Company: Sabre Studios
Tape: SS3 Return of the Queen
Length: 50 minutes
Style: Topless Ring Pro Wrestling
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 8:

     Sabre Studios brings to it's viewers pro style wrestling featuring well known big breasted ladies into the ring. With a campy story line to add a sense of adventure to their matches. To be honest, I wasn't too sure how I would enjoy their videos. There are a lot of companies out there tossing no talent women into a 'match' hoping that their beaty and boobs will be enough to please their fans. Ok, sometimes that works, most times it doesn't. So I had to check out some of Sabre Studio videos to see for myself. Out their collection of available videos, there are a lot of names I recognize in the talent pool, and some of these ladies I have always enjoyed their wrestling style and abilities. Now you know why I really enjoyed SS03 amongst other videos from Sabre Studios.

     In SS03 Return of the Queen we see two talented ladies enter the ring, Quisha and Sabrina Stone. If you've ever seen these two ladies in other action fights, you know you're going to be in for a treat inside the ring as they combat each other for supremacy! I've always enjoyed Sabrina Stone's performances as this lady actually knows how to wrestle properly, she can take a hit and a tumble and is all business in the ring. She's one of those wrestling women I seek out when she's on someone's roster. You know you'll not be disapointed, win or lose. She's simply a lot of fun to watch..

     There is so much going on in this match it would be difficult to go through blow by blow, move by move as in previous reviews but suffice to say that wow, these two throw themselves at each other with total disregard for their opponent. The only important thing to these ladies is to beat down their foe and get the win.

     If you think the head locks and scissors look rough, wait until you see the hits and knees to the abs as Sabrina is sent flying into the ropes and kneed to the abs, sending her flying head over heels to the mat. Ouch. But when she's thrown into the corner and pummelled by Quisha, you know that has got to hurt almost as bad as being monkey flipped out of the corner and hammered on again in the middle of the ring. Quisha is not slouch, she strips Sabrina of her top and uses it to choke Sabrina before the Ref count can disqualify her. Weakened but not beaten, Sabrina manages to kickout from a pin and turn the tables on her opponent. Now it's Quisha's turn to feel the wrath!

     Sabrina Stone is quite good at submission wrestling and she's very strong as evident when both women are body scissoring each other, Quisha ends up straddling Sabrina's belly and facing her feet. With a sharp pull of Quisha's hair to force her backwards, Sabrina is able to lock Quisha's arms behind her back and lock in a painful scissoring hold in an ackward position for Quisha. Nice. But not quite as painfull as the shit kicking Quisha takes from Sabrina in the corner. Punches to the abs, and slaps to the chest certainly causes a lot of pain for Quisha. Down and gasping in the lower turn buckles, Quisha's top is stripped and used against her in a choke from behind. Breaking the choke before the end of the ref's count doesn't stop Sabrina from re-entering the ring and jamming her foot into the semi-prone Quisha's throat.

      Don't count Quisha out though, she manages to trip Sabrina and starts to work on the blonde's legs with torturous holds. But to add to Sabrina's pain and suffering, why not drag her out to the ropes and use those for leverage to cause more damage to the knee.. Quisha certainly has the upper hand as she whips Sabrina into the ropes and clothe lines her on the return. Dsiplaying her strength, Quisha hoists Sabrina up for a cross shoulder back breaker for the first submission!

      The start of the 2nd round doesn't start well for Sabrina as she's kicked in the belly and flipped over hard on her back before Quisha goes to work on her with a chinlock and scissors. After some torturous camel clutch and bosten crab holds, Sabrina is tossed into the corner where Quisha puts the boots to her again, punishing her belly and chest with knees, fists and open handed blows across her chest. The resounding slaps tell you that these gotta hurt! But probably not as much as Quisha resorts to dirty tactics again and goes for a breast maul before the ref breaks it up. A rake to the eyes before Sabrina is monkey flipped out of the corner and a pin attempt frustrates the hell out of Quisha that her opponent is able to kick out of the pin. Anothe clothe line, a body slam and yet still Quisha can't pin her opponent.

      But when Quisha goes for a neck nerve pinch hold, Sabrina digs deep and is able to flip Quisha over her shoulder and catch her stunned opponent in a chin lock scissoring hold. It's pay back time as Sabrina tortures her victim with various painful scissoring holds. But life really doesn't difficult for Quisha until she's violently thrown into the corner and is beaten senseless with punches to the belly and ear spliiting slaps to the chest. Kneed to the belly and chest, Quisha is barely able to hang in there, especially with the breast mauling. Didn't we say payback is a bitch? Even after all that and a monkey flip out of the corner isn't enough to keep Quisha down for a pin attempt. The frustrated Sabrina body slams her opponent repeatedly to weaken her enough for the pin, but yet once again, Quisha is able to barely kick out in time. But a few ring shaking body slams and flying elbow drops finally keep Quisha down for the count.

     So now it's on to the rubber round.. With one win apeice, the stakes are high and Sabrina doesn't waste any time bringing the pain to Quisha as she attempts to choke her on the ropes before pummelling her in the chest once again. With her opponent weakened, Sabrina goes for a sleeper hold but Quisha fights to resist the big sleep until she's able to reach the ropes for a break of the hold. Frustated, Sabrina drags her weakened victim to the centre of the ring and applies a double cross over arm choke trying to get either a submission or knockout on Quisha for the win. But Quisha's not having any of it as she continues to resist. Determined to get the win, Sabrina crashes a huge forearm across Quisha's chest before applying a punishing bosten crab. Though in immense pain, Quisha still refuses to submit and hangs in there until she makes it to the ropes for a break of the hold.

     Feeling a bit too confident, Sabrina is tripped and down she goes where Quisha is able to repeatedly head butt her opponent in the crotch before delivering brutal double axe handles to Sabrina's abs. Climbing on top of Sabrina, Quisha attempts to breast smother her foe but is caught in a breast mauling. Returning the favour, Quisha clamps down hard on Sabrina's breasts while straddling her, both women locked in a test of endurance as they clamp down on each other's breasts until both have to mutually release the painful hold.

     But Quisha is quicker to recover and is able to scoop up Sabrina in a fireman's carry and starts her an airplane spin to unceremoniously dump her down to the mat. Yanking her up to her feet, Quisha slaps on a tight full nelson on Sabrina but she's able to flip Quisha over her shoulder and get on top of her to maul her foe's breasts. The dirty tactics start to come out as Sabrina chokes out Quisha with an ankle across the throat. Arguing with the ref doesn't do her any good but she keeps trying to get in her cheap shots to weaken Quisha. A chop to the throat and a whip to the ropes for a clothe line has it's telling effects on Quisha as Sabrina has her way with her opponent, punishing her at will. The end looks near for poor Quisha as she is threaded through the ropes and choked with her own bikini top as Sabrina tries every dirty trick she knows to get her opponent to submit or pass out.

     This time it's Quisha going for an airplane ride before being dumped harshly to the mat. Sabrina is trying her best to beat down her opponent in the corner but Quisha is tougher than she thought. Sabrina whips Quisha to the ropes again and sets her up for another clothe line, but Quisha is able to duck this one and comes in from behind to set up a sleeper hold on Sabrina, knocking her out cold for the win.

     I was quite happy with SS3 video. Sabre Studios did well to have talented women such as Sabrina Stone, Quisha and Fran Le perform in their videos. You know THESE ladies can do the job. It takes more than just good looks and big tits to do a good femfight video. Luckily with these ladies on the roster, you get it all. I would have to surmise that any of the Sabre Studios videos featuring these ladies will also be quite entertaining. Maybe we'll find out soon.

     With an 8 star rating, this video is sure to please the pro ring style wrestling fan. Hard hitting action, fast paced ring work and two capable ladies, you can't go wrong.

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