Company: JM Rolen
Tape: JMR021 Champion
: 46 minutes
Style: Taped Fist Match
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 9:

      Once again JM Rolen rolls out another solid hitting video for his fans. I mean this in a literal sense too! He's paired up the well known Christine Dupree with the equally crowd pleasing Francesca Le in this taped fist slug fest in the traditional all out Rolen fashion. Very impressive piece of work!

      The premise of this story is that Christine is the Champion of the very secretive Fight Club where the members view the match via closed circuit TV. Francesca is seen shadow boxing in her robe as Christine comes into walking into the fighting room. Francesca holds the title and Christine want it, bad. Bother women disrobe, displaying their bare wares. Oiling up their bodies, the discuss Christine's last match with Venus which she lost. handing each other the tape, they proceed to tape up their fists. There's something awesome about taped fist women, especially these two. A few minutes of air boxing to limber up and they are ready to rock and roll.
      The buzzer sounds off and the battle begins. Fran lays a solid right cross to Christine's jaw and follows up with left and a right. She then drops down and works on Christine's abs. Christine fends off Fran and lays in a couple of hits to the bread basket, followed by several crosses to the chops. So far this battle is quite even until Fran cracks Christine solidly across the chin, staggering the experienced fighter back. Christine rallies back and sends a flurry of hits to Francesca's body and a right hook that drops the smaller girl to the floor. Fran recovers quickly and fires off a series of haymakers that eventually drop Christine to the floor. Down she goes.
      Slow to get up, Christine however manages to cascade a series of devastating blows to Fran's tortured belly. Feeling an impasse, both women lunge at each other and clamp onto each other's breasts and nipples, trying to twist their way to victory. But as hard as one gives, she must receive the same torturous pain from her opponent. Back and forth they go, clawing each other's crotch and breasts trying to make the other submit. But they aren't going to give up this early in the match. Finally breaking off the clawing, they square off again and the fists start to fly. Wild round house swings meet their targets as each fighter tag the other and drops her to the floor. Back and forth. Christine manages to drop Francesca flat to the floor with an excellent right left combo. Wiping the blood from her lip, the sweat glistening Christine compliment her foe's talent. Fran get up and feels the blood trickle down her own lip, and she comes up swinging and tags Christine solidly across the jaw.
      Locking up once again, they both go down to the floor and attempt to rip each other's breasts off, clawing away at tender crotches and punching away at the same time. Christine manages to get Fran in a reverse spread eagle grapevine where she's able to maul away at Fran's seemingly defenseless breasts and nipples, but little does she know that Fran is able to reach behind her and claw away at Christine's crotch, causing her enough pain to break the hold. Now it's Fran's turn to get in behind Christine and apply the same torture to her breasts and nipples. Vicious hair pulling has both women rolling on the floor vying for control over the other to inflict more tortuous pain. Rolling back and forth, they try to cripple their opponent with vicious thong wedgies. During the scuffling, Fran's tape comes undone on one wrist and Christine chastises her for her sloppiness and does up her tape for her. Fran, admiring Christine's handy work comments on how much better the tape feels and thanks Christine with a vicious right cross, sending the stunned Christine back across the room, staggering. Pissed off, Christine comes back swinging but is quickly dropped to the floor. Getting up to her feet and swinging, Christine manages to hammer away at Fran enough to be able to grapple up with her. Standing side to side with their arms locked over each's shoulders, Christine is able to pin back Fran's free arm and starts to hammer away at Fran's cruelly exposed belly after Fran finishes doing the same thing to Christine.
      Grabbing Christine by the hair, Fran is able to pummel away at the battered women. Laying hard hitting fists into Christine's belly and chin, she manages to weaken her foe. Dropping Christine once more to the floor, Fran taunts her to get up. Christine is able to mount a token offense as she comes up and lays a few fists into Fran but to no avail as Fran nails her repeatedly with her taped fists. Every time Christine gets close to taking the advantage, Fran manages to take her down. Eventually, Fran manages to rip off Christine's bikini bottom, leaving her completely naked! Grabbing Christine by the hair to stand her up, Fran nails her once more. But the resilient Christine manages to final counter attack with several hard hitting blows to Fran's belly and face. Stunned, Fran is pushed back against the furniture and is systematically taken apart by Christine's hungry fists. Christine taunts her battered victim. Payback is a bitch. Christine sizes up Fran and drops her to the floor like a sack of potatoes with a right cross. Christine is able to rip off Fran's bikini bottoms as well. Now both gals are bare naked and exhausted but continue to swing away at each other. What else happens? I'm not going to tell you except that it will blow your socks off. Check the photos, it's incredible! The double nipple pinching stand off is excellent.
      People who have seen JM's earlier tapes know that this genre of tape comes with hitting sound effects that lend a special flair to the fight scenes. This tape has some of the better hitting sequences and the audio effects lend well to accentuate the action. Remember those cowboy movies where John Wayne swings and hits his opponent? Well that's what this reminds me of, except Fran and Christine are much much better looking than the Duke. This video has a lot of non-stop action and it flows well. JM takes a lot of care for details and takes the time to get it all right. Perfect lighting, excellent audio and some of the best video quality out there makes his tapes always a treat to watch. This tape is long running compared to many and JM manages to fill every minute of it with excellent action.

      This Video rates a 9 Star Rating. The combination of talented, well known femfighters, in a taped fist match with sound effects really make for a perfect combo. There's a lot of everything in this tape to appeal to just about all the fetishes out there; hair pulling, breast and crotch mauls, fist fighting, just about anything and everything.

      Check these pics out!

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