When Good-bye Gets Ugly

By Blizzard



        Alexis rapped on the wooden front door, adrenaline coursing through her body. “Little bitch probably won’t answer.” she muttered to her girlfriend Brianna. “Relax, sweetie.” soothed Brianna, gently tugging on the ends of her 5’10” 145 lb. lover’s long dark hair. “I’m sure everything will be fine.” They heard the brass knob turn and the door swung open, revealing a 5’4” 122 lb. short haired redhead, wearing a long t-shirt. “What do you want?!” she asked coldly as Alexis stepped inside into the livingroom. “Did I invite you in?!” asked Kelly angrily. “I came to get my silverware.” said Alexis, her eyes burning into her ex-lover’s. “Your silverware?!” exclaimed Kelly. “Are you fucking serious?!” Suddenly, a pretty blonde with hair below her shoulders, dressed in only a t-shirt as well,  came from the bedroom. “What the hell is she doing here?!” she asked. “Hi Jessica, it’s so nice to see you.” snapped Alexis at the 5’7” 129 lb. girl. “Kelly, that was my grandmother’s silver - you know how important it is to me. Give it back.” she said. The redhead scoffed and replied “You should have taken it when you left, bitch, get out.”


        Brianna looked at Kelly and said “Just give Alexis her silverware and we’ll be gone.” Rage filled the redheads eyes and she took a step toward the petite 5’2” 112 lb. short haired blonde, roughly shoving her backwards. “This is none of your business, bitch!” she hissed. Brianna glared at her and said “Alexis is my business now, cunt!” Kelly screamed and was on the blonde instantly, snapping her head to the side with a powerful open-handed slap. She buried her fist into Brianna’s belly, doubling over the groaning girl. Alexis grabbed her ex-lover and began to pull her away, when Jessica rushed up behind her and yanked on her long mane, pulling her aside. The blonde grasped the waistband of Alexis’ jeans and ran the stunned girl toward the back of the couch, heaving her over the top. The tall brunette squealed as she flew over the couch and landed with a thud on the carpet.


        “Let’s kick some ass, baby!” yelled Jessica as she headed for the fallen brunette. “This is going to be sweet.” said Kelly, straightening up the gasping Brianna with a handful of hair. “Say goodnight, little girl.” she cooed as she cocked her fist. Brianna’s eyes flashed with venom and she ripped a kick into the unsuspecting redhead’s crotch. “Uuuuunnnngghhh!” groaned Kelly as she sank to her knees in agony. Her upper body pitched forward and she came to rest with her forehead on the carpet, her hands still between her legs. Brianna stepped back and kicked the agonized girl in the ribs, sending her yelping to the carpet on her back.


        Alexis had been surprised by Jessica’s sneak attack, and was just rising to a seated position on the carpet as the blonde approached her. “I’m gonna get off on beating your ass, you big pussy!” growled Jessica. The brunette measured her opponent as she neared her and lashed out with her leg, sweeping the girl’s feet out from under her. Jessica slammed to the carpet on her back, right beside Alexis. Before she could react the brunette smashed her elbow into the girl’s belly, folding her into a vee as she gasped for air. The tall girl scrambled atop Jessica and delivered several slaps to the blonde’s face, producing shrieks as the girl’s head rocked back and forth. “You took the words right out of my mouth, cunt!” hissed Alexis through clenched teeth as she drove her fist into Jessica’s abdomen. “Uuummmmppffff!” groaned the blonde, a twisted grimace contorting her pretty face. Her opponent’s hands grasped her hair and began ramming the back of her head against the carpet. Jessica cried out as she was thrashed by the brunette, her hands fumbling for a hold on her tormentress. The brunette had a malicious look on her face as she continued to pound the girl’s head repeatedly. Jessica’s clawing hands soon went slack and fell to the carpet defenselessly. Alexis halted the head-banging and stared down at her limp foe, breathing heavily. “Bitch!” she huffed. She glanced over at Brianna and grinned. She was in control of Kelly - now these bitches were going to pay. She pulled off Jessica’s t-shirt, leaving her reduced to her white cotton bikini panties. She tweaked the blonde’s erect nipples, drawing a soft moan from Jessica’s lips.


        Brianna stood over her battered foe and stomped her sneakered foot onto the redhead’s pubic bone. Kelly screamed in distress, her hands covering her crotch as she writhed on the carpet. The vicious little blonde leaned over and clutched the hair on the top of Kelly’s head, yanking her up into a seated position. “Don’t fuck with me, loser!” she said and threw a short punch that collided with Kelly’s jaw. The redhead’s teeth clacked together as she was driven to her back on the carpet. The blonde massaged her knuckles as she prodded Kelly’s pussy with her foot. No response, she was cold-cocked. She looked over at Alexis and Jessica, and smirked, seeing that her girlfriend had KO’ed and stripped her opponent to her panties. She stood at Kelly’s head and bent over, grasping the bottom of the redhead’s t-shirt and pulling it off. “Let’s go join your pitiful girlfriend.” she teased, grabbing her adversary by her wrists. She commenced dragging the flaccid girl across the carpet, and as she did, Kelly’s yellow flowered cotton panties slowly peeled themselves off her hips and ended up bunched around her knees, exposing her strawberry blonde pubic patch.


        “Look what I have for you sweetie, a present!” she announced as she dropped her unconscious foe beside Jessica. Alexis stood up and giggled, gazing at her destroyed ex.

She and Brianna kissed while straddling the redhead and Brianna asked “What do you want to do with them?” Alexis flashed a menacing look and responded “ Teach them a fucking lesson they’ll never forget.” She turned to look down at Jessica. “Let’s tie their hands.” she said. Brianna looked around the room and spied an extension cord running from a wall socket to the stereo receiver. As she unplugged the 6’ cord, Alexis slipped Jessica’s panties off her and pulled her into a seated position while kneeling behind her. She lashed the blonde’s wrists together behind her back with them as her girlfriend lifted Kelly into a seated position and spun her around so she faced Jessica and tied her wrists behind her back with the electrical cord. She knelt behind Kelly, supporting her with her body and reached around to the small silver nipple ring in the redhead’s left breast. She began tugging on it until she received a low moan from the awakening girl.


        “Are you awake, you little wuss?!” cooed Brianna into Kelly’s ear. The groggy redhead looked about with a muddled expression. She fixed her gaze on her unconscious girlfriend, being posed while facing her by Alexis. “Jessie!” she whined, drawing a mischievous smile from her ex. Alexis reached around and cupped Jessica’s breast, gently squeezing and shaking it. The blonde remained out cold, her head tipped back and mouth ajar. “She’s napping right now, Kelly. I don’t think she’s of much help to you now.” said Alexis. The redhead whimpered as she weakly struggled against the cord binding her wrists behind her back. “Please, this has all been a misunderstanding.” she sniffled, looking at Alexis. “I was going to give you the silverware, Alexis.” A tear rolled down her cheek as her face flushed. “Please let us go.” she begged. Alexis laid Jessica on her back and crawled over to her weeping ex-girlfriend. “You poor little thing.” she teased as she grasped the girl’s panties, still twisted around her knees. She slid the panties off and unraveled them, turning them inside out to expose the damp cotton crotch panel. “Please stop!” sniveled the redhead as Alexis reached up with the panties and dabbed the girl’s tear-stained cheeks. “There there, sweetie.” cooed the brunette. “You’re not so tough now, are you?!” She wiped the crotch panel across Kelly’s lips and smiled. “Little bitch.” she said.


        Brianna giggled and gave the redhead’s nipple ring another tug as Alexis returned to Jessica and sat her up. She posed her for Kelly and cupped the blonde’s chin with her hand. “How about you, creampuff, have you learned not to fuck with me?” she asked the unconscious girl. She nodded Jessica’s head up and down and said “Yes, I thought so.” Brianna held Kelly’s nipple ring taut, causing the girl to cry out. “How about you, red, are you ever going to fuck with me again?” Kelly sobbed and shook her head back and forth. “Have you learned that I can kick your pitiful ass?” asked Brianna. “Yes.” sniffled the girl. “Please stop.”


        Alexis laid down Jessica and grabbed her by the ankles, dragging her over to Kelly so her crotch was at the redhead’s feet. She splayed the blonde’s legs out, so they were outside Kelly’s legs and said “You two lovers need to be close during this trying time.” The brunette walked off toward Kelly’s bedroom and said over her shoulder “And I emphasize the word lovers.” As she disappeared into the room, the redhead squirmed about, whining. Brianna held her by her hair and said “I don’t think Alexis has finished with you two yet.” Kelly looked at her destroyed lover, whose naked crotch was splayed open facing her as she lay on the carpet. “Jessie, wake up!” she pleaded.


        “I found a toy!” announced Alexis as she returned from the bedroom, displaying a two-headed dildo. Kelly looked at her in fear. “What the fuck are you doing?!” she yelled as she struggled in vain. “Get your silverware and get out!” Alexis knelt beside her, brandishing the dildo. “You shouldn’t have pushed my buttons, Kelly.” she said. “You know better than that.” Kelly boiled with a mixture of fear and anger. “You always were a crazy bitch!” she spat. “You haven’t seen crazy yet, bitch.” said the brunette. Brianna forced the squirming redhead onto her back and came around to her ankles, pinning them to the carpet with the girl’s legs spread wide. Kelly screamed as she fought to free her legs, but the blonde had them pinned securely. Alexis slowly split the girl’s labia with the dildo and inched it inside her. “You fucking sick bitch!” screamed the redhead as her ex slid several inches of the dildo in and out of her. “That should do it.” said Alexis as she pulled out the toy and turned around to face Jessica.


        She flipped the dildo around to the other end and gently inserted it into the awakening blonde’s pussy. “Hmmmmnn?! What the fuck?!.....” moaned Jessica as she lifted her head up to look at the brunette. Alexis removed the dildo, each end now slick with either girl’s scent. She laid it aside and winked at Brianna as she moved around to Jessica’s head. She motioned toward Kelly and lifted Jessica up by her hair until she reached a kneeling position. Brianna followed suit and yanked the redhead into the same position, both victims now facing each other on their knees. Alexis forced her blonde captive to walk on her knees toward Kelly until they were inches apart. Both girls had shameful looks on their faces as they regarded one another. “You pathetic little cunts kiss each other night-night.” said Alexis. “Leave us alone!” snapped the redhead, pulling against her wrist binds. Brianna whispered in her ear “You do as she says, or who knows what she’ll do to you next. She’s a dangerous woman.” She winked at Alexis and the redhead’s expression softened as she looked at her girlfriend. “I’m sorry baby.” she sniffled. “I thought we could beat their asses.” Jessica returned Kelly’s look of shame and they drew close, kissing one another on the lips as they whimpered.


        Alexis pulled Jessica back a little and slipped a sleeper hold around the blonde’s neck and head. “No!” begged Kelly as Brianna applied a sleeper hold to her. Both naked girls squirmed and struggled as their adversaries wrenched on the pressure. Kelly’s nipple ring shook as she twisted her torso from side to side, helpless to escape. Jessica reacted like a woman who knew she’d been bested, and her struggling was brief as Alexis expertly applied the hold. The blonde’s moans began to trail off as her eyelids grew heavy, her body quivering slightly as it began to slide toward unconsciousness. Kelly saw her lover weakening, feeling her own body losing it’s battle to resist the debilitating hold. She looked at Alexis with a fleeting flash of hatred, the brunette grinning as her blonde foe gradually relaxed, her eyelids fluttering and then closing. Jessica’s jaw went slack and her mouth remained slightly ajar as a final defeated moan escaped her moist lips. She was out.

Alexis stared smugly at the redhead as she reached down with one hand and pinched one of Jessica’s large, erect nipples. “Jessie...........” moaned the redhead as her body went numb, her belly slowly expanding and contracting with her shallow respiration’s. “You.........fucking.........bitches.......” she sighed as her eyes closed and she went limp. A trickle of drool slipped from her mouth and dripped onto Brianna’s forearm as her mouth opened slightly and she drifted into unconsciousness.


        Brianna shook her gently and released the hold, holding her up by her hair as she smacked the redhead’s bare, milky white ass. Kelly was unresponsive. “Out like a light.” giggled the blonde. Alexis carefully laid Jessica down on her side, adjusting the girl’s legs so she stayed there unsupported. “And now for the icing on the cupcakes.” she said with a devious grin. She picked up the two-headed dildo and held it up. “I need Kelly about this far from her little sweetie.” she said to Brianna. The blonde looked at her girlfriend and broke into a smile. “Oh, you are fucking evil!” she giggled. She laid the redhead on her side facing Jessica, so they were about a foot apart. Alexis knelt at their heads and said “This end was in Kelly.” and inserted the dildo into Jessica’s mouth. “And this end was prepared just for you!” she said as she opened her ex’s mouth and slid the other end of the dildo inside. She got to her feet and gazed down at the destroyed lovers, the dildo protruding from one’s mouth and into the other’s. “Oooh, I am fucking evil, aren’t I?!” she said. Brianna moved close and softly kissed her. “I think they’re finished.” she laughed. She and Alexis walked across the carpet, heading for the kitchen and the brunette’s prized silverware. “They do make a cute couple, don’t they?!”