Mother, Daughter Tag Team Catfight




                                                                   Rockfox                                        01/20/2002 



The antagonism between neighbors Theresa and Stacey had reached such a stage that, in my opinion, another fight was needed to sort out who was the toughest mother. I also wanted to include Theresa’s 18 year old daughter Janelle and  Stacey’s 17 year old, Jessie. Janelle had already suffered at the hands of Stacey and would be eager for revenge. Jessie had yet to fight, as far as I knew, but I was sure she would relish the challenge of taking on the hated neighbors.


With this in mind I paid a visit to both homes and put my idea to them. To my delight, both mothers were enthusiastic and I was especially pleased to discover that Jessie had lost a schoolyard fight to Janelle and was eager to get back at her.

The fight was arranged for the following Saturday in the basement of my friend Jim’s house. Jim, an avid kick boxer, had built a ring in his basement to work out with his sparring partners and I had a key to the house. He was currently in Europe on a business trip so would not be disturbing us. It was agreed that the women would wear bra and panties and be shoeless. The only rules were: No eye gouging or face punching, everything else was allowed. The winners would be the first team to knockout or get a submission from both opponents and only two fighters would be allowed in the ring at any one time, until I, as the judge, declared a free for all.


When the big night finally came I got to Jim’s about an hour ahead of the fighters and made sure that the ring was ready and supplied with towels and first aid kits.

I had also received permission from both mothers to videotape the fight so I set up my Handi-cam on a tripod, ready to record.


Stacey and Jessie were the first to arrive, both wearing terrycloth robes as they stepped out of their car. I immediately brought them to the basement where they removed the robes and started loosening up in the ring. Stacey was 41 years old and had lost some weight since her last spat with Theresa. The big redhead was down to about 185 and looked pretty formidable as she stood in the ring in her black bra and thong, which did little to hide her 38DD tits and large but firm ass.

It was obvious that her pubic area had not recently been trimmed as the outline of a full red bush could be seen through the semi-see thru thong.

Her daughter was a cute blonde, at 5’6” about three inches shorter than her mother. Her 36d-26-36 figure weighed in at about 135 and she wore a pink bra and string bikini. Her erect nipples strained against the bikini fabric as she carried on a constant stream of trash talk to her mom about what she was going to do to that “slut Janelle and her fat assed mother”. Needless to say, this was music to my ears.


About 10 minutes later Theresa and Janelle arrived, also clad in robes.

On seeing the other team seated on a couch Theresa let them know how she felt and yelled a few choice threats. I told them they had 10 minutes to warm up before the fight began so they removed their robes, got in the ring and began shadow boxing. Theresa was 43 years old, 5’5 and about 165. She tied her jet black hair in a braid and wore a pure white cotton bra and panties over her 38d-32-42 body. Her large ass was showing signs of sagging but still looked pretty hot. Janelle was a chip off the old block but about three inches shorter than her mom and weighing 140. She wore a silver bikini top, which struggled to contain her magnificent 38dd breasts and a pair of skin tight white lycra short shorts behind which her black furred mound was clearly outlined. Mother and daughter bounced around the ring for a few minutes before exiting and taking a seat on a bench.


At precisely 8pm I called both sets of combatants together and explained the rules, no eye gouging or face punching, two women in the ring at any one time,

tags required to bring in a team member. When I declared a free for all, all four women could get in the ring and fight. Winning team is the first to either knockout both opponents or get submissions. The women glared at each other and refused to shake hands.

“Get ready to have your blubbery butts kicked,” hissed Janelle, making a rude gesture at her opponents.

It was decided that the daughters would be first in combat; Janelle bounded into the ring followed by the younger but confident Jessie.


With their mothers on the ring apron screaming encouragement, the girls faced each other in the middle of the ring.

Janelle was the first to attack, launching a vicious kick into the pit of Jessie’s belly. Jessie let out a loud oooomph and doubled over in pain. Janelle followed up by grabbing the younger girls hair and yanking her head into the padded ring post, then letting go as Jessie’s body bounced back and she fell to the canvas on her back. Janelle then dropped both knees into the blonde’s already sore belly and grabbed a handful of luscious breast in both hands. With an evil leer she proceeded to rip off the girls pink bra and squeeze and maul her beautiful tits. As this was going on, both mothers were screaming and yelling at their daughters.

“Finish the bitch, rip her tits off” shouted Theresa as Jessie screamed in agony.

Janelle released one of Jessie’s tits and rammed two stiff fingers into the V of the blonde’s pink bikini bottom. This brought howls of agony from Jessie as Janelle jabbed her again and again in the pussy. Stacey was going wild at this abuse of her daughter and somehow managed to reach out and tag her kid’s outstretched hand.


“Now you’ll pay, you little bitch”, she yells as she grabs Janelle around the belly and lifts her off her agonized daughter, Jessie rolls out of the ring, massaging her sore tits and pussy. Holding Janelle around the waist Stacey ran her into a ring post, flattening the girls breasts, then drove a knee into her back and dropped her on the floor. Janelle rolled around the ring holding her back until Stacey jumped up, landing with her ass on Janelle’s back, facing her legs. Grabbing both of Janelle’s ankles she bent her back into a bow, bringing screams of pain from the hurting teen.

“You fucking bitch, let her go,” screamed Theresa from the other side of the ropes.

“Whatever you like,” said Stacey, releasing the teen’s legs, giving her momentary relief, before grabbing the back of her lycra shorts and shredding them, exposing the girls luscious ass. Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand she clawed and squeezed until Janelle was sobbing. Then she got up and flipped the teen on her back, giving me a nice view of Janelle’s black haired mound. Lifting her foot she prepared to drive her heel into the waiting twat as Theresa screamed and cursed at her from the ropes.

Suddenly, Stacey’s expression changed to one of agony and disbelief. As she was about to stomp Janelle’s pussy, Janelle’s foot shot up and connected solidly with Stacey’s gaping crotch. The big woman clutched her cunt and fell to her knees, moaning, while Janelle crawled to her mom and tagged her. Theresa rushed into the ring and, grabbing the strap, ripped the bra off the redheaded mom. She then yanked her up by the hair and Irish whipped her into the ropes. As Stacey bounced back at her she was met with a clothesline to the throat, which dropped her on her back, gurgling. Straddling the redhead, Theresa squeezed and mauled her pillowy tits as Jessie looked on in fear, screaming at her mom to fight back.

Changing positions, Theresa faced Stacey’s feet and grabbed the front of her black thong, yanking it deep into the woman’s cunt. Stacey screamed as Theresa tried to split her in half, sawing away with the flimsy material until it gave with a loud rip.


Now Theresa had Stacey’s dense patch of pussy hair at her mercy and proceeded to rip it out, handful by handful, while bouncing her ass on the redheads heaving belly. Somehow, Stacey managed to get her hands around Theresa’s tits and started to squeeze and maul the mammaries even as her cunt was being balded and she was shrieking in pain.

Shocked at this attack, Theresa released Stacey’s pubes and attempted to pry the fingers from her hurting tits. By now Theresa was lying horizontal on Stacey’s body, her tits being mangled as she groaned in pain and tried to detach the claw-like fingers. She arched her back and brought her big ass down on Stacey’s belly, bringing moans from her opponent, but still the fingers hung on. Again she arched her back as high as it would go and brought her ass crashing down into the pit of Stacey’s gut. This time Stacey let out a long drawn out “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH” and released Theresa’s tits. Theresa rolled off

her moaning opponent and got the tag on Janelle. Janelle couldn’t believe her luck at seeing her hated opponent spread-eagled on the canvas in front of her, panting for air. Drawing back her leg she drove a kick deep into Stacey’s wounded pussy, her big toe disappearing up the older woman’s gaping and semi-shorn slit. Stacey let out an ear-piercing scream, her back arched and her eyeballs rolled up in her head. The woman was out…


As you can imagine, Jessie watched her mother’s destruction with mounting fear, knowing that there was no escape. Her fears were realized as she felt a hand reach between her legs, lift her by the crotch and toss her in to the ring where Janelle awaited, her foot resting on Stacey’s bruised belly. At this stage I figured a free for all was in order and announced it loudly. The words were hardly out of my mouth when Theresa bounded into the ring, discarding her bra and panties, her big floppy tits and hairy black bush exposed to my admiring eyes. Stacey was moaning and starting to come to so Theresa dropped a knee into her gut and, with both hands, started to rip and tear at the inside of the redheads swollen pussy. This brought further howls of anguish from her opponent before she passed out again.


Now the black haired team could concentrate on Stacey’s blonde daughter who was now on all fours attempting to get up off the canvas. Before she could make it up Theresa drove a kick into the teen’s belly, driving her on to her back, her perfectly shaped breasts exposed. Reaching down, she removed the girl’s pink string panties, showing off her neatly trimmed blonde bush.

“Nnnooooo, please”, whimpered Jessie, but her opponents were not in a very forgiving mood. Grabbing an ankle apiece, they dragged the kid over to the corner where they climbed over the ropes and yanked Jessie’s crotch into the lightly padded ring post. They repeated this move three times, each one bringing screams of agony from the blonde. Tiring of this, the vicious Mom and daughter tried a new tactic. Pulling Jessie up by the hair, they bent her over the top rope, her tits resting on the rope. While Theresa kneed her hard in the ass, Janelle lifted the second rope, trapping Jessie’s tits. She then proceeded to twist and mangle those tits while Jessie screamed and moaned at the dual pain in her ass and tits.

Releasing her tits Janelle allowed Jessie to fall on her back on the canvas where she laid, moaning and rubbing her mangled tits.


Lazily, Janelle wandered over and dropped her ass on Jessie’s heaving belly. She then got up and allowed her Mom to execute the same move. By now Jessie was a blubbering mess, completely unable to defend herself. Deciding the time had come to end it, Theresa sat on Jessie’s tits, facing her legs and reached down to split those legs wide apart. Janelle then knelt between the blonde’s spread legs and started slowly ripping out her neat blonde bush. This brought agonized squeals from the teen until Janelle inserted one, then two fingers, then her whole hand into the moaning girl’s bruised pussy and started fist fucking her there and then. Jessie was in a whole world of hurt but could not help humping against Janelle’s invading hand. Janelle thrust her hand in and out with more and more force until with a deafening scream; the teen came and went at the same time, out like a light. Janelle and her mom high fived each other over Jessie’s prone body before getting up and doing a little dance around their fallen opponents. They then dragged Jessie over to her Mom and placed her face on Stacey’s open cunt and her hands on her mom’s tits. With their enemies nicely posed they produced a camera and took several pics before exiting the ring and putting on their robes.


“If they want a rematch, we’re ready any time”, Stacey told me on the way out, “ and don’t forget to give us a copy of the videotape”.

Sounds good to me, I thought, as I sat and waited for the losers to come around.


                                               The End