Company: WebKitten.Com
Tape: Hollywood vs The Professor: School Girl Lesson
Length: 30 minutes
Style: Mixed Wrestling
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 9:


Here's another great video coming out of Hollywould Productions. This time we're privy to a mixed match featuring Hollywood vs Pete as the Professor. Their last match wasn't quite to Pete's liking so he's wanting a rematch. Hollywood, as always, takes up the challenge. Mixed matches are always hard matches to do because you generaly end up with such an imbalance of size or skills making the action very unbelievable or boring. Others mind you, get that fine balance of compatible fighters, and this is what we find with Holly and Pete. Both fit and strong and about the same height, this should prove to be a good one. I've seen Pete in other matches for other companies before and he's mastering his craft nicely. With time comes experience and skills and we're going to see the culmination of all this used against Hollywood.


The match starts off with Hollywood stepping into the outdoor ring wearing a sweet short schoolgirl pleated skirt and a much too tight white top. While waiting for the Professor, she spends the time by stretching her long limber and sexy limbs. Then enter the Prof, all full of business and anger from the loss of the last match. Hollywood confronts him by accusing for being late, but he's ready for business. They start shoving each other a bit and Holly removes her high heeled footwear in preps for this match.


Quickly snapping Pete in a headlock, Hollywood unfortunately gets picked up and is almost body slammed but the quick thinking and highly skilled femfighter hangs on for dear life and manages to drag the Prof up and over and ends up still in the headlock with Holly on top of him. Pete manages to roll her back and craddle her for a near pin but Holly manages to kick out of it. As Pete reaches down to grab her by the hair, Holly firmly plants her feet in his chest and manages an excellent monkey flip that sends him off flying. Annoyed, he gets to his feet, grabs her by the hair and flings her to the ropes to finaly clotheline the woman. Wham! On her back, Holly has enough wits about her to see the elbow drop coming down and rolls out of the way, letting Pete crash to the mat on his elbow. While he's howling in pain, she scrambles to her feet and returns the favour with her own elbow drop to the body, but this time she connects. She grabs Pete by the hair, hauls him up to his feet and she flings him to the corner where she commences to pummel his body with kicks and punches. She spread legs him open and delivers a punishing swift kick to the pills. Down he goes once again. In pain and dazed, Pete is subjected to a lot of punishing holds. Stripping off her skirt for more comfort, Holly climbs on Pete's back and camel clutches him hard, his shoulder muscles straining against her pull. As Holly releases the hold to apply something else, Pete manages to deek her out and get on top of her. With her own skirt in hand, he uses it to choke her out. Now he's mad, and now he's getting some pay back!


On their feet, they circle each other. Holly makes a deal with him that should HE win, she will be in class every day, on time and stay late, and if SHE wins, she gets him in the ring every weekend. Agreeing to these terms, they lock up with a Test of Strength hand hold but before Pete can apply his superior strength, Holly pulls up and kicks him inside the ribs, knocking the wind out of him. These are hard solid real kicks that send him down to the mat. Hollywood wastes no time in getting in and applying a grueling Figure Four Leg Lock. Hollywood rolls him over onto his belly, still holding onto the leg lock and being a bit too cocky, she is late to realise that he can reach up behind her and pull back on her lovely hair.. and he does! And down goes Hollywood. Pete grabs her by the hair and snap mares her up and over several times by the hair! I know there are a lot of hair pulling fans out there who simply go nuts over this type of treatment, you'll love this scene. Quick to overturn the advantage, Holly manages to get him off her hair and knocks him down. Pete quickly gets up and picks up the hapless Hollywood this time and flip her up and over to rest her supple back across his shoulder for a back breaker. Pete drops her to the mat and then picks her up again for a ring shaking body slam. (I don't know about you but man that's gotta hurt!). Pete goes down for the pin but Hollywood quickly tosses him off.


While he's down, she quickly gets in behind him and applies a skull crushing reverse head scissors that leaves her feet dangling across his muscled belly. Just when he thought the pain couldn't get worse, Holly drops a well placed heel hard into his belly. Talk about being helpless! Breaking the hold, Pete gets up on all fours and is greated quite heartedly by Hollywood who drives several well placed kicks to his ribs. Regaining his composure, Pete grabs Hollywood and gives her some long body stretches by grabbing her ankle and arm with his foor in the small of her back, makes a bowed pretzel out of her. Releasing the hold long enough to pick her up by the hair, Pete hoists Hollywood up across into his arms and then drops the lovely Hollywood down across his outstretched knee.. As she lay draped there, Pete drops a couple of massive fists into her taunt belly. After Holly rolls off his knee, he gets in behind her to grab her hair once again but is met by Holly's head to the teeth and down he goes. You can actualy hear the sickening thud of skull meeting face. Obviously this is not part of the match, but it goes to show you how dangerous this game can be. Pete quickly recovers and Hollywood lays into him once again. Into a front face lock and then into a backflip body slam, flat on his back where Holly tries to grapevine pin him down. Breasts in the face, he flips her off and goes for the cross body pin but can't hang onto it. Holly gets him into a painful arm pull from which she can drop a foot into his guts at will.


Breaking the hold, Hollywood gets him into a full nelson hold. She rolls him over and applies a crusifix hold to try and roll him over for the pin but he manages to get out of it, and quickly drops a huge fist into her abs which completely puts a stop to her momentum. Now he can give a little back to Hollywood. About time too! Pete grabs her from behind and applies a sleeperhold to try and knock her out but the ever inventive Hollywood reaches up, grabs him by the temple hairs and reefs up. Dunno about you but that hurts and Pete releases the hold for now. Picking Hollywood up to her feet, he slams her into the corner buckle before threading her through the ropes to bend her backwards and choke her out. He's out to punish his nemisis. Unfortunately for him, he's not quick enough to counter Hollywood's moves which now sends him crashing into the corner buckles to end up on his back on the mat. Hollywood climbs up on his chest and abs with her feet, using the ropes for balance. Getting up on her toes intensifies the pressure points on her victim as she bounces up and down on him. A couple of well places stomps marks the spot. Weakened, Pete is now threaded through the ropes to be choked out in turn. Hollywood whips him off the ropes and starts to work on his already injured legs. She once again climbs on his back to camel clutch him and apply her famous arm lock leg lock where she sits back and uses her legs to lock his arms behind his back, all the while carrying her weight. The poor beggar hasn't be able to mount much of a long running offence on the lass as she toys with her victim. Poor Pete is clothelined to the mat from which she applies a body stretching back breaker on him.


Pete finaly gets the upper hand on Hollywood by flipping her over and drives his fist into her belly. Before she can recover from that punch, he slams the back of her head into the mat. bringing her up to her feet he snap mares her flat on her back. But once again the queen of femfighting gets the upper hand with her fast thinking and gets in a monkey flip on her opponent. Poor Pete is subjected to a front kneeling head scissors, Hollywood grabs his arms and locks them up behind his back, immobilising him. Now if THAT wasn't insulting enough, she ball crushes him with a cheap shot. Through the pain and suffering, Pete manages to grab onto her hair and flips her over for a front face lock. He's now extremely mad (no kidding) and slams fists and claws to her exposed belly. He gets her up on her feet, snap mares her to the mat and immediately elbow drops her in the abs. Ok, I think the girl is in for it now! Pete drags her to the ropes and proceeds to choke her out with the middle rope. Hollywood is gasping for air as Pete claws her breasts in return for the crotch grab she did on him. Pete then picks Hollywood up and drops her down across his outstretched knee for a spine cracking back breaker. Still on his one knee, he curls her up onto his chest and drops her once more onto his knee. As she's draped there, helpless, he drops a huge fist into her gorgeously taut belly, and then rolls her off onto the mat. Hollywood is not getting up from this one too quickly! Another sleeper hold to try and put her out, Pete crunches down on her but doesn't finish it off. Throwing her aside like a rag doll, he stomps on her half concious body. He picks her up without resistance and body slams her to the mat. Poor Hollywood is barely able to gasp in pain from the repeated blows. Pete manhandles Hollywood to the corner buckle and rams her head into the top buckle several times and leaves her to crumble up on the mat. pete jumps on her back and slaps on a tight camel clutch on his helpless victim. It's an awesome site, her breasts straining against the skimpy white blouse and stretched out like that.


From here on out it's all Pete on top of his game as he puts away Hollywood once and for all. After a few more humiliating holds and snaps and hair tosses, Pete puts Hollywood in a classic sleeper hold, her chest heaving, abs glistening and she's out as a light in short time. I normaly never tell the ending of the videos to save you the surprise, but I know there are a lot of Sleeper Hold fans out there who will want to dig in and get this one. This has one of the best sleeper holds going.


This video easily earns it's solid 9 Stars. The excellent combination of Pete with Hollywood worked so well, the whole match was a huge pleasure to watch. Pete has certainly come a long way since I first seen him in action and I expect to see more from him in the future as well. Hollywood, as always, what can I say, the woman gives it her all and then some. When you have her combined with good performers, you have a great match. I can't stress enough how important to get performers that work well together. This match has so much non-stop action it's unbelievable. I was impressed with the fast pace of the action once the preliminary premise was completed. All the hits were realistic, the body slams and snap mares were bang on (excuse the pun). I can only hope that there will be a rematch later on as these two fighters need to get in the ring more often. Good job!

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