Company: WebKitten.Com
Tape: Killer Kittens
Length: 30 minutes
Style: Nude Catfighting
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 9:

      Here's a brand new video from Hollywould Productions starring Hollywood vs Nikki Steel in an outrageous nude bitchfight! I have come to expect a lot from this company and they keep surpassing that level every time. This video is no exception!
      The premise behind the action in this video is simple pure hatred between these two gorgeous lasses. Both of them start the match fully clothed; Hollywood in a white sleeveless top, black skirt and white stockings while Nikki is clad in a dark short sleeved top and a red skirt. The video starts with women trying to stare down the other and giving each other a taunting push.
      Quickly taking off their high heeled shoes, Hollywood and Nikki lunge at each other, grabbing each a mittful of hair, trying to gain the advantage. Nikki finaly over powers Hollywood and presses her up again the wall where she delivers a huge closed fist deep into Hollywood's taut abs. A couple of shots drop Hollywood to the floor where Nikki yanks her back up against the wall where she crashes a few knee lifts to Hollywood's bread basket. Dropping Hollywood once more, Nikki manages to get Hollywood's top off to show us Hollywood's ample bosum held back by a white bra. Nikki is extremely rough, grabbing both of Hollywood's breasts in her hands and trying to crush them like a succulent melon. Hollywood finaly manages to nail Nikki in the crotch sending her crashing to the floor.
      Quickly capitalizing on the situation, Hollywood proceeds to stomp on the stunned Nikki. Grabbing her by the ankles, Hollywood crushes Nikki's crotch with her heel after a few strategicly placed heels to the chest. Massaging her abused crotch, Nikki is hardly able to prevent Hollywood from ripping off her top to reveal a sexy red bra, Hollywood attemps to crush Nikki's breasts with her stocking heel. Reaching in desperation, Nikki reveals her evilness by crotch grabbing Hollywood, causing her to drop to the floor in severe pain. Pulling Hollywood up to her knees by the hair, Nikki delivers a couple of huge open handed slaps across her opponent's cheeks to stun her. Forcing Hollywood face down onto the mat, Nikki declares it's her turn now. Ripping Hollywood's bra off her body and proceeds to rake her long nails down the length of Hollywood's lovely back. All the screaming in the world isn't helping Hollywood at this time.
      There is so much action going on in this match that it would be impossible to describe it all. I'll only hit the highlights, but trust me, for every mention I make of an event there are probably 10 others not mentioned that should be in their own rights but there is only so much space to write!! So here goes..
      Needless to say, this match up has Nikki in the advantage early on. After ripping Hollywood's bra off, Nikki attacks Hollywood's two great assets. Digging her nails deep into the soft flesh of Hollywood's flesh, leaving red welts as she roughs up her victim. Grasping both nipples in her hands, Nikki attempts to reposition them to somewhere else on Hollywood. Pinning Hollywood's arms down and with her own arm across Hollywood's throat to hold her down, Nikki cruely destroys her victim's breasts. ( One of the main peeves I have about some femfight scenes is the lack of restraints on the victim.. but when they do it right like they have here, it makes it all the more credible that the victim is unable to truely defend herself). Grabbing Hollywood's breasts in both hands and trying to squeeze the life out of them, Niiki is visicously trying to leave her mark, on Hollywood's skin! Nikki goes as far as chomping down on Hollywood's nipple, making Hollwyood writhe in pain and finaly kicks out.. whimpering off to one side in sure pain, both women are on all fours, circling the mat like a couple of hungry tigresses with the smell of blood in the air..
      Later on in the film... Nikki again overpowers Hollywood and as her victim is laying face down again, Nikki sits on Hollywood's back facing the rear and crosses Hollywood's ankles.. Bringing her toes up closer, Nikki starts snacking on Hollywood's big toe! It takes everything she's got to hang onto Hollywood at this time, as the pain must be incredible! Hollywood's screams are in superb form this time around. She finaly manages to roll Nikki off her back and scampers away to the side to nurse her toe. Thinking Hollywood is badly wounded, Nikki non-chalantly crawls up towards Hollywood who suddenly bursts out and delivers one humounguous kick to Nikki's ribs, sending her sprawling across the mat! Wow.. and you can hear it too =) Gasping for air, Nikki is unable to prevent Hollywood from ripping her bra off. Of course, what do you expect happens when two very sexy looking lasses, looking to kill each other suddenly become topless? Mutual tit tortures!! The object here is to find out who can take the pain the longest. Loosing this round, Nikki is rolled over and loses her panties which leave her wide open for Hollywood's cruel crocth clawing action. Wow are these women viscious!! WOW.
      The action literaly see-saws back and forth, tit crushing, crotch crushing action and a few well placed face and gut punches. Sprinkle that with a liberal about of stomping and you have the perfect recipe for a hellacious bitch fight like none seen before. The action literaly does not slow down at all during this long battle.. 30 mins might seem short to us the viewers but these lasses are workign their asses off trying to get the other one to submit or rendered unconcious. Case in point, Nikki rolls Hollywood off of her and as Hollywood is rolling away, Nikki grabs one of her legs and spreads Hollywood's legs apart to deliver the supremely devastating solid punch to the crotch! Hollywood folds right up into a massive ball of pain and hurt. Nikki jumps in right away to capitalize on the situation by slapping a body scissors on Hollywood. But the veteran fighter easily out manouvres Nikki and manages to drop a huge fist in her belly. Back and forth the action goes, bitchier as it goes. Hollywood eventualy gets to even up the score as she chews up Nikki's toes.

      This is where I leave you off JUST before the detailed foot fetish section gets here.. look at the pics! Hollywood has Nikki pinned to the floor with her foot smothering Nikki. There is definetly a strong foot fetish theme here as well as a face sitting fetish angle. When you pair up such lovely and talented women as Hollywood and Nikki, you know you are in for a treat, and I kid you not. This is an awesome tape! This is the first time I get to see Nikki Steel in such action and I am very impressed with the sinergy between Nikki and Hollywood.. almost like they meshed so well together. I hope to see more of them together soon! Truely excellent. The ending is pure and simple humiliation at it's best! You'll have to find out for yourself what it is..

      This is one of Hollywood's best tapes and certainly one of her more "risque" tapes that I have seen. If you drop coins on a tape, you want action and you want non-stop action and this is what you get in Killer Kittens. I easily give this tape a 9 star rating for excellent non-stop action, one of the sexiest tapes yet for the attacks and babes. Breast Torture, Crotch Clawing, Face Sitting, Toe sucking, Nipple biting, Toe Biting action.. This tape just about has it all. It's a keeper for sure!

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