Jenn vs Melanie

Jenn and Melanie used to be roommates and best friends. They also were cheerleaders together in college. The first part of this story is the background of what took place about 2 years ago. Mel had always been a big flirt and she was bi on top of that. Lately Mel had been a little bit too friendly with Jenn’s boyfriend. This led to a confrontation one night between the two of them. Jenn is 5' 11”, 145lbs and 36C-27-36, dirty blond hair. She’s fit, has strong legs and her abs are my best assets. Melanie is a fit girl as well. She is around 5' 5”, around 125 lbs and 36B-25-34. Things boiled over and a catfight ensued. The fight was even for a few minutes then Melanie took control and made quick work of Jenn. Jenn was forced to submit to Melanie. Melanie had Jenn pinned on her stomach and her arms behind her back. She kissed Jenn on the neck and nibbled on her ears to humiliate her.
Jenn was humiliated by the loss and she took it hard. She did not want to fight Melanie again nor did she ever want anyone else to find out the way she was woman handled by a smaller woman. She avoided Melanie when she could and would not talk to her. One night she could not avoid Melanie and walked right into a trap. When she came home from class Melanie was in the living room with Jenn’s boyfriend. Jenn snapped and both women started yelling at each other. A catfight quickly broke out and both women were giving it all they had. But, just like before, Melanie quickly and easily defeated Jenn. This time it was in front of Jenn’s man. During the course of the fight Melanie had managed to tear Jenn’s tank top off and expose Jenn’s bra. As if that was not humiliating enough Melanie pinned Jenn down to the ground, trapped her arms and slapped her repeatedly while her boyfriend was actually cheering for Melanie. After being forced to give up again Jenn was submissive to Melanie and Melanie enjoyed punishing her. She bent Jenn over her knee and spanked her, forced Jenn to kiss her over and over, exposed her breasts and fondled them in front of her man and then finally finished Jenn off with a long facesitting session. When it was finally over Jenn was left laying spread eagle in the middle of the living room topless and Melanie left with Jenn’s boyfriend.
The following week Melanie moved out of the apartment and actually moved in with Jenn’s now ex-boyfriend. Jenn had fought as hard as she could against Melanie in both fights but she could not beat her. Melanie was just too strong and too vicious. Jenn did not stand a chance against her. It was a lot for Jenn to deal with and a serious blow to her pride. She had been dominated by the much smaller Melanie not once but twice. One Friday night about a month later there was a knock on the door and when Jenn answered it Melanie was standing there. Jenn told her to go away but Melanie slapped her and pushed her inside the apartment. The fight was on again. All of the terrible memories of Melanie humiliating her came rushing back. Jenn tried to fight back but it was obvious that she was going to lose again. After a couple of minutes she stopped struggling and submitted again. Melanie was straddling Jenn and leaned over to Jenn’s face and instructed Jenn to kiss her. Jenn obeyed and kissed Melanie on the lips. This went on for several minutes till Melanie pulled back from Jenn. She then grabbed the bottom of Jenn’s shirt and stripped it from her body. It took Melanie no time to strip Jenn naked. Melanie was verbally taunting and abusing Jenn while playing with her breasts. Finally Melanie grabbed Jenn’s blonde hair and made her stand up. She walked Jenn to the front door and opened the door. She shoved Jenn out the front door and told her to enjoy the cool air. Jenn begged and pleaded with Melanie not to leave her outside but Melanie slammed the door. Jenn’s apartment was in the back corner of the complex and there was a big tree and some bushes right around the corner. Between the bushes and it being dark she was able to stay hidden so nobody would see her in the absolute humiliating situation Melanie had put her in. After about 2 hours hiding behind the bushes Melanie came outside and found Jenn. She grabbed Jenn by the hair and led her back into the apartment. Melanie stripped her clothes off, sat down on the couch and spread her legs. She ordered Jenn to service her pussy. Jenn obeyed Melanie and started eating her out. This was the first time that Jenn had ever eaten a pussy.
For the next six months Melanie would regularly visit Jenn at her apartment. Sometimes they would fight but the ending was always the same. Jenn would end up pleasuring Melanie. Sometimes Melanie would return the favor if she was in the mood. On several occasions Melanie tied Jenn up and tortured her for the night. She would get her to the point of orgasm and then never let her cum. Melanie tortured Jenn’s breasts and pinched her all over her body. Melanie was completely in control of Jenn and there was nothing Jenn could do about it. After Melanie forced Jenn to remain outside naked on that fateful night Jenn was obedient. She did whatever Melanie told her to do…absolutely anything. Finally Jenn could not take anymore and moved away. She got a job in another town and started a new life where a 5’5” brunette would not be around to kick her ass.

2 Years Later
Jenn now has a successful career at a marketing firm and has a great house on the beach. She has a 5 day a week workout regiment and is in the best shape of her life. Jenn has actually put on about 10 pounds of muscle through weight training. She had done the best she could at putting her past experience with Melanie behind her but it still ate away at her inside that she let herself get mistreated like that. Since moving away she had not had any other lesbian experiences nor did she want one. How could that little brunette have so easily dominated her. Every few months Melanie would call Jenn and try to get her to come back to town to pleasure her. Jenn had refused and said that part of her life was over. It was Monday afternoon after work and Jenn was headed home when her cell phone rang. She looked at the caller id and it was Melanie. She sent the call to voicemail because she did not feel like dealing with it right now. Later that night she checked her voicemail and Melanie had left a message for her challenging her to come back to town and catfight her again. Jenn sat on her couch for several minutes thinking over the situation when she grabbed her cell phone and called Melanie. She said to expect her at 7 on Friday. The fight was on. Either Jenn was going to obtain a measure of redemption or she was going to have a very long, humiliating weekend.
Friday night was finally here and Jenn was pulling up to Melanie’s house. She sat there for a minute wondering if she really wanted to go through with this. She then got determined. This is payback time. Melanie did a lot of bad things to her and made her do things with another woman that she did not want to do. This time the tables were going to be turned and she would be the one in charge after making Melanie submit.
Jenn got out of her car and walked to the front door. She rang the doorbell and Melanie opened it. There she was…all 5’5” of her hot brunette ass in some short running shorts and a sports bra. “Well Jenn I didn’t know if you would have the nerve to show up after all this time” Melanie said.
“I’m here Melanie and this time things are going to be different” Jenn replied.
“Well Jenn I’ll give you two options. We can either fight, and trust me I would love to kick your ass again, or you can go ahead and get on your knees now pleasure me. So what’s it gonna be bitch?”
“Fuck you Mel! I’m done being your bitch! Get your ass inside and let’s get this thing going” Jenn responded.
Melanie turned around and walked inside the house. Jenn followed behind her and tossed her bag onto the couch. Melanie started to speak, “So how do you want to…”
Before she could finish speaking Jenn charged her. Jenn planted her shoulder into Melanie’s stomach, lifted her off the ground and slammed her into the ground. Melanie was caught completely off guard and got the wind knocked out of her. Jenn was all over her slapping her across the face and pulling hard on her hair. Melanie started to recover and grabbed Jenn’s hair and pulled hard. She managed to get Jenn off balance and they started rolling around the floor pulling each others hair. They were both struggling for control and finally Melanie got on top of Jenn and tried to pin her arms to the ground. But Jenn was much stronger than Melanie remembered and Jenn punched Melanie in the stomach. Melanie let out a howl and Jenn threw her off of her. Jenn quickly got up and grabbed Melanie’s hair, pulling her to her feet. Jenn punched Melanie in the stomach again. She then grabbed the back of Melanie’s shorts while still holding onto her hair and sent her flying across the room right into the wall. Melanie hit the wall head first and slid down the wall to the ground. Jenn walked over to Melanie and kicked her in the side. She pulled Melanie up by the hair and stood her in away from the wall and slapped her across the face. Melanie went sprawling to the floor and landed clutching her face. Jenn quickly straddled Melanie and pinned her arms to the ground under her knees. Now Melanie was helpless and Jenn pulled her right hand back. She slapped Melanie and then brought her hand back to backhand her across the face. She did this 5 more times before stopping and admiring her handy work. Melanie’s face was bright red and her right eye was starting to swell. Jenn had beat the shit out of her so far.
Melanie was laying on the ground and not struggling. She was moaning and starting to cry from the ass whipping she had just received. Jenn stood up and Melanie just laid there. She finally brought her hands up to her face and her face hurt when she touched it. Jenn reached down and grabbed Melanie’s sports bra and pulled it off of her revealing her nice, pert b cup breasts. Then she removed Melanie’s shorts to revela her shaved pussy. Jenn then removed all of her own clothes and straddled Melanie’s stomach. Jenn leaned down so she was face to face with Melanie and ordered her to kiss her. Melanie complied and kissed Jenn over and over again.
“Do you submit bitch?” Jenn asked.
“Yes. I give up” Melanie replied.
Jenn had finally conquered her rival after many previous defeats to her. She then slid up onto Melanie’s face and started grinding her naked pussy on her face. She gave Melanie a long facesitting session. Melanie did not reisist and laid on her back taking the facesitting. After 5 minutes of facesitting Jenn slid back to straddle Melanie’s stomach and admired her red face coated in her own pussy juice. Then Jenn leaned forward and put Melanie’s face right between her breasts. She started moving her shoulders and slapping Melanie’s aching face with her breasts. She did this over and over before stopping and just smothering Melanie’s face with her larger breasts. Jenn then stood up and forced Melanie to her knees. She put her perfect ass right in front of Melanie’s face and ordered her to start kissing it. Melanie complied with the order and started kissing Jenn’s ass. Melanie kissed it over and over again while Jenn started to laugh at her and tell her that she was pathetic. Jenn grabbed Melanies brown hair and walked her like a dog around the room once and then lead her to the couch. Jenn sat down and spread her legs.
“Now lick it bitch. And do it good cause I know you love some pussy you little whore.”
Melanie started licking Jenn’s pussy and eating her out. Jenn started fondling her own breasts and she was filled with ecstasy. Melanie ate her out for almost ten minutes before Jenn grabbed Melanie’s head and forced her face deep in her pussy. She came hard and all over Melanie’s face. Jenn then gave Melanie a hard shove and threw her to the ground. Jenn sat there for a minute enjoying her orgasm and her victory over the bitch. Jenn finally got up and walked to the dinner table and grabbed a chair. She put the chair in the center of the room and grabbed her bag and set it down next to the chair. She forced Melanie to her feet and made her sit in the chair. She then pulled 2 handcuffs out of her bag and handcuffed each of Melanie’s wrists to the arms of the chair.
“Now this is payback for all of the shit you did to me and for the all of the times you humiliated me.”
Jenn reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of electric clippers. Melaine’s eyes opened wide in horror. “What the fuck are you doing Jenn?”
“Oh I am going to make sure you don’t forget this for a long time bitch.”
Jenn turned the clippers on and Melanie started to cry, “Please don’t do this Jenn. I’m sorry for all the things I did to you. You beat me. You’re the best. Please don’t do this.”
Jenn just laughed and started shaving Melanie’s head. It took her about 10 minutes to fully shave Melanie’s head. Melanie just sat in the chair and cried. Jenn put the clippers back in her bag and pulled out a tube of lipstick. She wrote Whore across Melanie’s forehead and then made some big circles on her cheeks. She then wrote Owned by Jenn on Melanie’s stomach then drew and arrow to Melanie’s pussy and wrote Slut. Jenn put the lipstick away and got a digital camera out of her bag. She took tons of pictures of Melanie till she was satisfied she had plenty of them. She went and found Melanie’s cell phone and looked up her ex’s number. He answered the phone.
“You better come get your girlfriend” Melanie said and then hung up the phone.
She got the keys to the handcuffs out of her bag and tossed them on the floor. Then she looked back at Melanie and said, “See ya around Mel.”
She got dressed and left the house. Jenn felt great and completely vindicated for her passed sufferings at Melanie’s hands. She drove home and smiled the whole way.