Company: MBL Productions
Tape: MBL Productions Mixed Oil Wrestling volume 1
Length: 47 minutes
Style: Topless Mixed Oil Wrestling
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 8:

      I recall a few years ago while exchanging messages in the newsgroup with some friends about producing our own videos, what would we want, who would we hire, what would be the theme.. You know, every lad's fantasy match. Well, this is what Markf30 did. After a while he actualy fulfilled his own dreams and produced his own video which he now makes available to the fans of Femfighting, and here it is: Mixed Oil Wrestling with two of the top hitters and best lookers in the biz. Mark was fortuitous to be able to have 2 matches on his tape. Here's what he's come up with. I'm not normaly a super great fan of oil wrestling because it's generaly just a lot of silly oily slipping and sliding, this tape is more of an enjoyable oil wrestling. See why.
      The first match is between Stormee and Pete. You have certainly seen pics of Stormee but they don't do her justice when you see her in action. One word: NICE! Pete has been seen often enough in other productions that some of you will be familiar with his good work. Set in a room with tarpaulin laid out on the floor and a liberal amount of the slippery stuff applied to both combatants, the actions starts off quickly after the mandatory requisite posing to show us what we are going to see.
      This is the first time I get to see Stormee in action and I must say I am looking forward to seeing her again in action. A lovely lass with a long lithe bod is pleasant on the eyes. Though essentialy a newcomer when this video was made, she did a good job of it. Pete, as usual with his skills and abilities, was able to manhandle Stormee throughout most of the match until he would somehow get caught up tangled in her long shapely legs for either a arm bar or scissors. The action starts off a little stiff but they both quickly get into it in a few minutes. Pete manages to get some of my favourite holds on Stormee, cross shoulder and cross knee backbreakers, stretching the poor lass and displaying her lovely shape for us to admire. In return, Stormee manages to get some interesting scissor holds on Pete that, scripted or not, would be very difficult to get out of when applied. Never under-estimate the powers of a woman's thighs, especialy wrapped around your neck and torquing it hard over to the side. OUCH!
      The second match features another one of my all time favourite fem fighters, Francesca Le vs Leonard. These two are evenly matched in height and the action starts right away. Experienced in the ring and in catfighting, Francesca manages to put Leonard through his paces throughout the match, even to the point of what I would hazard to say, actualy choking him out for real (She has a good choke hold on him, he's trying to tap out and the camera wipes to a few seconds later where I would guess he had to bark out to get her off his throat lol). Not really a funny thing but it shows you how intense some of these people play!
      Francesca manages to get Leonard in a few headlocks and looks like he's in danger of having his eye poked out by her luscious nipple. Gotta like that! In return Leonard manages to scissor Fran and pull her arms up high above her head, stretching her out for all she's worth. Nice view! Throw in a nice cross knee back breaker and you have a weakened Fran grunting and groaning through the match, I like the way she does that. Leonard eventualy camel clutches Fran, holding her chin from behind and reefing back for all she's worth.. You hear her grunting "...ooohhhh it hurrrrtsssss...", her voice trembling under the strain Leonard put onto her, perhaps a payback from the previous extremely painful looking camel clutch she threw on him? Looks great on her though!
      of course, I won't be telling you the ending in either matches, it's too much fun to watch for me to spoil it for you here.

      This Video gets a 8 Star Rating. I'm happy to see someone fulfilling his dreams and more so happy that it turned out to be one hell of a good product! Wow, not bad at all for his first go around. Good choice of women and men to perform in his favourite theme, Oil Wrestling and excellent post production work helped Mark turn his passion in a first rate video for everyone to enjoy. I'm looking forward to seeing his next video come out this year.

      Hopefully this will inspire others with big dreams and deep passions to finaly get off their duffs and take the plunge and produce their own video. Take heed though, I am sure Mark will be the first to tell about all the pitfalls and dangers of such a venture. But when passions bites you hard, you gotta do what you gatta do!

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