Company: Dangerous Video
Tape: DC012 - Alexis VS Autumn
Length: 32 minutes
Style: Competitive Style Wrestling
Reviewed By: Seaking
Rating 8:

      Every once in a while I like to go out and explore different things, and like to check out what the other companies are doing out there in our fun world of Femfighting. I had hosted some of Dangerous Video photos in our galleries before but although their photos are always awesome, I honestly didn't like their earlier videos very much at first but slowly but surely, they were starting to get the hang of what they should be doing and now, with DC012, it looks like they have a winner.

     As with everything else out there, you either know what you're doing or you don't. Dangerous Videos is one of those companies that I thought were so close to what I liked but not quite yet. Almost.. I patiently waited and finally saw samplers of this video that immediately got my attention. After so many years in this biz, we tend to get jaded or bored with the every day run of the mill girl vs girl fights, and I now tend to pick up on the subtleties of a match that some people might not be interested in or even notice. If you know what to watch for, you can find out a lot about the production work and what actually happens in the match between the girls, sometimes the fights and struggles aren't as faked as you would be led to believe.

     This match between Alexis and Autumn is such a case in point. What started out as a so-so match between gorgeous girls with limited skills soon turned out to be one of those escalated matches that sees one girl getting frustrated that she can't man-handle her lesser skilled opponent as easily as she thought she could. And this is what I really liked about this video. Certainly un-scripted, these gals go back and forth with gusto until one finally gives up.

     I like their story line about the match, where a new 'rich-girl' comes in looking to challenge the resident 'tough girl' which fit this match nicely. You'll want to watch Autumn, the tough girl, start to loose her patience with Alexis as she can't quite seem to get the full control over her as she had expected but things have a way to changing in the middle of a match and when the heat of battle takes over, you never know what to expect. When the other girl picks up on the fact that her opponent is taking the fight a little more serious than is required, she's not having any of it.. It's almost like she's thinking "So you want to take me on eh? WORK for it, bitch" and work she does. What started off as a soft match, quickly developed into something I truly enjoy watching, gorgeous babes working hard trying to see who can pin who or make the other submit, and putting a lot of honest effort into it.

      I'm going to be paying more attention to Dangerous Video fights from now on.. I think they've got some very nice looking talent and girls who have the desire to put on a good performance. Face it, we want to be entertained, and Dangerous Video is ready to serve you with just that, entertainment! There's nothing fancy about this match, but it works for me, it has all the elements I look for in this genre of match.

      I can easily give this video an 8 Star rating because it's a fresh breath of air in this industry when a relatively new company can make the effort to listen to their fans and work on it to bring forth an ever improving product to those of us who love this stuff.

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