look bothered by it. I guess Tom had seen his mom already. Mom walked to them and stood there, hands on hips. Tom looked at her and said, "WOW! You look awesome." "Thanks Tom. You really want to do this Bev? I know we agreed that we wouldn't hold back, but one of us could get hurt pretty bad." "Tom wants to see a catfight, and I'm going to give him one, even if I'm the one getting beaten. If you get a chance to maul my breasts or pussy, you do it, and don't worry about me Jen." "Okay Bev, it's nothing personal right?" "Right." They shook hands, and mom came back to our side.

We gave them a little more advice, wished them luck, and the fight continued. They moved together and locked up. Mom kneed Bev in the stomach, then grabbed 2 handfulls of Bev's brown hair, took a couple steps backwards pulling Bev with her, then quickly fell backwards and tossed Bev over her. Bev flipped in the air and landed on her back about 6' in front of me. Bev hit with a thud, and yelled, "AAAGH, my back!" Mom was up first, since Bev was stunned from the impact. Bev was lying spread-eagled on the floor, her huge breasts flopped to the sides onto the floor.

I looked down at Bev lying on the floor in front of me and thought, `Hey, I thought she took off her panties, why is she...' "OH MY GOD!" That's when I first really looked at her. Bev had always worn shorts, and I'd only looked at her breasts until now. "THAT'S THE HAIRIEST PUSSY I'VE EVER SEEN!" I'd seen picturs of some hairy women, and a few live ones, but Bev beat'em all. The edges were trimmed smooth, but the rest looked like 2 to 3 inch deep, plush carpet. I was stunned. Mom looked at me for a minute, then said, "She is really hairy isn't she." Mom smiled at me and said, "I'll bet she'd like to keep it too." Mom then straddled Bev's stomach, facing her feet. "I hate to do this to you, but I want to win too."

While mom said that, I saw Bev's head come up and her arms moving, but was too stunned to tell mom. As mom was squatting down to grab 2 big handfulls of Bev's huge black bush and probably sit on her stomach, Bev's hands shot up between mom's wide-spread legs and applied one of the most devasting submission holds in catfighting to my unprepared mom, the double pussy claw. Mom dropped to her knees, arms at her sides, her head back and mouth open, unable to scream. I could tell that mom was in absolute agony, and could hear Tom cheering for his mom.

With her teeth gritted from her excertion, Bev said, "I'm truly sorry about this Jen, but I'm afraid you're gonna lose." I hated to admit it, but Bev was right, mom was finished. If mom couldn't manage to say I give up, she'd passout from the pain. Either way the fight would be over, and Bev would win. Mom would be Tom's sex slave for the next 3 months.

With a little cheering from me, mom managed a comeback by getting 2 big handfulls of Bev's thick bush, and pulling. When she did, I yelled, "That's it mom, fight back! You've got her, just hang on!" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! LEGGO MY BUSH! OH GOD! LET GO BEFORE I HAVE TO HURT YOU!" Unfortunately, it didn't last. When mom didn't let go, Bev changed her grip. Mom released Bev's bush and screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, OH DEAR GOD NO! NOT THAT PLEASE!" Mom then started slapping the floor and yelling "rest break" over and over. (I found out later that Bev had dug a few fingernails into mom's clit) Bev pushed mom off her and stumbled to her end of the fight area, holding her crotch.

I helped mom up to our couch, and layed her on it face up. "Oh my god that hurt, I thought I was gonna die." I talked to mom for a minute, telling her she'd be fine. Mom smiled, and then dropped a bomb on me. I fell to my knees, stunned. "You... Love me? Like, real love, not just motherly love? But I'm your son!" "I know, but I can't help it."

"Tom, I think Bev just told him." "How do you know?" "Her face, and his reaction. I'm glad I told you when you started training me for this fight, and that Jen felt the same about Mike." "I hope neither of you get hurt to bad, I'm really looking forward to tonight." "Okay mom, I admit it. I've had a few dreams about you, they started after I began training you for this fight. I thought it was because of the close contact, but now that I think about it, I do have some feelings for you. I don't think I could.." "If I win, would you sleep with me?" I thought about it for a minute, `I don't know, I mean she is my mom but... What the hell, If she's going to be with someone, it might as well be me. After all, who loves her more than I do. And if mom wins, I'll get her and Bev. I'll have sex with the 2 most beautiful, and biggest breasted, women in town. That'd be one hell of a great birthday present.' "Mike, I'll raise the stakes. If I win, you'll get Bev as your slaves for 3 months, and I'll be your slave... forever." "Mom, I can't let you..." "Please Mike, let me..." So mom quickly explained her need to please the man she loved. First as daughter to her Dad, then as wife/lover to her husband (my dad), and now as mother/friend to me. Soon, she'd also be my lover/slave. She'd do anything I wanted, even fight again.

I was considering saying yes, but with this added, I couldn't say no. "Deal, but you have to win. Can you beat her?" "Yes. With you to inspire me, I can't lose." "You ready to beat Jen, she can't save herself this time. "I'm ready. But before I go for the win, I'm gonna fight her." What did you talk with Jen about, did you 2 make a deal we don't know about?" "Well... yes. It's sortof a humiliation bet." "What is it?" "At the end of the 3 months, the winner gets a trophy from the loser." What's the trophy?" "You know how Bev wears her hair in that ponytail all the time? "Yes." "I get to cut it off and keep it." "What if Jen wins?" "If she wins, she gets my hair." "But you look good with short hair, what's humiliating about that?" So Bev told him what Jen gets. "Oh mom, not that." "Yes Tom... all of it."

"Mom?" "Yes Mike." "I can tell that you and Bev have the same build. Since you probably know her measurments, you can tell me if I'm right. Do you both measure 60-28-38?" Mom smiled and said, "The waist and hips are right, but the bust is wrong. We're 78 inches. If we didn't have such saggy breasts, we'd be about 55 inches. Mike... Mike?" "Huh, what?" "What should I do? If Bev grabs my pussy again, I'm finished. I've got a strong grip, but I can't match Bev's." "The break is almost over, so I'll be quick. Here's some things to try on her, first..." As they moved into the center of the area, Mom said, "You won't grab my pussy again Bev, but I'll get yours. You're going belong to Mike, so get ready to lose." "Oh no?" Bev then stunned mom with a right hand face slap, and followed with the backhand. `SMACK, SMACK' Bev then buried her knee between moms huge nips, into her stomach. "OOOOOOFFF!" Bending mom over, causing her giant breasts to hang down away from her body, just past her knees. Bev then got on her knees and started hitting moms breasts like punching bags. I could hear each punch land, and cringed. `WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP...' Although her legs blocked most of it, I could see mom's breasts jiggling back and forth from the blows. When I say mom's legs starting to bend, I thought, "Oh no, mom's going to lose. If Bev gets her on the floor again, she'll..." `WHAP!!!' Suddenly, mom stood up and kicked her right foot forward while pushing off with her left. (like she was starting to run) Then for about 5 seconds, there was no sound or movement, except for mom's breathing. Mom then turned and sat on the floor, to the right of Bev. (my right side anyway) Bev was still kneeling, but she was clutching her hairy pussy, had a scream frozen on her face, and was all tensed up and twitching a little. (Mom had kicked Bev's pussy, toes first, with all her strength) Bev stood there another 5 or 10 seconds, then fell backwards. Her lower legs were bent under her, her arms and huge breasts flopped to the sides.

Tom, a worried lok on his face, asked, "Is she ok?" Mom crawled up next to Bev's head and looked at her. Mom gave Bev a few light face slaps, pinched her nipples a couple times, and gave her a few hard tugs on her pubic hair, Bev didn't react to any of it. "It's over Tom, Bev's out cold." Me and Tom went to where Bev was laying, then we all picke her up and layed her on her couch. We all talked while Bev was out. Mom kept apologizing to Tom for what she did, even after Tom said, "That's okay Jen, we all knew something like this could happen. I forgive you, and I'm sure mom will too." Bev woke up about 20 minutes after we put her on the couch. I got her an icepack for her rapidly swelling crotch, and we all talked for a couple hours, before going to sleep. Despite the devastating kick mom gave her, Mom and Bev stayed friends, as did me and Tom. Mom had some small bruises on her breasts, and her face was a little red for a few hours, but she was fine in about 2 weeks. Bev's crotch swelled up alot and she had a nasty bruise for a couple weeks, but it took her almost a month and a half to heal completely.

In the 4 weeks from when mom healed to when Bev was healed, mom took Bev's place as my sex slave. The first time I made love to my mom, was unnerving to say the least. I had already slept with my girlfriend, so I knew what to do. The rest of the 4 weeks, mom showed me things I hadn't even read about in porn mags, or heard from the older guys I knew. When mom first saw me nude and "ready", she was stunned, then so was I. Mom said I was a little bigger than dad was, and he was 9 inches when "ready".

When Bev was healed, we all talked about and then altered the deal that mom and Bev had made. Me and Tom would have our moms as permanent sex slaves, and instead of getting her bush shaved off, I would also get Bev as my permanent sex slave. Although happy just having his mom, Tom would get my mom on "special occasions". Which was a party we would have at the end of each month.

the end

By MikeJV