Company: JM Rolen
Tape: JMR002 Point Of No Return
Length: 50 minutes
Style: Catfighting
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 9:

      This is my second look at one of JM Rolen's magnificient match tapes and again I was not dispointed. For those who have already been priviledged to have enjoyed one of his many tapes will know what I mean. Everyone had been telling me that "Point Of No Return" is the crowning peice of his collection. Wow, after seeing "Fighting Chance", I thought to myself, "It gets better?". And I agree with all the critics, this is one heck of an excelent tape, each of every 50 minute is utterly amazing! Find out why.
      JM Rolen makes an appareance at the begining of this tape explaining the anthology of Fem Fighting. As an accomplished artist, he explains with samples of his accurate artwork as to what compels women to fight for either pleasure or fantasy. He segueys into the current story with a story board of characters that look like Hollywood and Tori Sinclair. JM relates the premis of this fight story and cuts into a short narrative when the scene opens up with Tori facing off with Hollywood, her intention is to let this bitch know what it's like to take a good slap in the face because of a beating Hollywood gave Tori's friend. But when standing face to face with the imposing Hollywood, Tori starts to feel intimidated by Hollywood's stare and stature. Before she knew it, Tori was backing down and walks away scared. Tori mulls over what had happened but more importantly at what hadn't happened. Trying to convince herself that she did the right thing by avoiding a physical confrontation, but no matter what she told herself, she knew that she had come to a point, a point where talk must turn to action regardless of the consequences. She had stopped at this point, her courage had failed her. She knew that one day she would have to face this women, if she was ever to able to face herself. Hence the title.
      A new scene opens up this time with Hollywood sitting on a sofa wearing a black jacket, white blouse and black skirt. A ring at the door announces Tori's arrival. She has come to deal with Hollywood once and for all. Dressed in a similar outifit as Hollywood, she enters the room and glares at Hollywood. Standing face to face, the "stare off" ensues with Hollywood telling Tori to reconsider her actions, "If I were you I would walk out that door so you can leave unmarked". A huge slap from Tori answers Hollywood's query. Recovering from the blow, Hollywood taunts Tori with a "Is that the best you can do honey?" No sooner had she said those words that Tori nails Hollywood across the kisser with a wild haymaker that nearly spins her around. This time, when Hollywood turns back holding her jaw, she has the crazed look of a wild bitch spoiling for a fight. With a cute girl smile, Hollywood returns the favour with a huge cross hook of her own that sends Tori spinning around followed up with a tremendous backhand to spin her back. And this is only the first 2 minutes of the fighting action! WOW. As with "Fighting Chance" the hits are super realistic and the sound effects are just devine. The first time you ever see one of JM's films you are caught by surprise at the ferocity and intensity of these blows. I love it!
      Tossing aside their jackets, the ladies are left in their blouses and short skirts and tangle up right away to the floor in a series of rolling scissors, hair pulls, breast mauls and everthing else you can think of. Eventualy the match settles down into some perfectly applied holds. Schoolboy pins, breast smothers and face sitting are their weapons of choice. Nipples, breast, crotch and hair are their targets of choice. There is something to be said about their skirts riding up as one sits atop her opponent, grabbing two hand fulls of hair and ramming her head into the floor. It's an image, a sweet image as these two gorgeous and hugely talented ladies go to it! Eventualy, they both get their opponents' shirt off, ripping and popping buttons. Eventualy they are both rendered nekkid as all their clothing is ripped or pulled off. Loose clothing can be hazardous to your health as their cast off shirts are used to choke one another. If you wonder later on what the white spots on their bodies are, it's the buttons sticking to their hot, grunting and perspiring bodies.
      Hollywood gets Tori in a good Camel Clutch in the fight, bending her back and framing her face with her hands. Not to be outdone, Tori plants a gorgeous bare face sit on Hollywood, muffling her screams. Head scissors, breast grabs, face sitting this is non stop action which leaves both women exhausted and panting. There isn't a lot of verbal exchange during the fighting, unless you consider the contant ugh, pant pant, and grunt - groan to be a dialogue. One scene has both women in a mutual bear hug trying to crush the other's backand breasts into each other. The staring look of intense hatred is great. Eventualy they end up on the floor and more torture and cruel punishment resume and intensifies.
      This is a long match, but it does not bore you or cause you to fast-forward to the next best scene as some of the lesser tapes do with ill-planned sequence of events. This is all sweet action, covering just about all aspects of femfighting. Even if you are not a face sitting or a camel clutch fan, these brutal lasses make it so appealing you have to watch it through. Tori face sits Hollywood, crushing her sex into the hapless victim's face until she goes limp. Battered and in pain, Tori groggily gets to her feet and leans up to the bar, trying to recover her senses as this battle has taken it's toll on her. She doesn't see Hollywood get to her feet and attack her from behind. After a quick roll on the floor, naked flesh pressed together, they make it to their feet and exhange punishing blows to the face with closed fists and open hand slaps. Back and forth, they nail each other with solid hits. Hollywood gets three in a row on Tori and sends her crashing to the floor. Getting back to her feet, Tori slams a round house punched to Hollywood sending her spawling. Back and forth they go. Here's where they excell though, with each hit they get weaker, more exhausted. But there's a lot of hitting so it does take a while to get to this point. When they get into the gut slugging, the oomphs and uhgns get deliciously realistic. Again as with the face punching, the gut slug sound effects are excellent! These two ladies know how to throw a punch and take a punch. It has to be seen to be appreciated, over and over and over.
      Ok, this is where I leave you to figure out the rest of this tape. I've watched this one several times and enjoyed every minute of it. This is a near classic catfight match is there is any. Both Hollywood and Tori Sinclair put on such a memorable performance, they are to be congratulated! You can see why they are so popular and in high demand by femfight fans all over. Beauty they have in spades but it's their talent that sets them apart from the others.
      If you are looking for femfight films and can only choose one tape this year, I would suggest you get this one or "Fighting Chance". But try out a JM Rolens tape. If you are one of the lucky ones with a huge collection of femfight tapes and haven't tried one of JM's tapes yet, do it. You will appreciate the uniqueness of his tapes. The lighting, camera work, sound effects and scripting are amongst the absolute best there is out there. Not a wasted moment, no missed opportunities, just pure intense femfighting action.

      This Video gets a 9 Star Rating. I don't think JM Rolens knows how to make a shitty fight tape if he even tried to. It all comes out excellent. I am certainly looking forward to his next endeavours, they can only be excellent!

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