Company: Pin-Down Girls
Tape: Video #114 Lessons Learned
Length: 70 minutes
Style: Pro Style Ring Matches
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 9:

      By now, a lot of people know what I like in femfight videos. "Pro Ring Matches!!" with lots of 2 on 1 action, a smattering of back breakers, illegal use of ropes and well, a general amount of good pro moves. Someone put me onto Pin-Down Girls recently and suggested I take a look at their #114 Video "Lessons Learned". Though I hadn't seen any of their videos, I recognised Lexie Fyfe and Becka from Battling Beauties (also reviewed on this site). Knowing how viscious and rough Lexie can be, I figured this couldn't be a bad video to try out. And wow, was I happy to see what they did with THIS tape!
      First off, let me start by saying that this review will be more pics less words of the action that takes place. Why? Because there is simply too much damn action to describe, and seriously brutal pro action at that! This is over 1 hour of non-stop action. But wait, I think I might be getting ahead of myself here.. I should describe some of the action, right? Here goes!
      The stage is set with an outdoor pro ring in sunny Arizona. The tape is set around several matches, with various players involved. First match has Nikki and Toni facing Becka (Lexie's protege) and Violet Flame with Lexie as the Ref in this best 2 out of 3 falls match. So far so good. The match starts off with Nikki and Toni taking the advantage over their opponents when they corner off Becka and go to town on her. Lexie, being an all around pro at wrestling, quickly tries to break up the mellee but Violet comes in trying to save her partner. Oh great! This is what I like, 2 on 1 action where the victim's partner actualy distracts the ref enough to cause her happless partner to suffer more at the hands of their foe. But it's not Becka that suffers, as she quickly manages to get Nikki at the disadvantage and after that it's a lot of suffering for the poor lass. Back and forth the action rolls. When ever Nikki gets Becka to her corner, Lexie is on them right away to break it up. Toni gets tagged in and as she grabs Becka, Violet leaps in to assist her partner. When Nikki re-enters the ring to protest, Lexie heads her off to push her back. What's a Ref to do? Meanwhile, Vioilet and Becka do some hard hitting 2 on 1 action on Toni.
      Every time Nikki tries to get in to save her partner from the double teaming, she's pushed back by Lexie which gives their opponents a free go for more punishing action against Toni. These women are not gentle with each other in this match. Good tossing around and solid realistic blows make it a very good match to watch, so far. Becka ends up tossing Toni too close to Nikki's corner and gets herself caught up in the wrong corner. Grabbed by the hair from behind and kneed in the abs, you would imagine that she's in deep trouble. But no, Lexie the considerate Ref breaks it up. Nikki gets a tag in and goes after Violet. But no sooner does she get the advantage that Becka comes in and saves Violet. Double teaming on Nikki's legs, these two rough and tumble lasses put the boots to their victim. And this is only the first 7 minutes of the match!
      Ok by now you start to get the idea that Lexie is not as unbiased as she should be in this match. She gentle reminds Becka and Violet that they are bending the rules while severely reprimanding the other two when they violate a rule. I'be not seen Toni in ring action before and I liked what I saw throughout this tape. She makes a perfect victim. She's got a superb plaintiff wail on her when being tortured. I'll be wanting to see more of her in the future. Violet Flame is another new one to me. Without checking her credentials, I can easily tell she's done a lot of ring work as she's got the moves and holds down pat. Good vocalisations too. A small thing but it all adds to the whole match. For a small woman, Violet has a big voice. When she tells you to do something, I wouldn't argue!
      In the rest of this 3 falls match, I'll descibe some of the highlight scenes.. there are so many, I kid you not! Becka has Nikki in a Full Nelson and Violet nails her hard with a clothesline across the chest. Unable to drop to her feet, Nikki is hoisted up again and is submitted to some standing kicks to the abs. Nikki actualy wins the first match after Becka misses with a splash. The 2nd round starts with Becks and Violet charging Nikki while Lexie pushes Toni back to her corner. The two crush their happless victim under their boots. Becka drapes Nikki across the top rope to choke her out and Violet assists with some hard slamming fists to the unprotected abs. You finaly find out Lexie's true purpose when both Beck and Violet are stomping on the prone Nikki while Lexie is standing on her hair! Ah, ok now we get it. She's in there to support her protege Becka! Ut oh, poor Nikki and Toni are in for the match of their lives. Most of the 2nd round is spend torturing the poor girls with various painful holds and hits. Becka and Violet methodicaly chip away at Nikki until she is but a lump of pained hurt. At one point, Nikki is thrown in the corner and Lexie leans her back against Nikki, preventing her from moving. Meanwhile, Becka and Violet go to town on poor Toni. While Becka holds Toni back in a laying down Full Nelson, Violet slams her fist deep into the poor girl's exposed abs. Lexie then brings a dazed Nikki back to her corner but not before head slamming her head in the top turn buckle a few times. Down goes Nikki, out as a light! Becka drives huge knees into Toni's abs causing her to cough out a lung. Becka sits behind Toni, pulling back on her arms, trying to rip her apart. The pain is too much for Toni and she wails out her submission. It's so pitiful, that Violet comes in and stomps on Toni before Becka releases her. Obviously Becka wins the 2nd round but not before Violet drags in Nikki and punches her in the abs for a 10 count to make it official. Wow, talk about being slaughtered and then some! Amazing action! But there's still one more round to go!
      Before the next round can get started, Nikki bitterly complains to the Ref about her obvious bullshit tactics. Before she knows it, Nikki gets a boot to the abs by Lexie and is bull dogged to the mat! Lexie yells at Nikki "So you don't like me as a ref, how about as an opponent, then?!" and strips off her Ref shirt. Lexie grabs Toni and bull dogs her down too. Now it's 3 on 2 action! And this is where my only complaint about the whole tape is about. Because now that there is so much action going on, it's painfully obvious that the camera man has to try and cover all of it as best as he can by getting the right angles to catch it all. They should have had two cameras to cover all of it. Or go back and tape one set and then the other, but what do I know. I want to see it all! Man, what action! While Lexie and Violet beat the life out of poor Nikki in the foreground, you can see Becka hammering away at Toni. Becka hauls Toni up across her knee for a back breaker and slams fists into her abs. I would love to have seen that up close! I didn't realise how sexy Toni could look in that position! Good job there! Both Nikiki and Toni are beaten sensless and are begging for their lives after a while. The torture and punshment is too much to bear, it's pure cruelty what they do to those two women. But it's not over yet but this is as far as I go with it.
      The end of the first match is the lead in to the 2nd match. While Lexie was holding Toni in a Full Nelson so that Becka can punch her, Toni manages to slip out at the last moment and Becka ends up hitting Lexie. Oops! Not good. Lexie punishes her protege by beating her up some. Violet catty comments on how terrible Becka was during the match doesn't do any good either. "My back is sore from carrying you through the match..." she tells Becka. Lexie is not impressed as it's an attack on her abilities also. So here's the premise to the 2nd match between Violet and Lexie to see who is the toughest. But before that match starts, Lexie put Becka in a one legged Bosten Crab while Violet grabs the other leg. They just sit there exchanging unpleasantries while Becka is ignored as she screams her submission in the background.
      Now starts the real pro match between two obvious veterans of the squared circle. All the right moves, all the right banter and all the right reactions to the hits that we pro ring fans have come to appreciate. I'll not give away this match but suffice to say the ending was right up my alley! They couldn't have done a better job of it.
      The last match is a Shoot Match between Violet and Nikki. This was very interesting to watch as a Shoot Match is real wrestling (not the staged stuff) between two competitors. You get a lot of submissions and quick ones too. It lets you know how real or unreal some of the holds you see are. Rememer me saying this was an outdoor shoot under the hot Arizona sun? Well, they said it was 110F that day and both gals were feeling the effect of the sun after a while. The girl with the most stamina wins the day as the other one gets tired and can't defend herself. This doesn't mean the match ended then and there!
      This tape captured just about everything I could have asked for in my own custom match, should I ever decide to have one done. Throw 5 talented women in a ring and the magic will happen.

      This Video gets a 9 Star Rating. I would love to see Pin-Down Girls try another such match in the near future and try to elaborate on the double teaming action. They did a wonderful job in this tape, you will not be disapointed.

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