Company: Tanya Kicks
Tape: TK 011 Twist and Shout
Length: 37 minutes
Style: Topless Catfighting/Breast Torture
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 7+: +

      Tanya Kicks, if nothing else, is one of the few producers out there that will bring you real catfighting action, not scripted and nothing faked. Everything is for real, no ands ifs or buts. The only thing stated in advance are the basic safety rules for tapping out and anything special as in no eye gouging etc, you know the comon sense stuff. What you get with this tape is non-stop action from two tough women who have something to prove to each other, and of course, we the fans =) How lucky we are!
      The whole episode started when Tanya stopped filming on the match between Demi the Dragon and Kristie Etzold the day before. Unknown to Kristie, the reason Tanya cut the filming short was that she was out of tape. Of course Kristie confronts Tanya who is visiting Tweety (from in San Diego. Getting into Tanya's face like only tough gals can, she challenges her to a fight to which Tanya certainly accepts the challenge with glee! Since they are at Tweety's house and she's fully equiped with mats, they take it indoors and settle the score. Don't forget now, these are big bold dangerous women who can take as well dish out lot's of pain. This is going to hurt!
      If you've never seen Kristie, she's 54 and 160 with long red hair has a growling voice when she fights. And she is not a quiet fighter, nuh uh. She's not shy with the trash talk either. Both women sport natural breats, no silicone here folks, and they know how to hurt each other using these as targets and weapons.
      Already clad in a bikini Tanya queries Kristie as to what she wants to start the challenge with. As Kristie strips down to her red bra and panties, they agree to an arm wrestling match. Down on the mat they test their strength (I'm not going to tell you who is stonger), afterwards Tanya asks Kristie if she's cooled down and feels better now and tugs her hair in a playfull manner, which gets her the back of Kristie's hand across the face. Short swing, big hit which literaly stuns Tanya for a second. I think this actualy caught Tanya by surprise. Now comes the ultimate test to see who has the "tits of steel".
      Face to face and topless, they slam chest to chest until Tanya knocks Kirtie bacl on her back and breast smothers her. TBack on their knees facing each other, they then agree to see who can outlast who in a tit twisting/mauling challenge. We're talking meaty fleshy nail digging into the breasts mauling with moans and groans and pain! ouch! It's hard to tell who hurts the most in this one as they break the hold almost simlutaneously. I thought they would be able to take more than just that! But they must be holding back for the next challenge, the nipple twisting! Firmly grasping the other's nipples between their fingers they crank on the twist and Kirstie quickly submits to this sudden onslaught to her sensitive nipples. As much as she was taken by surprise by the sudden pain, Tanya was also surprised by Kristie's violent shake off. WOW. Now we know who hurts the most where!
      Both women get into a slap fest, primary targets being their opponnent's breasts. Tanya once again rolls Kristie onto her back and munches down onto one her exposed breasts! This is where Kristie's growls start to come out. To me, it's a signal to back off, to Tanya it appears as a signal to push on harder! Tanya doesn't let up on Kristie's poor breasts. Red from the abuse, she can't shake off Tanya from her chest. Like a pit bull on a poodle, Tanya relentlessly attacks Kristie's tender nipples and breasts.
      Finaly gaining to upper position, Kristie slaps the hell out of Tanya across the back, bottocks and just about any exposed skin she can reach. There are several points in the match where I think desperation sinks into Kristie and she flails away at Tanya quite hard to break the hold. The blows land hard but Tanya hangs in there and punishes Kristie some more. Now Tanya is in the top position, grabs Kristie by the hair and bounces her head off the mats. Padding or no padding you know this has got to ring your bell a bit! Kristie grabs Tanya's hair and tries to rip Tanya off of her. Scissored between Tanya's powerful thighs, Kristie feels the pressure and the huge slaps from Tanya when she's busy trying to pry Tanya's legs apart to get out of this painful hold.
      You see who has a lot of "grappling" experience in this match up. Tanya lunges onto Kristie with a side head lock on the mat but Kristie quickly gets the leverage with her legs and locks up Tanya's head and arm in a reversed head scissors which, unfortunately for Tanya who's back is now arched over one of Kristie's legs, leaves her right breast out in the open. With both hands Kristie reach up and around and tries to rearrange the placment of Tanya's breast and nipple. I don't think it was supposed to be up under Tanya's elbow but try and try she did! WOW again! and ouch of course! Tanya screaming in pain, shows her savvy by attacking what is available to her, namely Kristie's toes which she tries to split apart. This is an effective defensive move on anyone else but Kristie it appears as she grinds Tanya's breast with one hand and wedgies her with the other.
      Chest to chest now, with Kristie holding Tanya in a front face lock, the girls take a breather of sorts to exchange a pleasant little chat about their real boobs. This comes to a quick end as Kristie cranks on the hold soliciting a howling scream from Tanya. Quickly breaker out of that hold, Tanya finds herself on top again and biting down on Kristie's breasts. They get into a very viscious cycle here with biting, slapping and even gut punching. Tanya accidently delivers an open hand slam to Kristie's exposed crotch which was aimed at her inner thigh but the effect is appreciated by the viewers! Unfortunately for Tanya, she's just pissed off one dangerous red head!
      Finaly on top again, Kristie rides high on Tanya and grabs her by the hair and slams Tanya's face into her chest. I don't think Tanya was expecting that one! "Jesus Christ" screams Tanya all but stunned out from the repeated chest butts. At this point these two powerful women get all and wild and start wailing onto each other, trying to finish this once and for all. Catching Tanya from behind in a head lock and body scissors combo, they crunch onto each other trying to make the other submit. Grabbing Kristie by the hair, Tanya hauls for all she's worth trying to make the other let go. Just like a Mexican Standoff, they have each other's assets in their hands and do not dare let go lest the other one doesn't. Kristie threatens to relocate Tanya's breasts to her armpit. And I think this fiesty red head could actualy do it!
      Tossing Tanya across the room (literaly!) Kristie pushes her face down on the mat and places Tanya in a reverse head scissors. With Tanya's cruely exposed ass in front of her, Kristie gives her opponent a butt flossing wedgie and slaps her cheeks raw. Tanya is almost beside herself in pain and humiliation. Grinding Tanya's buttocks in her powerful hands, Kristie softens them up even more by bitting them. Spinning around and placing a double armed head lock on Tanya, she suddenly finds herself on the wrong end of the "queen of hairpulling" and quickly finds herself on the defensive. Tanya grabs a mitt full of hair and flips Kristie over onto her back and Tanya kneels on Kristie's hair pinning her head to the floor as she slaps her silly. Pain is a great motivator, Kristie doesn't waste time getting out of that hold!
      On and on it goes, these two wild women slamming the hell out of each other like you've not seen in a long time. One scene that struck me as hilarious is where Tanya was pinning Kristie down, trying to breast smother her. Kristie grabbed onto Tanya's back and was actualy pulling her into herself. Gutteral growls came out from under Tanya's body where Kristie was doing something that was causing Tanya to wail in panicked screams! When the hold was released, Tanya unloaded a shit load of bitch slaps on Kristie who seemed to be pleased with herself for what ever she was doing under there to cause Tanya that much distress! I can only surmise someone almost lost a nipple =)
      There's an awesome gut punching sequence where someone almost lost their bubble after a few solid hits. The match degenerates after this point with a lot of punching, head butting and all out viscious fighting. Both of these women can take a lot of punishment and dish it out also. You have to wonder how much hitting can one person take!? Totaly awesome! And remember, none of this is fake, it's all real hits, punching and slapping. Not a fluff moment in all of this action. The end comes quickly in this match, after a painfull hold. Nothing says satifaction like a tap out and a moan!

If you're a true catfighting fan who loves to see viscious action with a lot of hitting, breast torturing action and a lot of pain and tears, this is a tape for you! Though only 37 minutes long, the action doesn't stop once these tough women get started. I still shake my head after Tanya's tapes when she sits back with her opponent and then quite amicably discuss their match to the viewers. I can't believe you can inflict THAT much punishement on one another and still be on friendly terms afterwards! But like true proffesionals, there they are discussing their holds and moves and still suffering after the match. Amazing. I give this match a solid 7+ Stars. Kristie Etzold is a pleasure to watch perform. Each femfighter have their own little trade mark and Kristie's is her unique growling fighting voice. Scary =)

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